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The Ultimate Guide to the Mask of Many Faces in DND

The Mask of Many Faces is a versatile tool for both beginners and experienced players in Dungeons and Dragons. It serves as both an Eldritch invocation and a magical item. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Mask of Many Faces, including its official overview, how to use it, its pros and cons, and its comparison to other spells. Join us as we uncover the secrets of this powerful tool in the world of DND.

Mask of Many Faces: Official Overview

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The Mask of Many Faces, also known as the MoMF, is a cantrip that allows you to alter your appearance at will. This ability is incredibly advantageous in the world of DND, as it enables you to transform into a different person, disappear into the shadows, or even gain access to restricted areas. The applications of the Mask are virtually limitless, limited only by your imagination. However, it’s important to note that the disguise is visual and does not alter your voice or grant you any special abilities of the creature you’re impersonating. Additionally, the Mask is more of an appearance and cannot withstand physical testing. So, be cautious not to get too close to those who might detect your deception.

As a Warlock, the Mask of Many Faces becomes particularly valuable, as it allows you to conserve your spell slots for other incantations. It also adds an element of entertaining deception and subterfuge to your gameplay, making for memorable and thrilling moments.

Throughout this article, we will refer to the Mask of Many Faces as both a cantrip and an invocation, highlighting its versatility and effectiveness in different contexts.

How To Use the Mask of Many Faces

Using the Mask of Many Faces is straightforward and requires no special rituals or materials. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this powerful tool:

  1. Ensure that you have the Mask of Many Faces invocation, which can be found in the Player’s Handbook (PHB).

  2. Cast the Disguise Self spell, which is the essence of the Mask, without consuming a spell slot. This allows you to alter your appearance as desired.

It’s important to keep in mind a few key details when employing the Mask:

  • You can only use one cantrip at a time. If you attempt to activate a second cantrip, the first one will deactivate.

  • The duration of the Mask’s invocation is one hour, unless it is deactivated or broken.

  • The Mask can change the way you look, but it does not change the way you sound to others. So, if you need to alter your voice, consider using additional feats, items, or spells.

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To gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively use the Mask of Many Faces, you can watch this video by Chance’s D&D Spellbook.

Uses for the Mask of Many Faces

The Mask of Many Faces offers a multitude of uses and opportunities for both good and evil intentions. Here are just a few examples:

Using the Mask for Good

One of the remarkable aspects of the Mask is its potential for benevolent purposes. Consider the following ideas:

  • Disguise yourself as a guard and help protect a caravan from bandits.

  • Pretend to be a member of a cruel, power-hungry noble and gain access to their private quarters to search for ways to bring them down.

  • Help an ally escape from prison by disguising yourself as them.

  • Use your new appearance to gain the trust of someone who is being manipulated by a foe and protect them from harm.

These are just a few of the countless ways you can use the Mask of Many Faces for good in your DND adventures.

Using the Mask for Evil

On the other hand, the Mask of Many Faces can also be employed for nefarious purposes. Here are a few examples:

  • Disguise yourself as a member of the nobility and gain access to their private quarters to steal from them.

  • Pretend to be an authority figure and arrest an innocent person.

  • Use your new appearance to gain the trust of someone you intend to betray or even kill.

  • Help an evil person escape from justice by disguising yourself as a prison guard.

The Mask of Many Faces grants you the power to deceive and manipulate others, making it a favored tool for those who embrace the darker side of their adventures.

Mask of Many Faces: Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve explored the various applications of the Mask of Many Faces, let’s take a closer look at its advantages and disadvantages:


  • The Mask can be used for both good and evil purposes, providing versatility in gameplay.

  • It allows you to escape detection and infiltrate guarded areas without raising suspicion.

  • The Mask enables you to change your appearance at will, providing an abundance of opportunities for creative role-playing.


  • The Mask does not grant you any of the special abilities possessed by the creature you’re impersonating.

  • Maintaining your disguise might prove challenging if you’re not familiar enough with the form you’ve taken on.

As with any powerful tool, the Mask of Many Faces has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you to weigh the benefits against the risks and decide how to best utilize this enchanting item in your adventures.

Who Can Use the Mask of Many Faces?

The Mask of Many Faces is primarily associated with Warlocks. It is an ability that is inherent to this class, allowing them to seamlessly embody different identities. However, other characters in DND can multiclass with a Warlock to gain this ability. Keep in mind, though, that it is not available to other characters innately through the official DND books. Dungeon Masters have the freedom to homebrew this ability for other characters if desired. Alternatively, characters can obtain a magic item with the powers of the Mask or use a Wish Spell to acquire the ability to cast and use the Mask. Seeking the favor of a deity might also grant one the power of the Mask.

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To simplify, becoming a Warlock or acquiring the blessings of a Dungeon Master are the most straightforward ways to unlock the full potential of the Mask of Many Faces.

How Many Times Can Mask of Many Faces Be Used Daily?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the Mask of Many Faces. Unlike spells that consume spell slots, the Mask can be used as often as desired without any restrictions. This means you can employ the Mask multiple times in a day, both in combat and non-combat encounters.

Mask of Many Faces Vs. Other Spells

To fully comprehend the capabilities of the Mask of Many Faces, it’s helpful to compare it to some other spells commonly encountered in DND. Let’s explore a few of these comparisons:

Mask of Many Faces vs. Disguise Self

Disguise Self is essentially the essence of the Mask of Many Faces. While they share similar objectives, the key difference lies in the resource consumption. The Mask of Many Faces allows Warlocks to change their appearance without expending precious spell slots. In other words, the Mask of Many Faces is superior to the standard Disguise Self spell, providing a valuable advantage to those who possess it.

