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Lost Ark Valtan Relic Gear & Legendary Gear Guide – Optimal Sets for All Classes


Are you ready for the arrival of Valtan and Vykas in Lost Ark? If so, it’s crucial to understand the best Valtan relic sets for each class. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide recommendations for the top relic gear sets in Lost Ark tailored to your class.

Understanding Relic Gear

Relic gear, an upgraded version of Argos gear, can be obtained by participating in Valtan and Vykas normal legion raids. These sets offer various bonuses based on the number of pieces equipped. For instance, a 2-piece set grants a 15% boost to your identity gauge when landing an attack on an enemy. At 4 pieces, you and your allies receive an 8% movement and attack speed buff for 16 seconds. Lastly, a 6-piece set provides an 8% damage buff for 16 seconds. Let’s dive into the best Valtan gear sets for all classes!

Crafting Relic Gear & Legendary Gear

After defeating Valtan, search for the legion commander gearcrafter to begin gearing up. Two sets are available here: the demon b strength and the whisper set. However, the whisper set is considered subpar. Instead, focus on acquiring the demon beast set, which grants a 10% damage increase for over 12 seconds. This effect stacks and can be maintained as long as you avoid getting hit. At 4 pieces, you’ll already have a 20% damage increase.

Obtaining the Full Set

The ultimate goal for every class is to obtain a complete 6-piece relic set. To achieve this, start by running Valtan in normal mode twice to acquire the two-piece set, which provides a significant damage boost of 10%. This surpasses the effectiveness of the Argos set. While the Argos set cannot maintain 100% uptime, the nightmare flower gear set is a better alternative. To complete this set, you’ll need demonic beast bones and stone of chaos from Valtan. However, the pants, gloves, and shoulder pieces require wings, which are only obtainable from Vykas. Keep in mind that Vykas is not yet available in Lost Ark, so focus on gathering the required pieces until Vykas is released. Once Vykas is introduced, obtain the remaining pieces to complete your 6-piece nightmare flower gear set or any other set that suits your class. Now, let’s explore the best relic gear sets for each class in Lost Ark.

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Best Relic Gear Sets For All Classes

  1. Berserker – Madness
  2. Berserker – Berserker’s Technique (Awakening)
  3. Gunlancer – Blue
  4. Gunlancer – Red
  5. Destroyer – Both Engravings
  6. Sorceress – Both Engravings
  7. Scrapper – Both Engravings
  8. Striker – Both Engravings
  9. Soulfist – Robust Spirit
  10. Soulfist – Energy Overflow
  11. Wardancer – ESE
  12. Wardancer – First Intention
  13. Glaivier – Pinnacle
  14. Glaivier – Control
  15. Artillerist – F. Enhancement
  16. Deadeye – Enhanced Weapon
  17. Deadeye – Pistoleer
  18. Sharpshooter – Death Strike
  19. Sharpshooter – L. Companion
  20. Shadowhunter – P. Suppression
  21. Shadow Hunter – Demonic Imp
  22. Deathblade – Both Engravings
  23. Bard & Paladin – Support

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