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Lost Ark Brelshaza Legion Raid Guide: Gate 6 – Major Gimmicks, Patterns & Tips

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the Brelshaza legion raid gate 6 in Lost Ark. This guide will cover the major gimmicks, normal patterns, mechanics, and essential tips that every player must know. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to successfully conquer this challenging raid.

Things to Prepare

Before diving into the raid, there are several items you should prepare to enhance your chances of success. These include battle items, such as Time Stop, Whirlwind or Dark Grenades, and Swift Rope or Marching Flag. Timestop is crucial since falling from the field can lead to death. Classes with low stagger are recommended to hold Whirlwind grenades, while others can utilize Dark Grenades to push the DPS. Swift Rope or Marching Flag can assist you in completing certain gimmicks more easily. Keep in mind that when you enter the raid, the boss will have 250 HP bars, and falling out of the field, similar to Voting Gate 2, can result in immediate death.

Major Gimmicks

Hallucination Space (1st)

Around 210 HP bars, the boss teleports to the center, isolating all eight players into a hallucinative space. Each player will see different shapes and must memorize their respective shape while the boss shoots missiles. To avoid the missiles, stay on the backside of the boss. Keep an eye out for the debuff mark above your character and mana bar, known as the pointer reverse debuff. This debuff causes your character to move to the opposite side of where you click. The boss will show safety zones three times in a row, and you must quickly navigate to each safety zone. It’s important to note that the pointer reverse debuff disappears on the second safety zone and reapplies on the third safety zone. Concentrate and move to the safety zones by clicking on the correct side. Players who fail to reach the safety spots will be guaranteed killed, so memorize the safety zone directions. Additionally, players who saw the revealed shape in the isolated space should inform the rest of the players. The player who had that shape must reveal the directions of the safety spots since all players need to move to those spots again. If a player dies in the isolated space, the boss may show their shape, making it harder for other players to guess the safety spot. If everyone survives, the gimmick ends. The raid leader typically uses Xena after this gimmick to deal damage.

8 Meteors (1st Yellow Meteor)

Around 188 HP bars, a cutscene shows the boss striking meteors. All players must gather in the 12 o’clock direction, and eight meteors will be assigned to the players. The first meteor is yellow, while the remaining seven are blue. Each meteor strikes the tile where the assigned player stands after a few seconds.

Understanding the meteor gimmick is crucial since it repeats throughout the raid and is the key gimmick for the entire run. Each tile in this gate, excluding the center tile, has 3 HP, while the center tile has 14 HP. Blue meteors reduce 1 HP on the tile they strike, while yellow meteors reduce 3 HP. When a tile’s HP reaches 0, it gets destroyed, and falling onto a destroyed tile leads to death. You can visually determine the current HP of the tiles. If more than three tiles are destroyed, the boss wipes the raid. To avoid the wipe, place the yellow meteor on the vertex’s end since it only strikes three tiles, effectively avoiding destruction.

For the first meteor sign at 188 HP bars, the first person assigned receives the yellow meteor and drops it at the end of the 12 o’clock tile. The second and third players assigned receive blue meteors and place them on the 12 o’clock tile as well. The fourth, fifth, and sixth players place their blue meteors on the 11 o’clock tile, while the seventh and eighth players place theirs on the one o’clock tile.

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As soon as your meteor starts to fall, quickly move to other tiles, except for the 11, 12, and 1 o’clock tiles, since they will be destroyed due to the yellow meteor. Staying on those tiles leads to death. If everyone survives, the gimmick ends. The tiles regenerate after 1 minute and 40 seconds from their destruction, so be sure to check the boss’s berserk time and subtract 1 minute and 40 seconds to determine the tile regeneration time. In this case, the berserk time points to 17-17, so the regeneration time is 15:37. Additionally, starting from this point, blue meteors will be randomly assigned to players every minute. The number of meteors assigned gradually increases from 2 to 4 and resets to 3 when it reaches 4. It’s crucial to drop the meteors on the tiles without destroying any remaining tiles, as doing so will cause a wipe until the three tiles regenerate.