Mask of Many Faces vs. Hat of Disguise

The Hat of Disguise is a magic item that grants the ability to change one’s appearance. However, it is limited to assuming the form of a specific creature and can only be used once per day. In comparison, the Mask of Many Faces offers far greater versatility and flexibility.

Mask of Many Faces vs. Devil’s Sight

Devil’s Sight is a spell that enhances one’s vision in darkness and allows the detection of illusions. However, it does not provide the ability to assume a disguise. While Devil’s Sight has its own advantages, it cannot rival the Mask of Many Faces when it comes to impersonating others.

Mask of Many Faces vs. Misty Visions

Misty Visions is a spell that creates illusions of people, creatures, or objects. However, upon inspection, these illusions are easily recognized as such. While Misty Visions serves its purpose in temporary intimidation or trickery, it falls short when it comes to disguising oneself. In this aspect, the Mask of Many Faces unquestionably takes the lead.

Mask of Many Faces vs. Repelling Blast

Repelling Blast is a spell that allows you to push creatures away from you. While Repelling Blast has its uses, it cannot compare to the Mask of Many Faces in terms of deceiving others. The Mask has the power to fool creatures and change their perception of the caster, making it a more comprehensive tool for manipulation and subterfuge.

Mask of Many Faces vs. Myriad Forms

Myriad Forms is a spell that grants the ability to assume the form of a creature. If you desire special abilities like underwater breathing or flight, Myriad Forms is the spell for you. However, if your goal is to effectively disguise yourself and your belongings, the Mask of Many Faces triumphs over Myriad Forms.

In the end, the choice between spells depends on the nature of your adventure, the overall tone of your campaign, and personal preferences. For its wide array of in-game applications, I personally favor the Mask of Many Faces.

Does Mask of Many Faces Require That I Have the Spell?

Yes, in order to use the Mask of Many Faces, you must possess the Eldritch invocation associated with it. This means you must choose the invocation over other options when leveling up as a Warlock. Abiding by the official rules of DND, you cannot utilize the powers of the Mask without this prerequisite. However, as with any game, Dungeon Masters have the ability to homebrew exceptions to these rules if they see fit.

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Can You Stack MoMF With Other Spells?

Yes, you can stack the Mask of Many Faces with other spells. As a Warlock with the Mask of Many Faces invocation, you can use it in conjunction with other standard spells you know. This grants you the ability to change your appearance while casting other Warlock spells simultaneously. The Mask of Many Faces does not require concentration, allowing you to perform additional movements or tasks, such as threading through a crowd, picking a lock, or partaking in social interactions.

Does the Mask of Many Faces Change Your Voice?

No, the Mask of Many Faces does not alter your voice. The effect of the Mask is purely visual, and it is up to you to attempt an impersonation or remain silent to maintain the illusion. If changing your voice is crucial to your disguise, you will need to utilize additional feats, items, or spells such as Alter Self or the Actor Feat.

Is the Mask of Many Faces an Item?

Yes, the Mask of Many Faces can also manifest as a magical item. This legendary item, which requires the attunement of a Bard, appears as a simple cloth mask. It has the power to assume the identity of another creature, provided they are of a similar size and shape as the wearer. The Mask of Many Faces holds a legendary rarity and is particularly useful for Bards, although it can potentially be harnessed by any character who gains possession of it.

MoMF Magical Item

A fabric mask that covers the full face is known as a mask of many faces. It is utilized to take on the form of another creature and acquire its identity. The Mask does not need to be a specific size because it may be adjusted to fit the face of whoever wears it. If the monster is too large or too small, it won’t be able to disguise itself.

The Mask of Many Faces: Forms

The Mask of Many Faces can take on the appearance of any humanoid creature and even various animals, depending on your needs. Let’s explore some of the different forms the Mask can assume:

Mask of the Mimic

The Mask of the Mimic allows you to assume the appearance of any creature, regardless of size or shape. This form is perfect for those who wish to remain anonymous and blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Mask of the Beast

The Mask of the Beast grants you the ability to take on the form of any animal. Utilize this form of the Mask to spy on enemies, navigate treacherous terrains, or simply experience the world through different eyes.

Mask of the Fiend

The Mask of the Fiend allows you to embody any humanoid creature. This form of the Mask is ideal for those who seek to instill fear in their enemies or commit acts of darkness in the name of their dark gods. Be cautious, as wearing this Mask may lead to dire consequences.

Mask of the Living Shadow

The Mask of the Living Shadow provides the means to conceal your true identity in darkness. By assuming this form, you can stalk your prey unnoticed or simply remain unseen when discretion is paramount.

Mask of the Unknowable

The Mask of the Unknowable possesses an enigmatic darkness that shrouds your true self. With this form of the Mask, you can remain hidden from sight, keeping your enemies in a state of uncertainty and fear.

How Much Does MoMF Cost?

As a legendary item, the Mask of Many Faces is a highly sought-after artifact and comes with a hefty price tag of 500,000 gold pieces. Its rarity and power make it a valuable asset, and Dungeon Masters should be cautious when introducing it into their campaigns. The scarcity of legendary items ensures their prestige and impact on the world of DND.

Final Thoughts

The Mask of Many Faces is a powerful tool in DND, providing players with the ability to alter their appearance effortlessly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, incorporating the Mask into your gameplay can lead to exciting and memorable adventures. So, go ahead, embrace the power of the Mask, and let the stories unfold.

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