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Mr. Build It: Unraveling His Net Worth and Earnings (2023)

Mr. Build It is a renowned American YouTuber who has gained massive popularity for his engaging DIY videos on his channel, Mr. Build It. Since its inception on December 26, 2016, Mr. Build It has managed to accumulate over 673k subscribers and a staggering 46 million views. Besides his impressive YouTube following, he enjoys a substantial fan base across various social media platforms, boasting over 89.1k followers on Instagram alone at the time of writing this article.

The Secrets Behind Mr. Build It’s YouTube Success

Ever wondered how Mr. Build It manages to earn from his YouTube channel? Let’s delve into the numbers and discover the story behind his success.

At present, Mr. Build It’s YouTube channel has amassed a dedicated subscriber base of 673k. With over 146 videos uploaded, he has garnered an astounding 46,643,466 views. But what fuels his earnings?

YouTube leverages advertisements to generate revenue for its creators. Advertisers pay, on average, between $2 and $5 for every 1000 views, depending on various factors like devices, location, types of ads, and user engagement. However, YouTube takes a 45% cut of the overall advertising revenue, leaving creators with the remaining 55%.

For instance, if an advertiser pays a $5 CPM (Cost per 1000 views), Mr. Build It would receive $2.75 for every 1000 views, while YouTube retains $2.25 (45%). This system helps clarify the general concept of YouTube’s earning mechanism.

Unveiling Mr. Build It’s YouTube Earnings

Now, let’s address the question you’ve all been waiting for—how much does Mr. Build It earn from YouTube?

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Considering the total number of views accumulated throughout his YouTube journey, which stands at a whopping 46,643,466, we can calculate his earnings. By dividing this figure by 1000, we obtain 46,644, signifying the total number of 1000 views.

With an average revenue of $3 per 1000 views, Mr. Build It’s YouTube earnings amount to approximately $139,932. However, it is crucial to note that YouTubers are subject to taxes just like any other self-employed individuals. Falling within the 20% tax bracket, Mr. Build It’s estimated YouTube earnings after tax deduction amount to $111,946.

Other Sources of Income

Apart from YouTube earnings, Mr. Build It also receives additional income through sponsorships. With an impressive follower count of 89.1k on Instagram, advertisers are willing to pay for his promotional posts. Based on the average engagement rate of his latest 15 posts, which stands at 0.97%, Mr. Build It charges between $354 and $590 for sponsorship opportunities.

After factoring in his YouTube earnings and other income streams, Mr. Build It’s overall net worth currently sits at an impressive $100,000.

Stay tuned for more intriguing updates on net worth and earnings. Don’t miss out on the latest news about other influencers like Billiam!

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