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Best Mister Negative Decks in Marvel Snap for August 2023

Marvel Snap has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch in 2022, offering an addictive card gameplay experience featuring beloved Marvel characters. Among these characters is Mister Negative, a villain introduced in 2007 as a nemesis of Spider-Man. In Marvel Snap, Mister Negative is a formidable four-cost, negative-one Power card with a game-changing effect that can either make or break your gameplay. Building a deck centered around him can be an explosive option that adds an exciting twist to the game. Let’s dive into the best Mister Negative decks in Marvel Snap.

Mister Negative’s Card Abilities in Marvel Snap

Mister Negative’s ability is a high-risk, high-reward type of gameplay. When revealed, his ability swaps the Power and Energy costs of all cards in your deck. This means that he can greatly enhance the power of low Power cards, but using him effectively requires some strategic planning and a touch of luck.

Mister Negative

Mister Negative Strategy in Marvel Snap

To make the most of Mister Negative’s ability, it is crucial to play him as early as possible. His ability only affects cards within your deck, not your hand. Therefore, the key strategy is to exploit his ability by flipping the Power and Energy levels of low Power cards, creating opportunities for significant plays.

To achieve this, there are a couple of cards that synergize well with Mister Negative:

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Psylocke and Zabu

Psylocke and Zabu are two main cards that can enable you to play Mister Negative on turn three. If you have Psylocke in your starting hand, playing her on turn two will grant you an additional energy for your next turn when revealed. This synergy allows you to play Mister Negative immediately if you already have him in hand.

If you don’t have Psylocke, Zabu can be a good alternative. Playing him on turn two will make four-cost cards one point cheaper through his ongoing ability. However, be cautious of your opponent using Enchantress to remove Zabu’s ongoing ability.

Best Combo Synergy with Mister Negative in Marvel Snap

Once Mister Negative is in play, there are several key targets in your deck that you want to exploit. These target cards have zero Power, but when their stats are flipped, their Power is boosted, making them both powerful and free to play. Here are some of these cards:

  • Angela: Becomes a 0/2 card that gets buffed with two Power each time you play a card at her location. With a hand full of zero-cost cards, you can unleash a flurry of plays.
  • Ironheart: Transforms into a 0/3 card and buffs three random friendly cards with an additional two Power. Save her for later in the game to pull off a big plus-six overall play, potentially more with cards like Wong or Absorbing Man.
  • Iron Man: One of Mister Negative’s closest allies. Iron Man’s ongoing ability doubles the Power at his location. When buffed by Mister Negative, he becomes a 0/5 card, guaranteeing a minimum of 10 Power when you play Tony Stark.
  • White Tiger: Becomes a 1/5 card that spawns a seven-Power tiger at another location, providing you with a potent 12-Power play for just one Energy. Jubilee shares a similar synergy, becoming a 1/4 card and allowing you to play a second Negative’d card from your deck when revealed.
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The Best Mister Negative Decks in Marvel Snap

Negative Surfer

Negative Surfer

One of the most popular decks in August 2023, the Negative Surfer deck revolves around playing Silver Surfer into Wong for added power across all lanes. The deck consists mostly of three-cost cards. Interestingly, even if Mister Negative swaps the stats of these three-cost cards, the game still recognizes them as three-cost, ensuring that Silver Surfer’s On Reveal ability grants them a plus-two Power boost. To maximize this deck’s potential, consider playing Sera to discount all your cards by one cost, leading to a surprise attack that will leave your opponents in a negative state.

Negative Monkey and Friends

Negative Monkey and Friends

This deck aims to play Mister Negative on turn three or as early as possible. If you can’t play him on turn three, don’t worry, as there are still opportunities to accumulate Power with cards like Angela, Wolfsbane, Zabu, and Hit-Monkey. The dream scenario involves playing Psylocke or Zabu on turn two and Mister Negative on turn three, with the majority of your zero-cost cards still in your deck, such as Iron Man and Mystique. By flipping the stats of both Iron Man and Mystique, you can play them back-to-back, doubling the Power at two out of three locations, essentially bringing the game to a swift conclusion. Time your moves wisely and achieve the ultimate negative victory!

Negative Zola

Negative Zola

This version of the Mister Negative deck focuses on explosive plays in the final turn. Playing Mister Negative as early as possible remains vital, but the main engine of the deck revolves around creating copies of Black Panther with the help of Arnim Zola. Each time Black Panther is played, his Power doubles, making him an unstoppable force. Additionally, Zola can summon copies of a card from the location where it was played to other locations, further amplifying the deck’s offensive prowess. To reinforce the deck’s strength, include essential cards like Bishop, Iron Man, Mystique, Devil Dinosaur, and Leader. For added versatility, consider utilizing Bast, which can make the Power of all cards in the user’s hand three, regardless of their original Power value. This backup plan ensures you always have tricks up your sleeve if you can’t play Mister Negative in time.

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How to Counter Mister Negative Decks in Marvel Snap

Just like any powerful card in Marvel Snap, Mister Negative has his own archenemies who can give your Negative decks a tough time. Cosmo, Enchantress, and Rogue are particularly troublesome for any Negative strategy.

When playing against a Mister Negative deck, keep an eye out for the early plays of Zabu or Psylocke on turn two, as this maximizes Mister Negative’s effectiveness. Using priority, your opponent may play Cosmo on one of the three lanes to attempt to prevent Mister Negative’s On Reveal ability.

Enchantress and Rogue pose a significant threat to Negative decks due to their ability to remove Ongoing cards. Since some of Mister Negative’s best combo cards, such as Iron Man, Mystique, and Sera, are Ongoing cards, be prepared to adapt your tactics and retreat if necessary.

Now armed with the knowledge of the best Mister Negative decks and how to counter them, dive into Marvel Snap and unleash the power of Mister Negative for an exhilarating gaming experience!

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