Brelshaza Legion Raid Gate 6

2nd Yellow Meteor

Blue meteors are not the only thing you need to consider. There are also four yellow meteors in total during the run. Unlike blue meteors, yellow meteors are triggered based on the boss’s HP, not time. The first small meteor occurs at 188 HP bars, while the second yellow meteor is assigned at 137 HP bars. The player assigned must move to the 6 o’clock vertex and drop the meteor, which destroys the three tiles at the bottom. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the destruction time whenever a yellow meteor destroys tiles. Suppose your party’s DPS is fast enough to reduce the boss’s HP from 188 to 137 within 1 minute and 40 seconds. In that case, the second yellow meteor will be assigned before the top tiles regenerate, potentially causing a wipe. Therefore, type the destruction time to coordinate DPS when necessary. For the second yellow meteor strike, subtract one minute from the berserk time.

Afterward, four blue meteors will appear, which can be split either on the top side or overlapped on one tile on the top side, excluding 12 o’clock. Take note that the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock tiles are not used to save them as spare tiles in case of emergencies when reaching the correct tile becomes challenging. The next gimmick occurs at 113 HP bars. If your party can lower the boss’s HP to 113 before the next blue meteor is assigned, that is ideal.

Giant Mommy

Around 113 HP bars, the boss teleports to the center, and a cutscene ensues, requiring all tiles to regenerate for this gimmick. Since the cutscene is lengthy, it’s acceptable to subtract only one minute to determine the regeneration time. Additionally, the blue meteor timer is not applied until this gimmick concludes. After the cutscene, players must dodge two rounds of attacks by remaining within the shrinking circle. When the boss extends her hand, move in the direction of your assigned number. Party 1 moves to 3, while Party 2 moves to 3 plus one. A black orb appears in the center, attempting to pull players towards it. Getting hit by the black orb guarantees death. Additionally, numerous yellow and red orbs are pulled to the center at high speed. If a player gets hit by the red orbs three times, it results in certain death. Since it’s challenging to avoid this mechanic, the raid leader typically uses Shandy right after players find their positions to slow down the orbs’ speed. Four black orbs, one for each random tile with players, and four random tiles without black orbs are generated. Players with black orbs must collect at least one yellow orb while dodging the red orbs. Players without black orbs must touch all the red orbs and collect two yellow orbs. After a few seconds, the black orbs will start to shake, indicating that the player in that position must touch the black orb. If a player touches the black orb before it begins vibrating, they die. Additionally, not having enough yellow orbs will result in player deaths when the groups split. Therefore, if no one dies, four players should be on the inner side (yellow field), while the other four remain with the boss (outer side). Clones will appear in each direction of the outer side, totaling eight clones. The four outer side players must interact with the clones, and two clones will either turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Players on the inner side must ping the tiles where the clones turned to inform those in the inner side. After several seconds, the two clones will appear in the indicated directions. If a clone turns clockwise on the other side, the inner side players must stagger that clone. If it turns counterclockwise, the inner side players must counter that clone when it raises its hand. Successfully staggering and countering each clone results in them dropping a yellow orb, which protects the inner side players from a guaranteed kill attack later. Two orbs drop, one from each clone, and two players must collect them. After a few seconds, the clones will generate again on the other side, and players must search for two more clones. Ping the tiles where they turn, and the inner side players must successfully stagger and counter. The remaining two players who haven’t collected the yellow orbs must obtain them. Once all four inner side players have an orb, they will be protected from the guaranteed kill attack and eventually return to the outer side, ending this entire gimmick. Failing to stagger or counter a clone will prevent the generation of a yellow orb, and a blue meteor will strike the corresponding tile, potentially resulting in destruction and death for players standing on it, regardless of being on the inner or outer side.

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3rd Yellow Meteor

After one minute, blue meteors will be assigned again. You can split them on the bottom part or overlap them on the top side, excluding 12 o’clock.

Around 87 HP bars, a yellow meteor will be assigned, and the player must drop it on the 12 o’clock vertex. If blue meteors are overlapped on the 11 o’clock tile, the bottom part will remain clean. Placing the yellow meteor at 12 o’clock will destroy only two additional tiles, totaling three. The last yellow meteor occurs around 37 HP bars. For the remaining meteors, split them on the bottom side.

