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New ‘Marvel Snap’ Update: Balancing the Playing Field

A Mix of Nerfs and Buffs Revealed, Including a Revived Doctor Doom

It has been just over a week since the full release of Marvel Snap on PC, and the competition has skyrocketed. With the addition of powerful new cards from the Big in Japan season, it’s clear that some adjustments are needed to level the playing field. The latest update focuses on balancing certain cards, presenting an intriguing mix of changes that could reshape the meta. Let’s delve into the details and explore what these adjustments mean for the game.

Fine-Tuning Card Power

Five cards have undergone alterations in this over-the-air update, with numerical value adjustments being the primary focus. Although it may seem trivial, even the slightest alteration can significantly impact a card’s effectiveness in a game like Marvel Snap. Previously, Doctor Doom’s renowned DoomBots suffered a humiliating nerf, reducing their power from a cost of 6 with 5 power to a cost of 6 with 4 power, courtesy of RICHA… BRODE. This alteration disrupted Doom’s synergies with other cards, particularly Cerebro, who provides buffs to the player’s highest power cards. Thankfully, BRODE has acknowledged the error and restored Doom’s DoomBots to their former glory. Hence, Doctor Doom proudly stands de-nerfed, and the entire kingdom of Latveria rejoices.

An Unexpected Boost for a Newcomer

In a surprising turn of events, a relatively new card is receiving a buff in this update. This occurrence mirrors the previous update involving the Phoenix Force, illustrating the unpredictability of card performance until they are in the hands of players. Lady Deathstrike, an intriguing card with a cost of 5 and power of 3, possesses the unique ability to destroy each card at her location if their power is lower than hers when revealed. If appropriately buffed upon entry, she can wreak havoc on the field. However, her reception thus far has been lackluster. To address this, Second Dinner has decided to grant her an additional point of power, elevating her to a cost of 5 with 4 power. Striking a delicate balance between underpowered and overpowered, Lady Deathstrike’s new standing remains uncertain.

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The Nerfs: Carol Danvers and Legion Take a Hit

The first nerf affects Carol Danvers, who had recently received a buff and started making frequent appearances in decks. Often paired with Darkhawk, Cerebro, or as part of a Move-based deck, her influence was growing too prevalent. Consequently, her power has been reduced from 4 power for a cost of 5 to 4 power for a cost of 4. Personally, I believe this change was premature. Players had already devised counters, and Carol Danvers was not excessively disruptive to the game. Nevertheless, Second Dinner possessed the data and made the decision. For now, Carol finds herself benched, awaiting the opportunity to prove her worth once again.

The second nerf targets Legion, as decks centered around him have gained immense popularity. With his initial launch boasting 8 power for a cost of 5 and the ability to make every location the same as where he is played, Legion shook the meta with his game-altering skill. To maintain balance, his power has been adjusted to 7, yet it is unlikely this change will significantly diminish his impact. After all, his ability remains undeniably formidable.

Rockslide: A Nerf or a Buff?

The third alteration involves Rockslide, which could be perceived as either a nerf or a buff, depending on one’s perspective. Previously, he stood as a 5 power card with a cost of 4, capable of shuffling two Rocks into the opponent’s deck, fueling any Darkhawks in the player’s possession. Now, Rockslide has transformed into a 3 power card with a cost of 3. While this modification allows for earlier deployment, it necessitates adjustments to compensate for the loss of his previous power. On the bright side, this change qualifies Rockslide for Silver Surfer Friend status, potentially making him a staple in Surfer-based decks like the reliable Sera Surfer deck.

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That concludes the changes implemented in this update. As the Big in Japan season comes to a close, we eagerly anticipate news of the upcoming season, along with our September deck building guide, set to be released early next week. How do these adjustments affect your decks? Share your thoughts on Marvel Snap and this update in the comments below. Happy Snapping!

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