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Marvel Snap: Complete Guide to Recruit Season Chapter 1 Missions

The Recruit Season is the starting point for players in Marvel Snap, offering a pathway to advancement. Unlock the 20 rewards in the Recruit Season by gaining XP. The most effective way to earn Season XP is by completing the Recruit Missions. To help you along, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to tackle Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap.

Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap

Recruit Season Chapter 1 Missions
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In Marvel Snap, progression is crucial as it determines your access to the best cards. Similar to other games, Marvel Snap uses an XP-based progression system. Initially, you need to complete the tutorial phase to unlock the Recruit Missions.

During the tutorial, you’ll engage in a battle between Nick Fury and Doctor Doom. This interactive experience familiarizes you with the power system, turn mechanics, and the three locations in a battle. Additionally, you’ll learn about card upgrades that enhance the visual appearance of Marvel characters.

Once you defeat Doctor Doom, Nick Fury will guide you as you face Agatha Harkness. This battle introduces the Energy cost system in Marvel Snap. The tutorial phase is brief and will grant you access to the full game, including the Recruit Season and Missions.

After completing the introductory steps, create your profile and acquaint yourself with the game’s user interface. The main page allows you to engage in battles against online players. From this screen, you can access the Missions tab by clicking the icon in the top right corner. Scroll down to find the Recruit Chapter 1 Missions.

While some missions remain locked initially, you can unlock them by completing specific tasks. However, we will provide an overview of all 7 missions in Recruit Season Chapter 1 to help you mentally prepare and start grinding your way through the game.

Here are all 7 Recruit Season: Chapter 1 missions featured in the latest online Marvel card game:

  1. Play A Match (2 Times)
  2. Upgrade A Card (3 Times)
  3. Unlock A New Card (5 Times)
  4. Win Matches (7 Times) – Complete 2 Missions to Unlock
  5. Complete A Daily Mission – Complete 3 Missions to Unlock
  6. Reach Collection Level 12 – Complete 4 Missions to Unlock
  7. Win With Spectrum Starting In Your Deck (2 Times) – Complete 5 Missions to Unlock
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Now that you are familiar with the missions in the first chapter of the Recruit Season, let’s review them in more detail. Utilize the provided information to easily complete these missions and gain an advantage over other players in Marvel Snap.

Play A Match (2 Times)

Playing a Match
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To make progress in Recruit Season Chapter 1, start by playing 2 games. This task is available as soon as you enter the game. Simply play at least 2 matches to complete the mission; the results won’t affect mission progress.

From Marvel Snap’s main menu, initiate a game against a random opponent by clicking the purple “Play” button. The game will search for a random opponent online. Once your match is found, the card battle begins. Play until the end to make progress in the “Play a Match” Recruit Mission. Repeat the process once more to fully complete the first task. Completing the mission grants you 1000 XP in Marvel Snap.

Upgrade A Card (3 Times)

Upgrading a Card
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Another mission available from the start is “Upgrade a Card.” Complete this task three times to finish it. Upgrading a card is relatively simple at the beginning of the game. Each card can be upgraded at least four times, and each upgrade changes its visual appearance.

Upgrading cards requires Credits and Boosters, which you can obtain by winning matches, leveling up, or claiming rewards. Access the “Deck Collection” tab to upgrade your cards. Choose a card with an animation of upward-moving arrows, indicating that it can be upgraded. Click the card and press the right icon (a box) to begin the upgrade process.

Upgrade your cards thrice to fully complete the Recruit challenge. Card upgrades also increase your collection levels, unlocking new cards in Marvel Snap. Completing this mission rewards you with 1000 XP.

Unlock A New Card (5 Times)

Unlocking a Card
Image Credit: eXputer

The “Unlock a New Card” challenge, accessible from the start, requires you to unlock 5 cards to complete Recruit Season Chapter 1. Unlocking cards takes time as you can only acquire them by gaining XP or winning games. More Boosters and Credits can be obtained in this manner, allowing you to further upgrade your cards.

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Increasing your collection levels through card upgrades unlocks new cards in Marvel Snap. Monitor your progress in Collection Levels by clicking the green icon below your avatar on the home screen. Claim cards whenever possible to complete the “Unlock a New Card” mission and earn 1000 XP.

