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Mantis Blades vs. Monowire: A Battle of Cybernetic Arms

In the realm of Cyberpunk 2077, weapons abound, each offering unique ways to eliminate hostile NPCs and enemies. From external equipment to Cyberware that transforms you into a deadly bio-weapon, the possibilities are endless. Two such arm cybernetics, the Mantis Blades and Monowire, stand out with their thrilling killing methods. Let’s delve into their features and explore how to obtain them.

Mantis Blades vs. Monowire: Arm Upgrades, Stats, and Mods

The Arasaka Mantis Blades, inspired by the legs of a Mantis, are a blend of melee weapons and bionic muscles. With the power to perform complete melee takedowns or be paired with external weapons for swift eliminations, their efficiency is unquestionable. On the other hand, we have the Monowire, a synthetic filament wire functioning as a stealth weapon, sharp whip, and hacking tool. It offers a silent way to dispatch enemies, especially in hostile areas.

Arm Upgrades

Both Mantis Blades and Monowire are dual-wielded arm upgrades that can be equipped in the Arms Slots under Cyberware in your Inventory. The Mantis Blades, a Legendary tier item, allow you to slice and slash enemies with swift blade movements, dismembering them with ease. The Monowire, a Rare item, inflicts highly concentrated damage with its wire, dismembering enemies like a sharp whip. It charges when equipped but not in use, dealing bonus damage based on the level of charge, which decreases with each attack.

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Mantis Blades Stats

  • Tier: Legendary
  • Damage: 118-144
  • Physical Damage: 63-77
  • Attack Speed: 2
  • Bleeding Chance: 10%
  • Critical Damage: 10%

These stats vary depending on your level and automatically improve as you level up. Cybernetics, unlike other weapon types, evolve with you. Higher attack speeds increase the chances of critical damage and bleeding, allowing you to swiftly dispatch enemies and clear rooms.

Monowire Stats

  • Tier: Rare
  • Damage: 178-218
  • Physical Damage: 73-90
  • Attack Speed: 2.5
  • Bleeding Chance: 10%

It’s advisable to acquire both these cybernetic arm upgrades early in the game to maximize their potential. Their stats increase as you use them. Some additional stats, such as critical damage, are linked to your skills and level and may not be displayed. Nevertheless, these blades are formidable even without those bonuses.


Both the Mantis Blades and Monowire can be improved through mods, enhancing physical damage, attack speed, and more.

For the Mantis Blades, two out of three discovered mods are as follows:

  • Physical Damage: Quick attacks apply a burning effect.
  • Blade Damage: Deals rapid damage, increasing the chance of dismembering enemies.

Additionally, focusing on Reflective skills will further enhance the blades, granting a three-point damage increase for every attribute point invested. Other passive perks like “Roaring Waters” (upgradable thrice), “Sting Like a Bee,” and “Unbroken Spirit” augment blade damage and speed.

For the Monowire, the available mods are:

  • Monowire Battery: Increases charge damage by 50%.
  • Chemical Damage: A single attack poisons multiple enemies, making it effective against groups.

Monowire passive upgrades synergize with Street Brawler skills and the Body attribute. Furthermore, investing in the Cool attribute increases Monowire damage by 3.

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How to Obtain Mantis Blades

To acquire the Mantis Blades, visit Ripperdocs marked by a white scissors icon on the map. Not all Ripperdocs may have them, so you might need to explore various locations. Street Cred 20 or above is required to purchase them.

Alternatively, head to Corpo Plaza in the City Center District, where a side job awaits. However, make sure to save the game before entering, as the appearance of the Mantis Blades may be inconsistent. Upon entering the plaza, you’ll find a chest on the right wall containing the blades. However, you still need to visit a Ripperdoc to have them installed and equipped.

► How to Obtain Mantis Blades for Free

How to Obtain Monowire

To obtain the Monowire, embark on Regina Jones’ gig, “Shark in The Water,” and follow her lead. As you reach the pharmacy, turn left, and you’ll find a garage door around the corner. Inside, next to the tires, a crate holds the Monowire.

If you have already completed the gig without acquiring the Monowire, you can still find it at the “Roger Wang Pharmacy” in Kabuki. Look for the shuttered garage door on the map, open it, and claim your Monowire.

Similar to other Cybernetics, you’ll need to visit a Ripperdoc to have the Monowire processed and installed.

► How to Obtain Monowire for Free

In conclusion, both the Mantis Blades and Monowire offer unique playstyles and lethal capabilities. Consider your preferences and play strategy when choosing between them. Enhance their power through mods and passive upgrades to become an unstoppable force in Night City. Choose wisely, and may your cybernetic arms strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

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What are your thoughts on these cybernetic arm upgrades?

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