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Top Tier Classes for End-Game Content in Lost Ark

Lost Ark offers a wide range of advanced classes, making it difficult for players to choose their first character. However, it’s important to remember that the player’s skill and enjoyment are more critical than adhering to the meta. That being said, having a Tier List can be helpful in understanding the most effective builds. This guide aims to provide insight into the meta builds for end-game content.

Methodology for the Tier List

This Lost Ark Tier List categorizes classes into three tiers: S, A, and B. The placement of classes within these tiers is based on the following factors:

  • Difficulty: How challenging is it to be effective and master the class?
  • Versatility: Can the class perform various roles? Is it always useful or situational?
  • Overall Level: How does the class compare to others in terms of strength? It’s worth noting that Lost Ark is generally well balanced.

S-Tier Classes

Classes in the S-Tier bring unique contributions to end-game raids and remain viable regardless of the player’s skill level.


The Paladin is a tanky support class that excels at optimizing group DPS potential and survivability. They can protect the party, cleanse debuffs, and provide constant buff uptime. Although their healing capabilities may be lacking compared to other supports like Bard and Artist, Paladins are relatively easy to master, making them effective with minimal decision-making.


Another support class in this tier is the Bard. Bards provide damage buffs, shields, and other useful buffs similar to the Paladin. They are squishier, but players have the option to enhance their durability with Heavy Armor Engraving. Bards also offer more healing than other support classes, allowing for versatile playstyles based on the situation. Mastering this class will greatly benefit your party members.

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The Gunlancer class is incredibly enjoyable and easy to play. Imagine challenging bosses head-on, taking minimal damage, staggering foes, and securing MVP status in raids. That’s what Gunlancers can do. They can shield their team, break the boss’s armor, stagger the enemy, and counteract devastating boss moves. With Gunlancers, it’s almost impossible to go wrong.


With recent balance patches in the Western version, the Destroyer class has gained popularity. These melee attackers deliver slow but powerful blows, demolishing their enemies from a perfect distance. However, they may face difficulties against highly mobile bosses, as aligning attacks can be challenging.

A-Tier Classes

Most classes in the A-Tier are relatively equal in power level. Some are easier to master, while others require a bit more effort.


The Arcanist is an RNG-based DPS class that deals substantial damage with decent crit synergy. However, they lack stagger damage and weak point damage, which may put them at a disadvantage in certain end-game content. With minimal utility and high squishiness, the Arcanist is one of the more challenging classes to master.


The Glavier is the fourth martial artist class released in the Western version of Lost Ark. Armed with a spear, Glaviers deal significant damage, possess counter abilities, and exhibit decent mobility.


Berserkers are the squishiest warrior class, but they dish out enormous damage and are easy to pick up and play. However, mastering their long animations and cooldown management can be deceptively challenging.


If you enjoy playing mage classes in other MMORPGs, the Sorcerer is an excellent choice for you. They deliver plenty of AOE and single-target damage, capable of instantly bursting down bosses, especially when utilizing the Igniter build. For those seeking more mobility and less cooldown, the Reflux build allows room for error.

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The Deathblade class offers multiple playstyles and synergizes well with most melee classes. Players can choose between Surge and Remaining Energy builds, both being strong options. However, the Remaining Energy build is easier to play and more cost-effective in end-game raids.

Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter is a cost-effective and straightforward assassin class. With high sustain and tremendous damage potential in demon form, this class only requires two level 10 gems to reach end-game raiding.


The Scrapper is an incredibly versatile martial artist class, capable of excelling in various areas. They can deal decent, high stagger damage, exhibit great mobility, and possess strong weak-point damage.


The Wardancer is a highly agile class known for its comfort and high damage output. Gameplay revolves around a 6-second damage buff window, requiring players to know when to hold skills and how to execute skill rotations effectively.


This male counterpart to the Wardancer is easier to play and less reliant on gear compared to the Deathblow setup. The Striker class provides excellent damage output and top-of-the-line counters, making it an effective choice.


If you have a fondness for guns, the Gunslinger is the class for you. The peacemaker build allows for a flexible playstyle using pistols, shotguns, and rifles, along with additional buffs. This class offers a challenge and the ability to attack from any range and angle.


Considered the ranged Gunlancer, the Artillerist class excels in shielding, dealing high damage, and maintaining survivability. However, their AoE skills can miss due to boss movements, making them more challenging to master against unfamiliar bosses.

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B-Tier Classes

The B-Tier classes can be just as powerful as the others, but they are more challenging for the average player to maximize their potential. These classes are not recommended for beginners.


The Soulfist class is known for its Spirit Bomb, reminiscent of Goku’s Energy Ball. Despite dealing high DPS, this class is challenging to play. With two distinct playstyles encompassing ranged and melee specializations, mastering the Soulfist can be frustrating. However, once mastered, it becomes one of the highest damaging classes in the game.


The Sharpshooter is a ranged damage dealer with two powerful skills that require stationary positioning. While this class is easy to enjoy, it doesn’t excel in one particular area. However, mastery of the Sharpshooter can make you effective against other ranged damage dealers.


Last but not least is the Deadeye class, specializing in mid-range damage and positioning. Deadeyes excel in securing damage modifiers from shotgun back attacks. While they are challenging to play, mastering this class can be rewarding. That said, choosing a simpler class may yield similar results.

That wraps up our Lost Ark Class Tier List! If you have any agreement or disagreement with the rankings or want to start a discussion, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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