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Reflux Sorceress Guide for Lost Ark: Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Are you a Lost Ark player looking for a fast-paced and exciting gameplay experience? Look no further! The Reflux Sorceress build offers a dynamic and swift approach, with enhanced mobility and consistent damage output. In this guide, we will delve into the ins and outs of playing the Reflux Sorceress and provide you with valuable tips to optimize your build and master your gameplay.

Embrace the Reflux Sorceress Build

The Reflux Sorceress build is perfect for beginners or players seeking a more comfortable gameplay experience. While it may not possess the same level of damage as the Igniter build, it offers a fluid and uninterrupted playstyle. By choosing the Reflux Sorceress, you can enjoy a fast-paced and efficient gameplay style with minimal downtime.

Prioritize Critical Hits and Swiftness

In the Reflux build, the primary stats to focus on are Crit and Swiftness. Aim for around 1600 Crit and 800 Swiftness to ensure a fast and uninterrupted rotation. Swiftness reduces cooldowns, while high Crit enables the Reflux Sorceress to maintain consistently high DPS without interruptions. This combination allows for a fluid and satisfying gameplay experience.

Conquer Chaos Dungeons and Cube

Chaos Dungeons and Cube present various environments and numerous enemies. To effectively tackle these challenges, we recommend using an AoE-focused build. Prioritize low cooldowns and maximize overall damage through Quick Prep tripods and increased damage output. The inclusion of the Blink identity provides excellent mobility, allowing you to swiftly navigate the battlefield when required.

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Optimize Your Skills and Runes

To optimize your build, prioritize acquiring Quick Prep tripods first, followed by damage tripods, and then the remaining ones. This ensures that your Reflux Sorceress is well-prepared and capable of dealing efficient damage. For Casting Speed Reduction and Damage Runes, we recommend Galewind, Rage, and Bleed. Including a protection rune is advisable for defense against multiple enemies.

Raid Strategies

For raids, adapt your build to prioritize single target damage while maintaining mobility using Blink. Adjustments to tripods may be necessary to maximize damage against boss-type enemies, which are the primary focus in raids. Consistently deal damage to bosses and minimize downtime in the rotation. Blaze serves as the primary source of synergy, and skills like Seraphic Hail, Punishing Strike, Esoteric Reaction, and Rime Arrow are essential for maximum damage.

Smooth and Fluid Playstyle

The playstyle of a Reflux Sorceress is smooth and fluid, focusing on low cooldowns, mobility, and consistent overall DPS. While the DPS output may be lower compared to an Igniter Sorceress, Reflux players have less risk of failing their rotation or missing out on burst windows, resulting in a more relaxed playstyle.

Optimal Rotation and Skill Priorities

The Reflux build follows a priority system rather than a fixed rotation. Start with Blaze to add synergy during raids and apply the debuff on enemies. Prioritize high cooldown abilities like Punishing Strike or Explosion for significant damage. Use major damage skills in pairs, such as Esoteric Reaction followed by Rime Arrow. Reposition yourself using Blink when needed. Utilize your Awakening skill for maximum impact, and continuously spam high damage skills. Regularly reapply Blaze to maintain the debuff.

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Engravings and Gear Optimization

For the Reflux build, we recommend the Reflux Class Engraving at Level 3, as it is essential for the build. Damage engravings such as Grudge and Cursed Doll can be considered, but choose them based on your playstyle and preferences. Additional damage engravings like Keen Blunt Weapon provide additional Crit Damage, while optional variant engravings offer different advantages.

When it comes to gear, aim for the Nightmare Flower set for additional cooldown reduction and mana regeneration. For Bracelet and Accessories, prioritize Crit and Swiftness. Enhance your tripods by increasing their levels, focusing on Crit and damage upgrades, cooldown reductions, and buff upgrades.

Strive for Legendary Card Sets

To achieve the highest damage potential and enhance consistent damage output, aim for the Light of Salvation legendary card set. While obtaining this set may require time and effort, temporary alternatives like Field Boss II or Lostwind Cliff sets can provide increased survivability and critical hit chance in the meantime.

By following these strategies and optimizing your build, you can become a formidable Reflux Sorceress in Lost Ark. Enjoy the fast-paced and exhilarating gameplay that this build offers, and conquer any challenges that come your way. Good luck on your journey!

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