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A Winning Strategy with the Mega Knight Log Bait Deck


Hey there, Clashers! I’m thrilled to share with you a powerful Mega Knight Log bait deck that has been gaining popularity since early Season 19 Stay Cool. This deck offers a unique playstyle and boasts a solid win rate. So, let’s dive right in!

The Mega Knight Log Bait Deck

Deck Cards

  • Mega Knight: As the only expensive card in this log bait deck, the Mega Knight wields a massive flail-ball and decimates enemies with powerful splashes. Its main role in this deck is to serve as a heavy-hitting splasher.
  • Inferno Dragon: This mighty beast annihilates tanks with its devastating lava beam. It acts as a tank killer in this log bait deck.
  • Bats: These aerial troops work in tandem with the Inferno Dragon to provide additional firepower. With their high DPS, they also act as bait for the opponent’s spells.
  • Skeleton Barrel: This card is a tricky bait that’s hard to handle. The opponent must have impeccable spell timing to counter the skeletons that drop from it. Additionally, when the barrel bursts, it deals damage to buildings and princess towers.
  • Miner: The Miner is a tank card that is used to protect fragile chip-damaging troops like Skeletons and Goblins. In extreme cases, it can also be used defensively.
  • Goblin Gang: These goblins dish out high DPS when deployed together, making them ideal for defense and counter-attacks when paired with the Miner. They also serve as bait cards.
  • Spear Goblins: Once again, the Spear Goblins act as bait cards, providing chip damage and air defense.
  • Zap: Every deck needs a spell, right? Zap is here to deal with swarms and the opponent’s Goblin Barrel. It’s also handy for resetting the Inferno Tower targeted at your Mega Knight.
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Deck Strategy

log bait deck


To kick off the match, play Spear Goblins or Goblin Gang to chip away at the opponent’s tower. This opening move is unpredictable and difficult to react to, giving you an early advantage. Another good starting card is the Skeleton Barrel, especially if your opponent has a weak hand. By forcing them to spend more elixir, you gain an even more favorable trade. If your opponent starts aggressively, defend with the Mega Knight if necessary, or counter-attack with the Miner and Goblins. On the other hand, if your opponent makes a passive start by playing a card at the back, rush the other lane with Spear Goblins, Skeleton Barrel, or Goblin Gang. Remember, never use the Mega Knight defensively at the start, as it allows your opponent to rush the other lane without any opposition.


Throughout the mid-game, maintain constant pressure on your opponent. Prevent them from building up elixir and apply relentless chip damage. The playstyle of this log bait deck is similar to the classic log bait deck strategy, which involves defending against tanks with the Inferno Dragon. If your opponent has Electro Wizard or Electro Dragon, make sure to obstruct their path with your swarm troops, preventing them from targeting your Inferno Dragon. Whenever your Inferno Dragon is locked onto their tank, deploy the Mega Knight on their supporting troops. The Mega Knight provides splash damage, good overall damage, and acts as a tank for the Inferno Dragon. When combined with the Miner, the Bats excel at both defense and counter-attacks. Additionally, try to synchronize your Miner with the Skeleton Barrel, as the princess tower will focus on your Miner when the barrel bursts, forcing your opponent to react.

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In the endgame, continue chipping away at the opponent’s tower. Since this deck does not include a heavy spell, you must keep up the pressure by continuously launching attacks. Once you secure a tower, defending becomes easier with the Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, and your swarm troops. Avoid allowing your opponent to build a massive push against you, as your defense relies on relatively fragile goblins.


  1. Splashyard: If you’re not familiar with Splashyard, it refers to Graveyard combined with splashing troops. You might wonder why the Graveyard is strong against this deck, given that the MK Log Bait deck includes swarms. The reason is that the Graveyard is rarely played alone; it is typically paired with Poison or Freeze. Both spells pose a challenge for swarms, forcing you to spend more elixir. To counter these decks, prevent their tanks like Knight or Bowler (commonly paired with Graveyard) from being targeted by your princess tower. Predict their Graveyard placement and block their tank at the bridge, forcing your tower to target the Skeletons and minimizing damage.

I hope this deck guide helps you conquer the trophy ladder. A special thanks to Shreyas K for submitting this valuable guide. Stay tuned for more insightful articles and guides. Until next time!

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