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Lost Ark: Unveiling the Secrets to Amassing Wealth in the Game

Just like any other MMO, understanding the art of making gold and silver is paramount in Lost Ark. The game boasts numerous currencies and a comprehensive system. However, for today, let’s focus on the foundational currencies: silver and gold.

What Are Silver and Gold in Lost Ark?

Silver and gold serve as the fundamental currencies in Lost Ark, encompassing a wide array of functions and making them essential in the game. While Lost Ark features multiple currencies, it is silver and gold that you will encounter most frequently. If you wish to explore the other currencies in the game, our comprehensive currencies guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

Silver, the standard NPC currency, takes the form of a silver coin. You can obtain it by slaying monsters, completing quests and dungeons, and interacting with the Gold Exchange NPCs. This currency primarily facilitates trading and interactions with NPCs, allowing you to acquire services such as Ability Stone Faceting, Gem Refaceting, and much more. Additionally, silver holds a special significance as a Roster currency, meaning it cannot be traded among players but can be utilized by all characters on your server.

Gold, on the other hand, acts as the primary trading currency. It enables transactions with fellow players on the Auction House and plays a pivotal role in crucial game activities like Upgrading Gear. You can earn gold by participating in specific events and dungeons or by simply selling items on the Auction House. Furthermore, should you choose to, you can also acquire gold by converting real money into Royal Crystals.

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The Best Approaches to Acquiring Silver and Gold

Acquiring an ample supply of these base currencies is crucial for every player. Suffice it to say, you must possess a substantial amount of both silver and gold to fulfill your character’s needs. Fortunately, obtaining these currencies is quite feasible, although it may involve a bit of grinding unless you are willing to invest real money into acquiring gold.

How to Make Silver in Lost Ark

Earning silver can be achieved through various straightforward methods. Here’s a list of activities that can boost your silver reserves:

  • Slaying Monsters
  • Completing Una Tasks (Dailies)
  • Conquering Chaos Dungeons
  • Embarking on Cube Dungeons
  • Trading Gold at the exchange NPC
  • Exchanging Bloodstones at your Guild Shop
  • Leveling an alternate character through quests

You are free to choose whichever method suits you best, as all of them have the potential to yield a decent profit. Cube dungeons, for example, are particularly efficient, although they are limited by entry tickets. It is advisable to diversify your activities to keep things interesting and avoid monotony.

How to Make Gold in Lost Ark

Similar to silver, there are multiple approaches to earning gold in Lost Ark. However, gold is relatively scarcer, and as a result, many methods are contingent upon timed events or limited dungeon and raid opportunities. Here are some strategies to help you amass gold in Lost Ark:

  • Participating in the Daily Chaos Dungeon
  • Completing Raids within your current Tier
  • Exchanging Una’s Tokens – rewards from Dailies/Weeklies
  • Engaging in Island Events
  • Accomplishing Achievements
  • Utilizing Trading and the Auction House
  • Converting Royal Crystals into Gold (Real Money)
  • Purchasing MTX Items and Selling them on the Auction House
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While it may seem like an abundance of opportunities to acquire gold, it is important to note that many of these methods are time-locked. For instance, Chaos Dungeons are limited to two runs per day, with a chance for a gold portal. Similarly, raids can only be completed once every week. Daily and weekly quests, as well as Island Events, also adhere to time restrictions.

Personally, I, Mala Zedik, have discovered that selling Honing Materials proves to be the most profitable method for generating gold. However, it is imperative to recognize that this method’s effectiveness diminishes over time as new players progress and reach Tier 3 content within the game.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended to partake in as many of these gold-generating activities as possible, whenever they are available. Gold holds tremendous value within Lost Ark, and maximizing your earnings should be a top priority. Having alternate characters is advantageous since gold is account-bound. This means that having multiple characters allows you to engage in multiple dungeons, raids, and quests each week, even after completing them on another character.

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