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Marvel Snap Devil Dinosaur Deck Guide: Strategies and Counters

Marvel Snap offers an exciting gameplay experience, allowing players to unleash the powers of their favorite Marvel heroes and villains through unique cards. One such formidable card is the Devil Dinosaur, a colossal creature known for its dominance and strength. In this Marvel Snap Devil Dinosaur deck guide, we will explore different deck builds that revolve around this monstrous character.

The Best Devil Dinosaur Decks in Marvel Snap

Devil Dino/Nova/Carnage

The Devil Dino/Nova/Carnage combo is a popular choice for enthusiasts. Both Devil Dino and Carnage require some setup to reach their full potential, making them excellent offensive options for each other. To optimize this deck, consider including key cards such as Moon Girl, which duplicates your hand cards upon playing. This provides a significant boost for Devil Dino, especially if you have multiple cards in your hand when activating Moon Girl. Additionally, the Nova/Carnage engine, which relies on sacrificing your own units to enhance Carnage’s power, is a solid option throughout the game. Including cards like Sentinel, Cable, Agent 13, and Scarlet Witch will further strengthen your deck’s performance.

Devil Dino/Sunspot Control

For those seeking a more controlling approach, the Devil Dino/Sunspot deck is an excellent choice. This deck allows you to disrupt your opponent’s field while strategically boosting Sunspot’s power. Essential cards for this deck include Moon Girl, Cable, Agent 13, Sentinel, Scarlet Witch, and The Collector. Additionally, consider incorporating cards like Enchantress, who can remove abilities from the opponent’s ongoing cards, converting their potential points into advantages for your side. White Queen, Shang-Chi, and Klaw also offer powerful options to bolster your deck’s performance.

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Devil Dinosaur Deck Staple Cards

To forge a formidable Devil Dinosaur deck, it is crucial to include staple cards that synergize well with this mighty creature. Here are some essential cards and their effects:

-Cable: On Reveal, put the bottom card of your opponent’s deck into your hand.
-Sentinel: On Reveal, add another Sentinel to your hand.
-Agent 13: On Reveal, add a random card to your hand.
-The Collector: When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except from your deck), gain +1 power.
-Scarlet Witch: On Reveal, replace the current location with a random new one.

Best Devil Dinosaur Deck Counters

While Devil Dinosaur decks are formidable, there are effective counters that opponents can employ. One such counter is Enchantress, which can easily remove Devil Dino’s ongoing ability, rendering it a three-power card. This diminishes the advantage provided by Moon Girl. Additionally, lockdown decks that include cards like Professor X and Spider-Man can disrupt your strategy, particularly in the late game.

By carefully considering these strategies and counters, you can build a powerful Devil Dinosaur deck and conquer the Marvel Snap battlefield.

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