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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Mr. Hyde Wave MCU Shang-Chi Review

The Perfect Kung Fu Action Figure for MCU Fans!

The arrival of the new Shang-Chi wave couldn’t have come at a better time. With the recent release of the movie trailer, fans are buzzing with excitement, and now they can experience instant gratification with these incredible toys. It’s pure synchronicity!

I, for one, am fully invested in this wave for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, “kung fu.” Secondly, the Build-A-Figure is none other than Mr. Hyde, a character I’ve been longing to see in figure form since the inception of Marvel Legends. Even though he may be donning the wrong costume, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

But even if the trailer didn’t blow me away, and even if I wasn’t a die-hard fan of everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is doing, this wave would still be exceptional because of its abundance of kung fu goodness. This wave boasts kung fu dudes, kung fu women, and kung fu everywhere. And as a connoisseur of martial arts, a line dedicated to this genre is a must-have for me.

Adding to the allure, we have Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu himself, who is rewarded with an outstanding action figure. The figure captures the essence of traditional kung fu, infused with a modern touch. The body design is a blend of pinned arms and pinless legs, an interesting combination that doesn’t detract from the overall appeal.

MCU Shang-Chi’s costume maintains the iconic red and black colors from the comic version. It may not be the flashiest outfit, but it undeniably gets the job done. As we delve further into the movie’s narrative, this costume will undoubtedly become more iconic.

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The likeness to the actor is impressive, although not flawless. I can definitely see the actor’s features, but there’s something slightly off that’s hard to pinpoint. Despite some criticism that he appears bored, I personally appreciate the stoic expressionless look. I’d rather have a figure that leans towards this direction than one with a perpetually frozen yelling face. The paint printing adds a lifelike touch, although at a macro level, it falls apart into dot sprays. Nevertheless, at regular toy scale, it looks fantastic.

As an articulation snob, I’m particularly discerning when it comes to kung fu figures. They need to exhibit a wide range of motion to achieve certain dynamic poses. Thankfully, Shang-Chi doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The articulation and range of motion are commendable. If there were any room for improvement, it would be in the hips (not a significant drawback) and the absence of butterfly shoulders. However, considering that his shoulders already offer a great range, the lack of butterfly joints doesn’t hinder the overall poseability. In fact, it’s better to omit them than to have poorly engineered ones that don’t significantly enhance the figure’s motion.

The range of motion in the hips is slightly limited by the rubbery skirt section, an extension of his shirt. Nevertheless, it remains flexible enough to allow for a decent lateral spread. Although the skirt may pose a challenge at the outermost range, it doesn’t ruin the figure’s posing potential. Overall, the poseability is excellent.

Shang-Chi comes with three sets of hands, but unfortunately, there are no fists. Yes, you read that right, no fists for a punchy guy! This omission is a slight disappointment for me. While the included grabby hands and dynamic hands are unique choices that represent his kung fu style, I would gladly trade them for a pair of powerful fists.

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His only accessory is a staff, and simplicity reigns supreme. I personally love it. He holds it securely, and it’s a style that is absent from my collection. It exudes the kind of weapon a kung fu master would use to effortlessly defeat dozens of opponents.

To conclude, this is an exceptional action figure. As a comic snob, I’ll always have a soft spot for the comic version of Shang-Chi. However, whether as an MCU counterpart or just a generic kung fu warrior, you can’t go wrong with this figure. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of kung fu and adds an extra dose of excitement to your collection.

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