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Best Spider-Ham Decks in Marvel Snap for September 2023

June’s “Spider-Versus” season in Marvel Snap introduced a range of new cards related to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, coinciding with the release of the new film, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Among the Spider-Woman units, Ghost-Spider and Silk have already made their debut, but there’s another Spider-Man variant making waves in the Spider-Verse films with his unique blend of cuteness and weirdness – Peter Porker, also known as Spider-Ham.

Marvel Snap has now welcomed Spider-Ham, whose abilities can make or break a player’s game. With a high-risk, high-reward factor, Spider-Ham can be a game-changer if luck is on your side. So, let’s dive into the best Spider-Ham decks in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap’s Spider-Ham Abilities, Explained

Spider-Ham is a two-cost, two-Power card with the ability that reads “On Reveal: Transform the leftmost card in your opponent’s hand into a Pig, keeping its Power and Cost.” This means that Spider-Ham can create a Pig card which can either disrupt or benefit your opponent’s side.

The Spider-Ham card in Marvel Snap.
Image via Nuverse

Spider-Ham is the first direct series four release by Second Dinner and costs 3,000 tokens in the shop.

Strategy and Best Combos for Spider-Ham Decks in Marvel Snap

Spider-Ham’s general effect can synergize with almost any deck, providing disruptive elements that can annoy opponents, especially when he targets valuable cards. However, since it’s now random which card he hits, Spider-Ham is less effective than when he targeted the most expensive card.

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A card that can greatly enhance Spider-Ham’s potential is Beast. The bounce and cost reduction effect of Beast can give Spider-Ham’s user another chance to play the Pig disrupt effect at a much lower cost. Alternatively, Falcon can also provide similar benefits, although the cost reduction won’t occur with him.

Best Decks for Spider-Ham in Marvel Snap

Cerebro 2 with Ham

Cerebro 2 with Ham

One of the more fun decks in the game, though it can be difficult to master, is Cerebro 2. Spider-Ham fits nicely into this deck as a card that gets buffed by Professor X’s powerful helmet.

This deck is highly situational and revolves around pulling specific cards; otherwise, winning becomes challenging. Since the most powerful cards in the deck are Ongoing cards, you’re highly susceptible to cards like Enchantress and Echo, so keep that in mind.

The key is to play all your two-Power cards so that they remain the same power and then use Cerebro, followed by Mystique, for the biggest buff possible. Blue Marvel can then be played to buff everything by one.

Win condition cards for this deck

To make this deck worthwhile, you need to pull the following cards:

  • Cerebro
  • Mystique
  • Blue Marvel
  • Luke Cage
  • Magik

This deck revolves around Cerebro, and if you don’t draw that card, you might as well retreat. If you do pull Cerebro, Mystique, and Blue Marvel, especially since those three cards buff your entire board, snap them up.

Luke Cage is also an excellent addition to this deck because he prevents your cards from losing any power. Magik, with her recent change to two Power, can give you an extra turn to draw the cards you need for victory.

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High Evolutionary Lockjaw

High Evolutionary Lockjaw

Another deck where Spider-Ham can be used effectively is in a High Evolutionary/Lockjaw package. This deck has been very successful since High Evolutionary’s release and shares the same goal as the traditional Lockjaw deck, which has been in the meta for some time now. However, the secret abilities provided by High Evolutionary have taken the deck to a whole new level.

Wasp, with the secret ability to inflict negative Power on your opponent’s cards, joins Spider-Ham as the best sacrifices to activate Lockjaw’s card switch effect. Their effects can still be triggered even if they return to the deck, in exchange for a random unit.

The Thor-Jane Foster combo is still a must, as well as including Jubilee and Dracula to gain massive Power on your board. For massive Power sources, consider including Doctor Doom, Odin, and Hulk.

Win condition cards for this deck

The win condition cards for this deck are:

  • Lockjaw
  • Thor
  • Jane Foster

Lockjaw is the main instigator, as the card switch ability summons high-powered cards and serves as the primary offensive engine. Players should note that his effect triggers only once per turn. So, playing Wasp or Spider-Ham should be done on separate turns to summon units from the deck. Otherwise, the second card played will stay in the Lockjaw location.

Thor can add Mjolnir to the deck for a possible plus-six Power boost, while Jane Foster’s ability allows you to call all the zero-cost cards from your deck when played. This can pave the way for potential free card switches in the late game.

Spider-Ham Bounce

Spider-Ham Bounce

As mentioned earlier, Spider-Ham pairs well with Beast and Falcon. Including him in a full Bounce deck can be one of the best strategies, particularly because the Pig disrupt effect can be spammed in this engine.

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Apart from Spider-Ham, other one-cost cards with excellent control and aggressive effects that work well with Beast and Falcon are Kitty Pryde and Iceman. Additionally, Bast makes the Power of your cards in hand three, regardless of their original Power.

Angela, Hit-Monkey, and The Collector serve as the main Power sources, all of which benefit from the Bounce mechanic. Bishop is a great pick because he can stack Power every time you play a card. Mysterio can also be added, as the illusion copies count as separate plays, significantly boosting the Power of Hit-Monkey and Bishop.

To round off the deck, include America Chavez to ensure you always have a decent finisher by turn six in case you aren’t able to execute a miracle play later on.

Win condition cards for this deck

Several cards contribute to the success of this deck, but the win condition cards are:

  • Beast
  • Falcon
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Angela
  • Hit-Monkey
  • The Collector
  • Bishop

Beast and Falcon are the key cards to fully utilize the Bounce mechanic. They allow you to spam the effects of your low-cost cards and power up units that gain Power based on the number of plays you can make in a single turn or over multiple turns.

Kitty Pryde gains Power every time you bounce her, which you can do at the end of every turn. Angela’s Power stack comes from the cards you play in the location where she is placed, while Hit-Monkey is a one-hit wonder that gains Power for each card you play on the turn you play him.

The Collector benefits the most from the Bounce mechanic, gaining plus-one Power every time you add a card to your hand, aside from drawing. Lastly, Bishop has the potential to be a massive Power source.

Now that you’re armed with the best Spider-Ham decks in Marvel Snap, it’s time to unleash the power of the spectacular Spider-Ham and dominate the game!

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