Win Matches (7 Times)

Victory Screen
Image Credit: eXputer

The “Win Matches (7 times)” task unlocks after completing any 2 previous Recruit Missions in Marvel Snap. Simply defeat your opponents 7 times to complete the mission. Note that wins recorded before unlocking the task will not count towards the achievement.

Once unlocked, equip your best deck and navigate to the battle screen. Click the play button and wait for an opponent. Utilize your strategic skills to emerge victorious and make progress in the Recruit Mission. Completing the challenge grants you 950 XP.

Complete A Daily Mission

Daily Missions
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To access the “Complete a Daily Mission,” you must first complete three other Recruit Season missions. The daily and weekly missions can be found in the “Missions” tab, alongside the Recruit Tasks. Access the tab from the main menu by clicking the “Missions” icon in the top right corner.

Around 7 weekly missions are available for you to choose from. Pick any one of these to complete the “Complete a Daily Mission” task. Keep in mind that any daily tasks completed before unlocking this mission won’t count towards your Recruit Pass progress. Weekly missions may involve tasks such as drawing cards, playing cost cards, or using specific cards.

Once you unlock the mission, select a daily task and complete it promptly to earn 950 XP.

Reach Collection Level 12

Collection Levels
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The sixth mission in Recruit Season Chapter 1 can be unlocked after completing any four missions. Your objective is to reach Collection Level 12, which rewards you with 950 XP. This task is relatively straightforward, especially if you regularly participate in battles.

Collection Levels are indicated beneath your avatar picture in the Main Menu. Upgrading your cards increases your Collection Level, utilizing Credits and Boosters. Higher collection levels unlock new cards, Credits, and Boosters in Marvel Snap.

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Upon reaching Collection Level 12, you will complete the challenge and receive the White Tiger card. This card uses 5 energy and adds 1 power to your total score. Its unique ability, “Add a 7-Power Tiger to another location,” makes it an invaluable asset.

Win With Spectrum Starting In Your Deck (2 Times)

Marvel Snap spectrum card
Image Credit: eXputer

The final mission of Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap unlocks after completing any of the first 5 missions. In this task, you need to win two games with the Spectrum card in your deck. It is not necessary to use the card during the battles; simply add it to your deck and secure two victories against online opponents.

To acquire the Spectrum Card, reach Collection Level 6 in Marvel Snap. Once achieved, head to the Collection Level tab and claim the Spectrum card.

The Spectrum card boasts 6 energy and 5 power. Its On-reveal ability adds 2 power to all ongoing cards. Completing this final task rewards you with 900 XP. Additionally, after completing all 7 missions in Recruit Season Chapter 1, you can claim an additional 2000 XP in Marvel Snap.

Potential Rewards

Recruit Season Rewards
Image Credit: eXputer

Completing the Chapter 1 Missions in the Recruit Season unlocks a range of rewards. The Recruit Season consists of 20 levels, each attainable by earning XP through mission completion. Access the Season by clicking the top left corner button in the main menu.

Upon completing the Chapter 1 Missions, you potentially reach the 10th level in the Recruit Season. By reaching the end of the season (20th Level), you earn the Blue Marvel card. Throughout the Recruit Season, you can earn various rewards, including cards, avatars, credits, gold, boosters, and card variants.

Although this guide specifically covers the Chapter 1 Recruit Missions, here are the first 10 Recruit Pass rewards you can potentially earn:

  1. Set of 8 Generic Avatars
  2. Ant-Man Base Card
  3. 200 Credits
  4. Ant-Man Avatar
  5. 100 Gold
  6. Colossus Base Card
  7. Colossus Avatar
  8. 20 Boosters
  9. Marvel Card Back
  10. Ironheart Base Card


There you have it! A complete guide on how to complete the Recruit Season Chapter 1 in Marvel Snap. By completing these missions, you unlock high-tier rewards in the Recruit Season Pass. Our guide provides detailed information on each Chapter 1 mission to ensure easy completion in Marvel Snap.

We hope you found this article enjoyable. Stay tuned to eXputer for more Marvel Snap content and enhance your deck-building skills.

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