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Defeating the White Ape Hanumatan in Lost Ark: A Guide to the Hanumatan Guardian Raid

The Arkesia region is under siege by the formidable Level 6 Guardian, the White Ape Hanumatan. This mighty warrior poses a great challenge even for experienced players. Once a protector of Arkesia, Hanumatan now stands in the way of your goals and the salvation of humanity. To maximize your chances of obtaining valuable Lost Ark items from this boss, mastering the mechanics and gimmicks of the fight is essential.

Hanumatan: A Fearsome Guardian

Referred to as the final boss of the Level 6 Guardian Raid, Hanumatan is one of the most formidable creatures in Lost Ark. Defeating him is no easy task, but doing so is highly rewarding. Hanumatan is a prime source of Tier 3 Ancient Accessories, Ability Stones, Engraving Books, Bracelets, and Honing Materials, all of which can be sold for a substantial amount of Lost Ark gold.

Challenging players with high DPS requirements, staggers, and precise timing, Hanumatan’s mechanics are unforgiving. He unleashes multiple destructions and stagger checks, demanding players to bring Whirlwind and Destruction Grenades. Carrying a pheromone is also advisable, especially for moments when mechanics go awry.

The battle against Hanumatan revolves around breaking his three layers of armor and staggering him. Additionally, players must maintain a damage buff throughout the battle to maximize their attack output. This comprehensive guide will walk you through each phase and gimmick of the fight.

Hanumatan’s Mechanics

The encounter with Hanumatan is divided into different phases, each requiring players to perform counter and DPS checks to progress smoothly. Here are the key gimmicks to be aware of:

Armor Destruction

Hanumatan’s armor consists of three layers that players must destroy to make the final phase of the fight more manageable. While opportunities to destroy a layer arise in each phase, it is recommended to do so during the first instance. After each counter check, a layer of armor can be removed.

Breaking his armor not only exposes Hanumatan’s vulnerabilities but also provides players with permanent buffs that can stack up to three times. These buffs, separate from the ones to be maintained during the fight, include a 5% movement speed increase per stack, 3.5% cooldown reduction per stack, and 3.5% attack speed increase per stack.

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Failing to destroy the armor layers results in Hanumatan taking reduced damage from players. Additionally, his attacks become more powerful in the final phase. Therefore, managing DPS during each stage is crucial, avoiding doing too much or too little damage to prevent skipping the first opening.

Note: It is advisable to carry a Destruction Bomb if additional Destruction-based attacks are needed to ensure successful destruction checks.

Stacking Buff

Every successful attack on Hanumatan grants players a stack of buff that lasts for 10 seconds. Each stack provides a 1% increase in critical rate for everyone. However, for each stack accumulated, players also receive an additional 1.5% damage, which increases to 2% during Phase 4. Reaching specific stack thresholds unlocks further bonuses:

  • Nine stacks: None
  • 10-39 stacks: 5% cooldown reduction
  • 40 stacks: 30% cooldown reduction

Players can determine the number of stacks they or their allies possess by observing the icon above their heads. Closed eyes indicate no active buffs, a half-wide open icon signifies a 5% cooldown reduction buff, and a full-wide open icon represents a 30% cooldown reduction buff. Maintaining these buffs by continuously attacking the boss is ideal, and using pheromones can prevent Hanumatan from moving around and causing downtime.

Note: Whenever Hanumatan transitions to another phase, he becomes invulnerable and attempts to leave the area. To maintain buffs, utilize Pheromone Bombs to prevent his escape.

The Phases of Hanumatan

Phase 1

The counter check for the first phase occurs after Hanumatan summons a meteor shower, followed by a jump and a knockback. When the boss turns blue, players can use their Counter skills to stun him, enabling the use of Destruction attacks and bombs once the Weak Point affix appears. If the armor is not destroyed during the initial attempt, another chance becomes available during the stagger.

Transitioning to Phase 2, Hanumatan conjures a fog around him, signaling the need for players to initiate Stagger-based attacks. While attempting to stun him, Hanumatan unleashes cone-shaped explosions. If the armor remains intact after the first check, players can attempt destruction again when the Weak Point affix reappears after interrupting the boss.

