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Best Arnim Zola Decks in Marvel Snap and Effective Counter Strategies

Arnim Zola is an iconic supervillain in the Marvel universe and one of Captain America’s deadliest enemies. As a cost-six, zero-Power unit in Marvel Snap, he possesses one of the most impactful effects in the game. However, to truly harness his potential, it is crucial to build a deck centered around him. In this article, we will explore the best Arnim Zola decks in Marvel Snap and strategies to counter them.

Best Arnim Zola Decks to Use in Marvel Snap

Arnim Zola/Shuri

To fully maximize Arnim Zola’s ability, it is advisable to pair him with another powerful unit. One ideal choice is the Black Panther, a four-cost, two-Power unit with the “On Reveal: Double this card’s Power” ability. While Black Panther may not excel in stats, when combined with the right tools, his Power can be significantly boosted. Shuri, Black Panther’s sister and a crucial figure in the Wakandan kingdom, complements him perfectly in Marvel Snap. When you play Shuri before Black Panther, her ability doubles the Power of the next card you play. By strategically timing the placement of Arnim Zola on turn six, you can activate Black Panther’s “On Reveal” ability once again and achieve a massive 16-Power boost across two locations.

Including Wong in the deck can amplify Black Panther’s Power even further. Wong’s Ongoing ability triggers On Reveal abilities at the specified location twice. By playing Wong before placing Black Panther or Shuri on the field, you can elevate Black Panther’s Power to extraordinary levels. Wong can also serve as a backup plan if you are unable to draw Arnim Zola.

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Additional cards to consider for this deck are Ebony Maw, a cheap one-cost, seven-Power unit that restricts card plays after turn three (Arnim Zola’s ability can bypass this restriction), Ant-Man, who gains three Power if played in a location with three cards, and Psylocke and Electro, who provide bonus energies to set up the Wong/Shuri/Black Panther/Arnim Zola combo. Forge, a Shuri clone providing a plus two Power boost, Red Skull, an alternative choice for Shuri and Arnim Zola’s ability, and Taskmaster, capable of copying Black Panther or Red Skull’s Power, can also be included. Protect Red Skull with Armor in case you need to rely on the Shuri-Red Skull-Taskmaster combo.

The key to success with this deck lies in understanding when to play each card. As most of the key cards feature On Reveal abilities, particularly Black Panther, Shuri, and Arnim Zola, precise positioning and card order are vital to create a devastating combo that can overpower your opponent.

Win Condition Cards for This Deck:

Aside from Arnim Zola, the three most significant cards in this deck, capable of generating high-powered units in the late game, are Black Panther, Shuri, Wong, Red Skull, and Taskmaster.

Black Panther is the linchpin of this deck. When combined with Arnim Zola’s effect, Black Panther’s Power doubles, resulting in two 16-Power Black Panther clones across two locations. Shuri and Wong further enhance Black Panther’s potency. To achieve this combo, play Psylocke on turn two, Wong on turn three, Shuri on a separate location on turn four, and Black Panther on turn five, adjacent to Wong, culminating in a formidable 32-Power card. Finally, on turn six, seal the deal with Arnim Zola, generating two 64-Power Black Panther clones in two locations.

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Alternatively, you can substitute Red Skull for Black Panther, as this setup requires a more straightforward process. The Shuri and Red Skull combo can effortlessly yield a powerful 26-Power score, without the need for Wong.

In the absence of Arnim Zola on turn six, Taskmaster serves as an alternative strategy.

Arnim Zola/Devil Dinosaur

For players seeking an offensive engine to maximize Arnim Zola’s ability with a simpler setup, the Devil Dinosaur strategy is highly effective. Devil Dinosaur’s Ongoing ability grants +2 Power for every card in your hand, making it an ideal match for Arnim Zola’s effect. Moon Girl, Devil Dino’s faithful companion, further enhances this engine by duplicating all the cards in your hand upon playing her.

To ensure consistency in the Devil Dino deck engine, consider including units that provide bonus cards in your hand. Agent 13, Sentinel, Cable, Maria Hill, White Queen, and Nick Fury are viable options, ranging from one to four costs, providing cheap additional Power boosts. The Collector, gaining a Power point whenever a card is placed into your hand (excluding draws from your deck), adds offensive potential to the deck.

Shang-Chi can offer additional control to your side, destroying all enemy cards at a location with 9 or more Power upon reveal. Scarlet Witch can also prove useful in countering disadvantageous locations. Prioritize cards that increase the number of cards in your hand to maximize the Devil Dinosaur/Arnim Zola combo.

Win Condition Cards for This Deck:

Since Arnim Zola plays a supporting role rather than being the primary finisher in this deck, the win condition cards are Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, Nick Fury, and The Collector.

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Devil Dinosaur possesses significant power on its own. With a minimum of four cards in your hand, you can boost Devil Dino to at least 11 Power points. Moon Girl’s ability amplifies Devil Dinosaur’s Power further.

Nick Fury contributes to the Power boost and provides additional six-cost cards, which can serve as alternative late-game finishers. Nick Fury is a five-cost, seven-Power card that can be played on turn four, thanks to Wave or Psylocke. On the other hand, The Collector, your dark horse offensive machine, gains Power points with each card added to your hand.

The optimal play involves deploying Psylocke or Wave on turn three, allowing you to play Devil Dinosaur or Nick Fury on turn four. Then, on turn five, play the remaining card from the initial options. Finally, on turn six, finish strong with Arnim Zola, destroying and producing Devil Dino clones or utilizing one of the six-cost cards generated by Nick Fury.

How to Counter Arnim Zola Decks

The most effective counter against Arnim Zola decks is Cosmo, as this space dog can nullify On Reveal abilities at the location where it is placed. Cosmo can also disrupt Black Panther’s ability, weakening the potential Power boost if played in the same location as the dog.

Lockdown decks featuring Professor X or Spider-Man can also disrupt your late-game strategy with Arnim Zola. These decks impose restrictions on card placement, making it challenging to set up your desired combo.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Arnim Zola decks and employing appropriate counter strategies, you can overcome these formidable opponents and emerge victorious in Marvel Snap.

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