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Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Underwater Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru by Draining Water


Genshin Impact continues to grow with the introduction of new regions, and one crucial element that prevents players from spending hours just running around is the teleport waypoints. When a new region is released, players prioritize unlocking these waypoints to facilitate their exploration. In the case of the vast Sumeru rainforest, there are over seven Statues of the Seven and approximately 47 teleport waypoints to discover. However, some of these waypoints are hidden or gated behind quests.

Uncovering the Hidden Teleport Waypoint

Some players may have already stumbled upon an underwater teleport waypoint near Vissudha Fields. Since the game lacks dive mechanics, solving hidden puzzles becomes necessary to lower the water level and access the teleport waypoint.

Draining Water to Unlock the Teleport Waypoint

In Genshin Impact 3.0, players are presented with yet another intriguing puzzle involving hidden mechanisms. To unlock the underwater teleport waypoint, gamers must activate two cube mechanisms. Each activated mechanism will gradually lower the water level, and by activating both, the area should be completely drained.

Finding the First Cube Mechanism

To begin, teleport to the Statue of the Seven located north of the Vissudha Fields. From there, head west towards the marked location on the map. As players approach the water, they can glide down slowly to locate a locked cube mechanism. A Seelie can be seen flying over it, but it is not relevant to the puzzle and can be ignored for now.

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Beside the locked cube mechanism, two Ruin automatons await. Defeating them will remove the seal and activate the mechanism, draining half of the water. Near the first cube mechanism, players will also spot a cave entrance, where they can interact with the Seelie, leading them further into the cave.

Unlocking the Second Cube Mechanism

Inside the cave, a second cube mechanism is locked and requires a Dendro character in the player’s party to unlock it. The cave is also home to four Dendro totems that must be lit up in a specific order.

Start by lighting up the first Dendro totem, located next to the second cube mechanism on the east side. The second totem can be found behind a barrier. To access it, players should stand close to the barrier’s top corners to acquire a four-leaf sigil. This sigil can then be used to bypass the barrier and light up the second totem.

To find the last two Dendro totems, players will need a Dendrograna. Use the elemental sight to locate a Dendro Pile, resembling a tree growing on a rock. Attack the Dendro Pile with a Dendro skill to reveal the Dendrograna. With the Dendrograna summoned, hit only the marked totems hidden behind Dendro rocks.

Activating the Cube Mechanisms

Follow the specific order to light up the third and fourth Dendro totems, which will unlock the second cube mechanism. Finally, activate the cube mechanism to drain all the water from the area.

Players can then retrace their steps and leave the cave to access the underwater teleport waypoint in Genshin Impact.

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