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Guide to Conquering Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 in Legion Raids


Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 is a challenging encounter in the Legion Raid, consisting of three separate fights or gates. This guide will provide you with essential tips and strategies to successfully navigate this raid.

Recommended Class Setup

For optimal chances of success, it is advisable to have a support class such as Bard or Paladin in your group. As for the other three players, any class can be effective. However, mobile and ranged classes offer a slight advantage, as they can maintain high uptime on the boss.

Gear and Items

DPS checks in this raid are not overly demanding. It is possible to complete the raid with an item level of 1475. To maximize your performance, consider equipping four level 3 engravings, level 3 and 4 tripods, and a mix of level 6 and 7 gems. These gear enhancements will ensure that you feel confident and perform well inside the raid.

In terms of card sets, the Lostwind Cliff set is a popular choice, especially if your class benefits from increased critical rate. However, any set that brings value, such as HP, can work fine. It’s important to note that Kakul does not take extra damage from Light sources, so the Light of Salvation set will not provide any additional advantage in this encounter.

Gate One Mechanics

In gate one, you can employ Elemental HP Potions. Additionally, depending on your group setup and the situation, you can use either Panacea or the Marching Flag.

One important mechanic during gate one requires pre-set positions at 11 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and 7 o’clock. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these positions to execute the mechanic smoothly.

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The following mechanics will occur in the order they are listed:

  1. Stagger Bar and Pink Mirrors

    • When the boss’s HP bars reach 130 and 65, a stagger bar will appear underneath the clown, accompanied by one or two pink mirrors.
    • It is crucial to break the stagger bar, but be cautious of attacking from the side with the mirrors, as it will reflect damage back to you. Position yourself on the side without mirrors and use your skills to break the stagger bar.
  2. Darkness and Emote Direction

    • When the boss’s HP reaches 110, the room becomes dark, and the clown disappears, signaling the start of this mechanic.
    • At this point, players need to go to their pre-set positions (11, 1, 5, and 7 o’clock) and wait for the clown to show an emote.
    • The emote can be either a confetti finger-guns emote or a heart emote.
    • The goal is for everyone to look in the direction of the emote that was expressed only once.
    • Communicating through pings or auto-attacks can assist in determining the correct direction.
  3. Clown Transformation and Emote Imitation

    • At 90 HP bars, the room transforms, and every player becomes a clown with four different emotes.
    • Each player needs to step into their corresponding card symbol and imitate Kakul’s emote when he faces them.
    • The goal is to do the opposite of what Kakul does when he turns his back to you.
    • Note that the arrangement of the emotes is random, so memorizing them quickly is crucial.
    • Having enlarged images of the emotes can be helpful for faster recognition.
  4. Roulette and Symbol Matching

    • When the boss’s HP reaches 45, the room turns into a game of roulette with playing card symbols.
    • Players must stand on the symbol corresponding to the card above their head.
    • The floor spins several times, so adjust your position accordingly and wait for the next spin.
    • Pay attention to the fact that your card may change, and you may need to stand on a specific type of surface (unicolor or striped) as indicated.
  5. Statue Card Matching

    • The room’s floor changes to a playing card symbol, and each player must stand and wait for the explosion on their corresponding slice based on the card shown above their head.
    • This mechanic occurs twice in a row, and the positions of the symbols change for the second time.
    • Communication and coordination among players are key to success here.
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With careful execution of these mechanics, you’ll be well-prepared to face the challenges of Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 in the Legion Raids. Remember to adapt to the random order in which these mechanics occur and communicate effectively with your team. Good luck on your journey!


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