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A Comprehensive Guide to the Shock Training Build for Scrapper in Lost Ark


If you’re seeking in-depth information about the Shock Training build for the Scrapper class in Lost Ark, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of this build and provide useful tips to maximize your gameplay experience. Remember, the flexibility of Chaos Dungeon builds allows for customization, so feel free to experiment with different skills to find what suits your playstyle best.

Understanding the Shock Training Build

The Shock Training build for Scrapper revolves around the smooth flow of the class’s Engraving mechanics. This playstyle focuses on utilizing three Stamina skills and five Shock skills. By selecting the three Stamina skills with the lowest cooldowns, you can generate the most Shock Meter while your Shock skills are on cooldown. Additionally, it’s crucial to note that Scrapper’s synergy buff is applied through both Crushing Smite and Fierce Tiger Strike, so stagger these skills to maintain a constant uptime on the raid buff.

Unleashing the Power of Shock Training

Compared to alternative builds, the Shock Training build for Scrapper packs a heavy punch. However, it requires a more coordinated approach and sacrifices some mobility. Let’s take a closer look at the five Shock skills that deal substantial damage:

  1. Death Rattle: This skill utilizes all Shock Meter and scales based on its amount, reaching its maximum potential at 75% or above. It is your highest damaging attack.
  2. Supernova: Similar to Death Rattle, Supernova depletes a considerable amount of Shock Meter but leaves you with enough remaining.
  3. Chain Destruction Fist: This skill has a slow cast time, so timing is crucial. As it also functions as a back attack, ensure that all final hits land to maximize damage. You can utilize Tenacity to super armor through push damage.
  4. Potent Rising Fist: This Shock skill not only offers forward mobility but also provides an excellent stagger option. We have included an Overwhelm effect to enhance its utility.
  5. Roundup Sweep: Among the Shock skills, Roundup Sweep stands out as a versatile skill. Swift Preparation grants a decent chance of completely resetting its cooldown, making it usable repeatedly in most situations. This skill allows you to trigger the rune you’ve equipped, such as Quick Recharge for improved cooldown reduction or Purify for tailored content. Furthermore, Roundup Sweep can be employed as a stagger option. To mitigate the animation lock, hold down your movement button and spam the skill. During stagger checks, consider using an Overwhelm effect if your group lacks stagger capabilities.
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Choosing the Awakening Skill

For the Scrapper class, we recommend selecting the Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination as your Awakening Skill. However, keep in mind that this skill’s damage has proximity drop-off, meaning you must be in contact with the boss’s hitbox to maximize its potential. Alternatively, the Undefeated Dragon King can also be used without a significant damage loss, and let’s face it, it looks amazing!

Playing the Shock Training Build

Despite its slower pace, Shock Training Scrapper offers forgiveness in gameplay. With one of the highest natural defenses in the game, learning when to push-immune and absorb damage becomes a crucial skill for this class. To optimize damage output, make sure to position yourself behind the boss to land back positionals accurately, especially once you’ve acquired your Relic gear set. Missing positionals can significantly reduce the damage potential of Shock Scrapper.

Instead of relying on a rigid rotation, the Shock Training build follows a simple priority system. Begin by casting Fierce Tiger Strike, followed immediately by Death Rattle. This will deplete your Shock Meter but allow you to apply Bleed through Charging Blow. From there, continue rotating through your Shock skills, prioritizing Supernova second and Chain Destruction Fist third. Although Potent Rising Fist primarily serves as a mobility tool, feel free to incorporate it into your regular rotation to maintain skill uptime and reduce excess Shock Meter. Use Roundup Sweep whenever necessary as filler casts, ensuring you won’t need it immediately for a counter.


In conclusion, the Shock Training build for Scrapper in Lost Ark offers a unique and powerful playstyle. By mastering the smooth flow of Engravings, optimizing skill rotations, and strategically utilizing Shock Meter, you can unleash devastating damage on your enemies. Remember to adapt the build to suit your preferences and explore different rune options for Roundup Sweep. With practice and perseverance, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with as a Shock Training Scrapper.

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