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Lulu TFT Build Set 9.5: A Comprehensive Guide to Items and Comps [Professional Advice]

Hey there, I’m Zathong and in this guide, I’ll walk you through the world of Lulu TFT Build Set 9.5. Together, we’ll explore Lulu’s abilities, recommended items, powerful synergies, and strategic team compositions.

Lulu TFT Abilities

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Lulu TFT Items

Discover the best items to maximize Lulu’s potential in Teamfight Tactics: Blue Buff, Jeweled Gauntlet, and Giant Slayer.

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Lulu TFT Comps

Position Recommended:

Best comps for Lulu in Teamfight Tactics:5 Gadgeteen + 2 Defender + 2 Prankster + 2 Aegis + 2 Ox Force + 2 Mascot
Team Builder Core Champion:5 Gadgeteen + 3 Prankster + 2 Aegis + 2 Ox Force + 2 Mascot
Team Builder Core Champion:5 Gadgeteen + 2 Spellslingers

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Lulu TFT Synergies


Gadgeteens possess the ability to create modified weapons with incredible effects. These weapons, however, are only temporary and last for a single round. Additionally, Gadgeteens gain Damage and Damage Reduction based on the number of items they have equipped.

  • 3 Gadgeteens: Create 1 item, gaining 3% Damage per item.
  • 5 Gadgeteens: Create 2 items, gaining 12% Damage per item.


When Heart units cast their Ability, your entire team accumulates stacking Ability Power, granting a powerful advantage during combat.

  • 2 Heart units: +4 Ability Power.
  • 4 Heart units: +7 Ability Power.
  • 6 Heart units: +10 Ability Power.
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Lulu TFT Augments

Choose between two extraordinary Lulu Augments: Growth Spurt and Foster Growth.

Lulu TFT Rolling Chances

You can acquire Lulu at level 1.

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Lulu TFT Counter

Allow me to help you strategize against various champions when playing with Lulu in TFT Set 8.5.

Weak AgainstStrong AgainstGood With
Morgana, Blitzcrank, JannaAlistar, PykeJinx, Vayne, Viego

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Lulu TFT Guide

Teamfight Tactics is a strategy game that revolves around constructing a winning team to face off against other players. Succeeding in Teamfight Tactics demands meticulous planning, strategic thinking, and a touch of luck.

Here are 7 tips that will elevate your Lulu gameplay and increase your chances of victory:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics surrounding Lulu. Understand how to acquire her, upgrade her, position her within your team, and effectively utilize her items.
  2. Building a formidable team is the cornerstone of TFT success. Seek out synergies that complement Lulu, ensure your team has a balanced composition of tanks, damage dealers, and support champions.
  3. Stay aware of your opponents’ strategies and adapt accordingly. If you notice Lulu being heavily contested, be prepared to pivot and explore alternative strategies.
  4. Strike a balance between champion purchases, leveling up, and saving up gold for crucial rounds.
  5. Position your tanks at the front line to absorb damage while placing your damage-dealing champions at the back for maximum output.
  6. Experiment with combining items to create potent synergies for Lulu.
  7. Remain flexible and open to change. Don’t cling to a fixed strategy or team composition. Be willing to adapt and modify your approach based on the evolving circumstances.
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Lulu TFT Stats

  • Health: 500 / 900 / 1620
  • Mana: 50
  • Armor: 15
  • Magic Resistance: 15
  • DPS: 21 / 38 / 68
  • Damage: 30 / 54 / 97
  • Attack Speed: 0.7
  • Critical Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4

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So there you have it! A comprehensive guide to mastering Lulu in Teamfight Tactics. Use these insights to enhance your gameplay and dominate the competition. Good luck on your TFT journey!

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