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The Marvel Snap Pool 2 Decks That Dominate the Game


You’ve conquered Pool 1 of Marvel Snap and now find yourself in the challenging waters of Pool 2. Some of your decks are being decimated while others are thriving. Which decks are really worth playing? Fear not, as I’m here to guide you.

Pool 2 becomes available when you reach Collection Level 222, continuing until Collection Level 474. This is where you’ll discover an array of amazing cards that can counter popular Pool 1 decks such as Killmonger and Shang-Chi, as well as introduce exciting new gameplay mechanics like Vulture and Jubilee.

In a previous article, I discussed the top Pool 1 decks in Marvel Snap. Now, let’s dive into the best Pool 2 decks, which include enhanced versions of previous decks and some fresh, innovative strategies to experiment with.

Dino Control

Key cards: Devil Dinosaur, Moon Girl, Shang-Chi

If you relied on the combination of Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl in Pool 1, you’ll be pleased to hear that Pool 2 offers some valuable additions. Agent 13 is a solid one-cost card that boosts your hand count, ultimately powering up Devil Dinosaur. The Collector is another potential inclusion, especially if your Dino deck includes cards from outside of your main deck. However, the two cards I highly recommend are Killmonger and Shang-Chi, as they provide exceptional control capabilities.

Killmonger is the ultimate counter to Kazoo decks in the game. By eliminating all one-cost cards, you can disrupt your opponent’s plans with devastating effect. Timing is key, and waiting until turn six maximizes the impact of this game-changing move.

Shang-Chi, on the other hand, is the bane of Devil Dinosaur decks. When revealed, he destroys all enemy cards with a power of nine or greater at his location. Including Shang-Chi in your Dino deck is essential due to the prevalence of other Dino players in Pool 2. Additionally, Shang-Chi proves invaluable against formidable four- and five-cost cards like Namor and Warpath.

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To circumvent the risk of your opponent also having a Shang-Chi, you can either delay playing your Devil Dinosaur until turn six or use the Armor card to protect him. This is precisely why I didn’t include a six-energy card in this deck.

My Dino Control deck comprises a mix of cards that generate more cards, provide insight into my opponent’s strategy, and aid in winning lanes that don’t involve Dinos. This particular deck has been the most successful for me in Pool 2.


Image: Second Dinner Studios via Polygon

Key cards: Multiple Man, Vulture, Heimdall

In Pool 1, you might have experimented with a movement deck only to face disappointing results. But fear not, as Pool 2 introduces new tools that can truly unleash the potential of this deck. Cloak, Vision, and Vulture significantly enhance your movement strategy (Season Pass holders are in for a treat with Miles Morales).

The aim of this deck is to maximize the power of Multiple Man and Vulture through constant movement. By relocating these cards strategically (ideally alongside Kraven), you can boost their power and duplicate the strength of Multiple Man. Iron Fist, Cloak, Doctor Strange, and Heimdall all provide means to move your cards, striking a balance between “movers” and “cards that benefit from movement.”

Beware! Due to Heimdall’s ability to move all cards one location to the left, Movement decks tend to favor the two leftmost locations. Use this knowledge wisely in your gameplay.


![Image: Second Dinner Studios via Polygon](×277/320×0/filters:focal(0x0:497×277):format(webp):no_upscale()/

Key cards: Morbius, Lady Sif, Apocalypse

The discard deck revolves around maximizing the potential of Apocalypse by repeatedly discarding him. Pool 2 offers additional tools to secure victories outside of the Apocalypse lane, with cards like Morbius and Swarm taking the spotlight.

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Morbius gains power each time a card is discarded, making him a perfect synergy fit for the rest of the deck. Swarm, on the other hand, thrives on being discarded. When Swarm is discarded, you receive two zero-cost copies of the card, setting the stage for advantageous moves.

Another variant of this deck incorporates destruction mechanics, featuring cards like Nova, Bucky Barnes, Carnage, and Deathlok. Feel free to experiment with both versions until you find the one that suits your playstyle.


![Image: Second Dinner Studios via Polygon](×277/320×0/filters:focal(0x0:497×277):no_upscale()/

Key cards: Nova, Carnage, Deathlok, Shang-Chi

Although this deck truly shines in Pool 3 with the addition of Death, the Pool 2 version offers a fun anti-meta variant that can mess with your opponents while providing an entertaining experience.

Bucky Barnes is a crucial Pool 2 addition, transforming into the formidable six-power Winter Soldier when destroyed. Other notable additions to this deck include Killmonger, Shang-Chi, Hobgoblin, and Sabretooth. Hobgoblin can be incredibly frustrating for your opponents, with his negative-eight power and the ability to move to the other side of the board when revealed. To add a touch of location lockdown, I included Professor X as well. The strategy is straightforward: destroy your cheap cards with Carnage or Deathlok, and eliminate their crucial cards with Killmonger or Shang-Chi.


![Image: Second Dinner Studios via Polygon](×277/1200×0/filters:focal(0x0:497×277):no_upscale()/

Key cards: Ebony Maw, Ant-Man, Armor, Ka-Zar

The beloved “Kazoo” decks, featuring Ka-Zar and the one-cost cards he empowers, remain a formidable force in Pool 1. Despite the introduction of Killmonger, which provides opponents with more counterplay options against Kazoo decks, this strategy is still incredibly powerful.

Ebony Maw is an essential one-cost addition that brings immense power to this deck. With a power of seven, he prohibits further card plays at that location. Don’t fret though, with strategic card draw, you can play Ebony Maw last at a location without concern. Do note that you won’t be able to play Ebony Maw after turn three.

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Another key addition is Armor. While not necessary in Pool 1 Kazoo decks, it becomes vital in Pool 2 due to the prevalence of Killmonger cards. Including Armor in your Kazoo deck at this stage is an absolute must.

Additionally, there’s a Kazoo variant centered around the four-cost Sandman, which slows down the game in later turns, allowing each player to play only one card per turn. The strategy begins with a flurry of cheap cards, gradually slowing down to restrict your opponent’s response. While I haven’t achieved much success with this version, feel free to give it a try.


Image: Second Dinner Studios via Polygon

Key cards: Domino, Jubilee, various six-cost cards

This deck may seem unconventional and challenging to execute, but it guarantees immense fun and performs even better in Pool 3 (so consider practicing now). Jubilee, one of the most exciting Pool 2 cards, plays a random card from your deck at her location, potentially allowing you to play a powerful card for free.

I included Sunspot in this deck as there’s a chance you may need to skip some turns due to the energy curve imbalance. Alternatively, you can opt for Quicksilver, offering a more straightforward approach and guaranteeing a one-cost card. The ideal play pattern begins with Sunspot on turn one, followed by Domino on turn two, and Storm on turn three (or a pass, depending on the location). Upon reaching turn four, play Jubilee. If everything falls into place, Jubilee will play another potent card alongside her for free, leaving you with only powerful cards for the remainder of the game.

However, if you don’t draw Jubilee in time, luck may not be on your side. But when the stars align, you can overcome any opponent.


There you have it, the top Marvel Snap Pool 2 decks that dominate the game. Each deck offers unique strategies and exciting gameplay mechanics to help you rise to the top. Remember to adapt your deck to the ever-changing meta and continue honing your skills for success.

So, which deck will you choose? Dive into Pool 2 and show them who’s the true hero!

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