Brelshaza Legion Raid Gate 6


Around 62 HP bars, the boss summons twisters that move in one direction. Simultaneously, some players receive a mark above their mana bar. Players with the mark must dodge the twisters since they increase the mark’s intensity, inflicting significant damage. Keeping the mark is crucial, as after a few seconds, players who maintained their mark will be teleported to another space containing an object that must be destroyed. Failure to destroy the object generates a large range of black orbs that hinder player movement.

4th Yellow Meteor

Around 37 HP bars, a yellow meteor will be assigned, and the player must drop it on the 6 o’clock vertex. Blue meteors will continue to be assigned until the raid’s conclusion, so splitting the blue meteors without destroying any tiles is essential.

Hallucination Space (2nd)

Around 28 HP bars, the boss initiates the hallucination chemical game. During this gimmick, the blue meteor timer is not applied. Unlike the previous hallucination gimmick, three tiles are destroyed, and the pointer reverse debuff is randomly applied to players, making survival more challenging. The raid leader typically utilizes Inanna here since she removes the pointer reverse debuff from all players. Memorize your shape, save the direction by surviving the gimmick, and follow the direction of the revealed shape afterward.

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3 Tile Destruction

Around 25 HP bars, the boss destroys the tiles in three directions (multiples of 3). Combat her in the smaller field. Until you defeat her, there won’t be a raid wipe, even if more than three tiles are destroyed.

Normal Patterns

Now let’s discuss some important normal patterns you should be aware of. Most of these patterns deal lethal damage if you fail to dodge them, so always be prepared to use Time Stop when available.

  • In Raising Lines: Some players receive lines, while others receive spikes. Players with spikes must touch another player’s line to transfer it; otherwise, a giant meteor will fall on the player with the line, inflicting significant damage.
  • Bars Gathering: Several players receive bars and must stick together, while those without bars should stay away since the bars explode, causing massive damage. Failing to gather the bars together will also result in significant damage.
  • Gather and Split: One person receives a red circle, and all players must gather around it. After a few seconds, someone else receives a larger circle. Players without the circle must move away, as it will explode and harm others. The players must then gather around the larger circle. Failing to do so results in massive damage to the players.
  • Spike Circle: A circle with spikes moves around the field. After a few seconds, it attacks in the direction indicated by the spikes, knocking out players.
  • Scythe: A red telegraph appears in a circle. Players must enter the circle since the scythe will knock out players on the other side, inflicting bleed damage.
  • Glass: The boss summons a glass-like field with safety zones. Simultaneously, a yellow beam targets a random player. That player must move the beam to a location other than the safety zone, as it knocks out players. Afterward, quickly dash into the safety zone.
  • Grab: The boss grabs players in front of her. If players get grabbed, an AOE attack occurs on the boss’s backside. If no one is grabbed, she performs an AOE attack on her front side.
  • Grab and Stagger: The boss dashes forward, summoning two red circles and one blue circle. One player should stand in each red circle, and the boss will grab two players from the red circles, requiring a stagger check. Other players must stagger the boss to resolve the mechanic. If no one stands in the blue circle, a massive AOE damage is inflicted on the players. If there are only a few players, you can use Time Stop as soon as she attempts to grab the red circles.
  • Counter: The boss rushes or teleports, and this pattern can be countered on the second rush or when she reappears.
  • Cone Attack: The boss performs an AOE attack in a cone shape, which can be countered on the second large attack. Failing the counter will knock players far away, potentially leading to their demise.
  • Knockout: The boss telegraphs a yellow attack that knocks players far away. Dodge or use Time Stop, as this is the most dangerous pattern that causes players to fall and die. Even if you survive the hit, you receive a debuff stack that can reach up to 3. At 3 stacks, a blue meteor will be assigned, hindering tile management.
  • Imprison: The boss draws lines on the field that imprison players hit by them.
  • Medusa: The boss summons Medusa eyes. If the pulse goes to the other side, refrain from looking at the eyes. If it goes to the inner side, you must look at the eyes. Failing to match the direction results in damage.

By familiarizing yourself with these normal patterns, you’ll be better equipped to navigate through the raid with precision and efficiency.

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