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Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Update Confirmed Changes And News

Destiny 2 has released a new update, version, which brings several changes and enhancements to activities, crucible, vanguard ops, gambit, dungeons, raids, guardian ranks, UI/UX, gameplay and investment, weapons, perks, combatants, bounties and pursuits, rewards, vendors, localization, loadout improvements, and collections.


  • Players can now replay three key moments from the game’s major story beats through the Timeline Reflections quest offered by Ikora.
  • Ritual rank-ups now occur immediately upon receiving reputation, rather than having to go to orbit.
  • Weekly ritual Director challenges have been updated to remove the requirement of playing specific rituals to obtain rewards. Challenges can now be completed in any ritual activity, and players can earn up to three Exotic engrams.
  • Ritual Vendor Challenges for completing bounties have been updated to reward pinnacles.
  • Ritual-specific engrams will now drop more frequently, giving players more choice in their rewards.
  • Ritual weapons can now be focused during the first season they are available.


  • Fireteam Matchmaking has been added to Connection-Based Matchmaking (CBMM) playlists.
  • Cinematic issues, map fixes, and tooltip revisions have been made for various Crucible maps.

Vanguard Ops

  • The bonus reputation modifier icon now correctly displays for Nightfall activities.


  • Fireteam-Based Matchmaking (FBMM) has been added and the Freelance node has been removed.
  • Gold Coins gilding Triumph progress string has been updated to reflect the change from wins to matches played.


  • Various improvements have been made to the campaign mission Downfall, including physics enhancements and ability drain removal.
  • Nimbus vendor rep has been added as a reward to event chests.
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  • Ghosts of the Deep has received fixes for quarantine volumes and the final boss teleporting issue.


  • Fixed an issue preventing players from purchasing the Shotgun from the raid weapon vendor due to incorrect inventory checks.

Guardian Ranks

  • Changes have been made to objective Pinnacle Rewards in Guardian Rank 8 to reflect updated weekly challenge requirements.
  • Guardian Rank buffs are now displayed in the Guardian’s character sheet.
  • Various fixes and improvements have been made to Guardian Ranks.


  • Various improvements have been made to the Inspection screen and Eververse Preview screens.
  • QR codes have been added to the Timeline to help new players understand the game’s fundamentals and access the New Player Guide.
  • Various fixes and improvements have been made to quest steps, commendations, destination maps, Eververse Recommendations, text displays, featured quests, and more.

Gameplay and Investment

  • Various fixes and improvements have been made to abilities, subclasses, weapons, perks, combatants, bounties, pursuits, rewards, vendors, loadouts, collections, and more.

These are just some of the changes and improvements included in Destiny 2’s latest update. Be sure to check out the complete patch notes for all the details. Happy gaming!

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