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After inflicting damage on Hanumatan, he becomes invincible and absorbs the surrounding clouds. At this point, using Pheromone Bombs ensures he remains in the area.

Phase 2

During this phase, the counter check occurs after Hanumatan executes another meteor shower attack following a spirit bomb move. When he glows blue, players can stun him using Counter-based abilities. It’s important to avoid damaging the boss while he is performing the Spirit Bomb, as it triggers a detonation that inflicts massive damage on nearby players. After interrupting him, Destruction-based attacks can be used when the Weak Point affix appears.

If the armor is not removed during the initial sequence, players can attempt destruction during the transition. Hanumatan raises his hand and slams the ground, causing a cross-shaped shockwave. Safe spots are found on his diagonals. Following the attack, linear shocks occur in a clockwise rotation. A Stagger check is possible during this phase, indicated by a meter. Successfully countering Hanumatan after depleting the meter allows for continued damage until he becomes invulnerable and transitions to Phase 3.

Phase 3

The counter check in this phase demands precision, as failure to execute the sequence properly can result in multiple player deaths. Hanumatan beats his chest while roaring and attempts to grab a player in front of him. If successful, he slams the captured player three times. When the boss glows blue, players can initiate a Counter-based attack.

The counter check is skipped if Hanumatan fails to grab anyone. It is advised that at least one player be caught by the ape, unless a second attempt is desired. Failing to counter Hanumatan after the three slams leads to him relentlessly tossing the captured player, often resulting in death. The armor can be destroyed when the Weak Point affix appears, or during the second attempt.

During the transition, Hanumatan swings his arms multiple times, with the effects varying depending on whether he still possesses armor. If the first destruction check is successful, players need only stay at the sides until the boss glows blue. If the last layer of armor remains intact, Hanumatan will swing five times, each swing summoning a delayed explosion beneath every player. Continuous dodging becomes necessary in such a scenario. The boss glows blue after the fifth swing.

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No Stagger check is required during this sequence; Counter-based attacks are sufficient to stun Hanumatan. After interrupting him, players should sustain damage until he enters his White Ape Mode. If all layers of armor are not removed by this stage, it is advisable to retreat to a safe distance to avoid the boss’s powerful AoE attack before transitioning to the final phase.

Phase 4 (White Ape Mode)

This is the last phase of the Hanumatan battle and does not introduce any unique gimmicks or require Counter or Stagger checks. While there are still mechanics to be aware of, most occur randomly. The damage inflicted by Hanumatan during this phase depends on whether he has armor and how much of it remains. The more armor he has, the more damage he deals.


During his transformation, Hanumatan continuously beats his chest, releasing small shockwaves. After his hair turning white, he slams the ground, binding all characters. Players must rapidly press the “Space” key to break free from the immobilization.


Hanumatan’s eyes glow red as he grabs a random player in front of him. If at least one player is caught, Hanumatan slams them onto the ground, dealing continuous pulsating damage. After the initial slam, a meter appears beneath the white ape, indicating that players not grabbed should initiate Stagger-based attacks. Depleting the meter quickly releases the captured player.


In this attack, Hanumatan summons a Yin-Yang sigil on the ground. He pounds the ground and continuously releases pulsating attacks with significant damage. To avoid getting hit, players must stand on the green Yin-Yang symbol. The sigil moves around, so repositioning is necessary. Hanumatan remains vulnerable during this sequence, allowing for continued attacks if the Yin-Yang is within reach.

Jump Attack

One of Hanumatan’s final notable attacks is his Leap ability. After roaring, he launches himself into the air. A blue telegraph indicates where he will crash down after a brief delay. If any player is hit by this attack, Hanumatan follows up with a devastating strike. Avoiding this move is crucial to minimize damage.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even armed with knowledge of these mechanics, you may still require assistance in defeating Hanumatan. Repeatedly engaging in runs will help you become familiar with the fight’s intricacies and attuned to the raid’s mechanics. With practice, you will grow more comfortable fighting Hanumatan and effortlessly farm items to sell for Lost Ark gold.

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