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Street Fighter 6: M. Bison Returns or Is It JP?

Fans of the Street Fighter franchise worldwide may be curious to know if the legendary villain, M. Bison, will make his appearance in Street Fighter 6. While Capcom has not included him in the first batch of fighters, there is speculation that a character with similar characteristics, JP, may fill the vacuum as the game’s antagonist.

Who Is M. Bison?

M. Bison, also known as the Dictator, has been the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series. He has made appearances in Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 4, and Street Fighter 5. Possessing the infamous Psycho power, M. Bison has died multiple times but managed to revive himself through various bodies. His dominance in the game has often puzzled users trying to figure out how to beat him in Street Fighter 5.

Will M. Bison Feature In Street Fighter 6?

According to Capcom’s official tweet, M. Bison will not be featured in Street Fighter 6. The timeline of the game continues after Street Fighter 3, and M. Bison’s story seems to have concluded with his death in Street Fighter 5. Although he is not a core character like Ken or Ryu, fans are still debating whether his role should continue.

Currently, M. Bison does not appear in the starting roster or the planned DLC characters for Street Fighter 6. However, since the franchise does not adhere to a specific order, there is a possibility that M. Bison may be introduced as a future DLC character. Stay tuned to our website for updates on the game’s development.

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Background Information

M. Bison has been a prominent character in the Street Fighter franchise since Street Fighter 2. The initial story reveals that he was a young martial artist with ambitious goals. Trained by a master alongside two unknown students, M. Bison acquired the famous Psycho Power, which thrives on emotions like fear, anger, hatred, and chaos. After murdering his master, he embarked on a journey to become one of the strongest fighters in the world. Eventually, M. Bison gained followers and became the leader of the crime syndicate Shadaloo, continuing his story in the Street Fighter series.

Is JP Disguised As M. Bison?

In Street Fighter 6, a new character named JP emerges as an old, tall, and charismatic villain. Many speculate whether JP is simply a continuation of M. Bison’s story. While they share similarities, they are distinct characters. Notably, JP also possesses Psycho Power, but he is not a clone of M. Bison like other characters such as Falke.

By enrolling as a student in the World Tour, players can uncover JP’s story. The real name of JP remains unknown, as he goes by names like Johan Petrovic or Jean Philippe using the acronym JP. Initially an expert in financial management, JP became the financial manager of Bison’s evil organization, Shadaloo. There, he witnessed experiments infusing living beings with Psycho Power. Secretly equipping himself with this power before Bison and Shadaloo were destroyed, JP utilized the funds to take control of NGOs, laundering money for his own benefit in war-torn countries like Nayshall.

To add fuel to the fire, JP organized worldwide Street Fighter tournaments to recruit the best fighters and funded attacks through Amnesia. He manipulated the fighters, successfully framing Ken for atrocities committed in Nayshall. Although M. Bison is not currently part of Street Fighter 6, his iconic character may eventually make a comeback. In the meantime, be sure to check out our guide on the best character recipes with codes and learn all about the moves and combos of the popular yoga master, Dhalsim.

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