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Marvel Snap October 4 Update: Balance Changes, New Features, and Localization Support


The October 4 update of Marvel Snap brought exciting new features, including the Variant Rarity System and improvements to the game’s meta. This update is aimed at enhancing the overall user experience and preparing for the game’s full release on October 18. In this article, we will delve into the details of the October 4 patch notes for Marvel Snap.

New Variant Rarity System

As part of the latest development roadmap, Marvel Snap now introduces a new art variant system. With this update, 75% of the existing card art variants have been classified as ‘Rare,’ while the remaining 25% are labeled as ‘Super Rare.’ To support this shift, Second Dinner, the developers, have added over 100 new variants to the game. Players can now enjoy 75+ Rare and 25+ Super Rare cards, each available at different prices. Rare variants can be purchased for 700 Gold, down from the previous 750, while Super Rare variants are priced at 1,200 Gold.

Mister Negative Nerfed Once Again

Continuing their efforts to fine-tune the game’s balance, the developers have made further adjustments to Mister Negative. This divisive card has once again received a nerf, with two Power points being deducted. As a result, the card now costs 4 and has a -1 Power drop. However, it still retains its ability to flip stats for all future cards played.

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Magik Change

Another popular card, Magik, has also undergone a nerf. Previously, she could be played on turn 6 to extend the game unexpectedly. However, to maintain balance, the developers have added a restriction that prevents players from using Magik on turn 6. This adjustment aims to tone down the powerful and game-warping effect she had in the late stages of a match.

Other Card Adjustments

Apart from Mister Negative and Magik, four additional cards have been tweaked in the October 4 update. These changes were made to ensure a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. Please refer to the full patch notes below for detailed information.

Full Marvel Snap October 4 Update Patch Notes


  • Inbox: A new “Inbox” tab has been added to the News section, where players can find messages and upcoming rewards.
  • Welcome Bundle: A featured Welcome Bundle is now available in the Shop, including a Captain America Variant Card, Captain America Variant Avatar, and 700 Gold. Please note that the Welcome Bundle can only be purchased once.
  • FPS Setting: The default FPS (frames per second) has been set to 30fps, providing a good balance between fluidity and battery life. However, players can change this setting to 60fps in the Options menu.
  • Variant Rarity System: The majority of existing variants have been reclassified as Rare Variants, with a reduced cost of 700G in the Daily Offers Shop. Additionally, new Super Rare variants have been introduced and are now exclusively available in the Daily Offers shop for 1200G.


Marvel Snap now supports the following languages, in addition to English and Latin American Spanish:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish
  • Thai
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Voice Over support has been added for the following languages, in addition to English and Spanish:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Art and Visual Effects

  • Boosters are now color-coded to match their respective cards.
  • Various elements have been polished, adjusted, and improved to enhance the overall visual experience.

Card Updates

  • Bishop: Power changed from [3/2] to [3/1]. This adjustment aims to encourage players to explore other options, as Bishop was frequently used as a strong generalist card.
  • Magik: The ability to play Magik on turn 6 has been removed. On Reveal, players can change the location to Limbo. This change has been implemented to reduce the powerful game-warping effect that Magik had in the late stages of a match.
  • Mister Negative: Power changed from [4/1] to [4/-1]. Alongside the Magik change, this adjustment aims to maintain balance and ensure a more enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • Nakia: On Reveal, the ability now grants +2 Power to the two leftmost cards in the player’s hand. This change allows players to better strategize and plan their moves when using Nakia.
  • Ronan: Ongoing ability adjusted to grant +2 Power for each card in the opponent’s hand. The cap has been reeled in slightly to prevent Ronan from becoming too powerful.
  • Goose: Ongoing ability prevents the playing of 4, 5, or 6-Cost cards at this location.
  • Text-only updates have been made to the following cards: Armin Zola, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Dracula, Hazmat, Ironheart.

Location Updates

Several ability updates have been made to locations, ensuring that play restrictions are based on the adjusted Cost of cards in hand, rather than their original, base Cost. Please refer to the full patch notes for specific details.

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Bug Fixes

Numerous bug fixes have been implemented to improve the overall gameplay experience, including addressing UI issues, audio problems, and visual glitches. Additionally, several card art and visual effects have been improved.

We hope you enjoy the new features and balance changes introduced in the Marvel Snap October 4 update. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting additions to the game!

Image Sources: Marvel Snap Logo, Variant Rarity System, Mister Negative Card, Magik Card

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