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FigureFan Zero: Unveiling the Marvel Legends Collectible

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a Marvel Legends wave, excited to assemble your very own Build-A-Figure? As a self-proclaimed Marvel connoisseur, I must confess that despite my selective reading habits, there are still gaps in my knowledge of the Marvel universe. One such character is Man-Thing, a name I’ve often encountered but haven’t delved into his twisted background. However, I take solace in the fact that this peculiar creature, hailing from my adopted home state of Florida, is now part of my collection.

Piecing Together Man-Thing

Man-Thing consists of six parts, strategically dispersed throughout the Man-Thing Wave. These components include two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head. Assembling this enigmatic figure proved to be no easy task. It required an unwavering strength and a willingness to endure some discomfort, leaving plant-like imprints on my palms after the forceful connections were made.

Marveling at the Design

While I may not be familiar with his literary journey, I have always been captivated by Man-Thing’s design. It evokes the nostalgia of the old Inhumanoids action figure line, an era when creativity knew no bounds. Hasbro’s attention to detail in sculpting this figure is commendable, leaving no surface untouched by intricate veggie motifs. Even the hinges in his elbows boast sculpted accents, showcasing the level of craftsmanship involved.

Amidst the tangles of vines, you’ll find shaggy-looking grass hanging off his forearms, palm fronds on his feet, mushroom caps protruding from his thigh, and a mossy buildup on his back. Although the paintwork on the figure is relatively modest, focusing primarily on the green plastic base, a subtle wash adds depth and a yellowish-green hue. Notably, his fingernails and toenails receive attention with a touch of paint. While individualized paint hits on specific details would have been a welcome addition, the overall appearance of the figure still impresses. For those blessed with artistic abilities, the potential for enhancing this figure through expert painting is undeniable.

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The Head Sculpt Shines

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Man-Thing’s design lies in his head sculpt. It exudes an undeniable allure, invoking memories of the iconic Inhumanoid figure, Tendrill. The distinctive root-like tendrils formed from his uni-brow contribute to an other-worldly appeal, reminiscent of ancient Eldar Gods. These tendrils, painted in a rich brown, frame his striking red eyes, resulting in a visually captivating and cohesive design.

Articulation: The Standard Fare

In terms of articulation, Man-Thing adheres to the standard Build-A-Figure formula. His thighs feature rotating hinges that connect the legs, while the hips boast rotating hinges already attached. The legs themselves possess double hinges in the knees, accompanied by hinges and rockers in the ankles. Moving to the upper body, the shoulders and wrists feature rotating hinges, complemented by hinged elbows and swivels in the biceps. The torso allows for both a swivel at the waist and an ab crunch hinge. Regrettably, due to his hunched shoulders, the neck’s range of motion is somewhat limited, allowing only slight tilts and minimal upward glances. It’s worth noting that some figures, like mine, may require a little heat to loosen any fused joints, as I experienced with the left arm.

A Comparison with Swamp Thing

When discussing comic book-inspired plant figures, we can’t help but mention Mattel’s DC Universe Classics Swamp Thing. While it may be unfair to compare the two directly, given that Man-Thing is a retail Build-A-Figure and Swamp Thing an SDCC Exclusive with a higher price tag, curiosity got the better of me. Swamp Thing’s spongy rubber skin undeniably adds to its appeal, but it is the extra paint applications that truly set it apart.

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Expanding the Marvel Universe

One of the most rewarding aspects of collecting action figures and building universes lies in the opportunity to discover characters previously unexplored. Sometimes, it’s the sheer design and artistry that catches our eye, while at other times, it ignites an interest that leads to extensive reading. In Man-Thing’s case, I suspect I’ll soon find myself diving into his dark and captivating literary exploits.

Wrapping Up Another Marvel Legends Wave

With each wave of Marvel Legends, the excitement builds, and yet, I’m still left wanting more. While a Netflix Wave featuring Luke Cage and Danny Rand would have been a dream come true, Blade and Bullseye take center stage in this assortment, captivating me with their allure. Hasbro’s commitment to delivering high-quality collectibles is unwavering. I initially contemplated backtracking to either the Sandman Wave or the SDCC Battle For Asgarde set. However, the recent release of the Black Panther Wave has piqued my interest, as I intend to explore these figures while the movie still graces the theaters.

And thus, another fantastic wave of Marvel Legends concludes, leaving me eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this ongoing saga.

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