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How to Complete The Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an immersive game with various questlines that challenge players to accomplish specific objectives. Among them, The Stone of Power quest stands out as an exciting adventure, requiring players to seek out and retrieve powerful stones. However, completing this quest is not as simple as just traveling from one non-playable character (NPC) to another. It involves hard work and perseverance.

Steps to Complete The Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark

To embark on the Stone of Power quest, players must reach level 50, making it one of the end-game missions in the game. Additionally, there is a specific prerequisite quest called “A Sad History” that needs to be completed before players can access the Stone of Power. Once this prerequisite quest is finished, the Stone of Power becomes available, and players can seek out the Legendary Blacksmith to begin their quest.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to find the Legendary Blacksmith and complete The Stone of Power quest:

1. Travel to Serenity Isle

Located to the east of Luterra in the Open Seas, Serenity Isle is where players will find the Legendary Blacksmith. Once players arrive on the island, they can initiate a conversation with the blacksmith to receive the quest.

2. Retrieve the Materials

The Legendary Blacksmith has a desire to craft a powerful stone, but he needs specific materials to do so. Players must collect 15 pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok, stone fragments of Pebbling, and the Fourth Claw of Thanatos. These materials can be found in different dungeons, necessitating some dungeon exploration and monster slaying.

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3. Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon

To obtain the 15 pieces of the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok and stone fragments of Pebbling, players must venture into Tortoyk’s Heart on Tortoyk Island. Defeat the enemies that spawn in the dungeon until you have gathered enough pieces. This may require multiple attempts.

4. Morai Ruins Dungeon

The second dungeon needed for this quest is the Morai Ruins, located on the Yudia continent in the Saland Hill area. Players must navigate through the ruins until they encounter the boss named Thanatos. Defeating Thanatos involves using a mirror to direct light onto him, vanquishing him in the process.

5. Return to the Legendary Blacksmith

After acquiring all the required materials, players need to return to Serenity Isle and provide the Legendary Blacksmith with the items he requested. Once players have done so, they can claim their rewards and officially complete The Stone of Power quest by navigating to the Quests menu.

It is worth noting that players can expedite the completion of this quest by fast traveling to various locations and familiarizing themselves with the layout of each dungeon beforehand.

Directing the light onto Thanatos will vanquish him

Completing this quest involves some grinding, as the materials needed may not always drop from the enemies in Tortoyk’s Heart. Players must persevere and defeat as many enemies as possible until they have obtained the required materials. The final dungeon, Morai Ruins, presents a straightforward battle; however, players must remember to expose Thanatos to light in order to defeat him fully.

Remember, The Stone of Power quest is just one of the many exciting adventures awaiting players in Lost Ark. Enjoy the journey and embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

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