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Exploring Hawezar in Diablo 4 (Season 1)


Hawezar, an infested swampland with a dark and sinister past, is a place where witchcraft and zealotry thrive. Disease has permeated every aspect of this region, infecting both the land and its inhabitants. It is a place of refuge for those who wish to escape the law and society. Only the most nefarious characters, such as murderers, assassins, thieves, and shady traders, call this treacherous place home.

Zone Map

To see a larger version of the zone map, click [here](image link).

Main Town: Zarbinzet

Zarbinzet serves as the bustling hub of Hawezar, offering numerous NPCs and a convenient waypoint for quick travel. The town’s center houses prominent shops like the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Occultist. Utilizing the town portal within Hawezar will always transport players back to Zarbinzet.


There are a total of six Waypoints scattered throughout Hawezar. These waypoints provide a convenient means of traversing the region swiftly, surpassing the limitations of walking or mount riding. Familiarizing oneself with these important waypoints can significantly shorten travel time, particularly when heading towards World Boss Events.

  • Zarbinzet: Located inside the town, in the center area of Umir Plateau.
  • Wejinhani: Situated west of the Dismal Foothills.
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court: Found inside the town, at the center of Hawezar.
  • Vyeresz: Positioned in the stronghold to the north of Toxic Fens. Accessible once the stronghold has been purged of evil.
  • Backwater: Situated east of the Forsaken Coast.
  • The Tree of Whispers: Located northeast of The Writhing Mire. Accessible after unlocking the Tree of Whispers.
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Unique Materials

Hawezar is home to various special resources, such as the elusive Blightshade herb, which can be exclusively found within the Kehjistan region.

Renown and Completion

Enhancing one’s power in Hawezar is best achieved through Renown. This region offers a multitude of opportunities for exploration and discovery. Engaging in side dungeons, collecting Altars of Lilith, liberating strongholds, and more are effective ways to increase Renown.

Check out the following list of Renown activities in Hawezar:

  • Waypoints: 6
  • Strongholds: 3
  • Side Quests: 49
  • Side Dungeons: 23
  • Altars of Lilith: 34
  • Discoverable Areas: 56

To track your progress, open the Map and review the number of remaining Side Quests and Dungeons required for collecting all available Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Paragon Points.

For a comprehensive guide on Altars of Lilith in this zone, visit our separate page dedicated to this topic.

Renown Rewards

Completing Renown activities throughout Hawezar unlocks various rewards. The stages and their corresponding rewards are as follows:

  • Stage 1:
  • Stage 2:
  • Stage 3:
  • Stage 4:
  • Stage 5:

To gain Renown as quickly as possible, consider undertaking the following tasks within Hawezar:

  • Explore the entire region and unlock all available Waypoints for efficient travel.
  • Regularly review your Renown progress by opening the Map.
  • Cleanse all three strongholds to establish friendly environments.
  • Complete all (blue) Side Quests and Dungeons.
  • Gather Blightshade herbs along your journey.
  • Discover and collect all Altars of Lilith.


Marked by a red skull on the mini-map, strongholds are event areas occupied by hostile entities. Clearing out these enemies is necessary to unlock the region as a friendly part of Hawezar. Successfully purging a stronghold grants 100 Renown and experience points. Certain Waypoints and Dungeons are also only accessible after purging the corresponding stronghold. Hawezar features three strongholds that can be cleansed of evil:

  • Crusaders Monument: Located in the northern part of Zarbinzet.
  • Eriman’s Pyre: Situated in the far north of Hawezar, west of the Tree of Whispers.
  • Vyeresz: Found east of Zarbinzet, towards the center of Hawezar.
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World Boss

The World Boss zone in Hawezar can be found in an area known as the Fields of Desecration, southeast of Zarbinzet, the main town in this region. These formidable bosses pose a significant threat to both melee and ranged players. For more information, refer to our detailed World Boss Guides.

It is highly recommended to team up with other players or friends when facing these challenging encounters. World bosses have the potential to drop a valuable item called the Scattered Prism, which can be used to add sockets to specific gear slots.

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