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Best Multiple Man Decks in Marvel Snap

Some cards in Marvel Snap excel only in specific deck types. This is true for Multiple Man, a card that is highly effective in Move decks due to its reliance on the mentioned mechanic. However, with the right deck construction, Multiple Man can also become a powerful offensive card. Thanks to some new support in the game, there are now a variety of deck choices available. Here, we explore the best Multiple Man decks in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Multiple Man Abilities, Explained

Multiple Man is a two-cost, three-Power card with the ability “When this moves, add a copy to the old location.” This ability synergizes well with Move enablers, allowing you to leave copies of Multiple Man across different locations. To fully unlock his offensive potential, it’s important to incorporate Move cards into your deck.

Multiple Man card in Marvel Snap
Multiple Man is a Move staple in Marvel Snap. Screengrab via Dot Esports

Multiple Man can be obtained for free in your Collection Level, without costing any tokens. He becomes available once you reach Collection Level 18 to 214.

Strategy and Best Combos for Multiple Man Decks in Marvel Snap

Multiple Man works best when paired with cards that allow you to move units to another location. Some examples of these cards include Iron Fist, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, Doctor Strange, and Heimdall. These units can leave a copy of Multiple Man at the original location where they are placed.

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Another card that synergizes well with Multiple Man is Phoenix Force. By destroying Multiple Man with Phoenix Force, you can subsequently revive him with the latter card. This combination gives you a nine-Power card that can move to a location once per turn, providing a powerful advantage. Additionally, cards like Carnage, Venom, and Deathlok can be used to destroy Multiple Man, potentially paving the way for Phoenix Force to revive him.

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The Best Multiple Man Decks in Marvel Snap

Standard Move

A Marvel Snap deck featuring Iron Fist, Dagger, Kraven, Ghost Spider, Multiple Man, Cloak, Silk, Doctor Strange, Vulture, Hulk Buster, Spider-Man 2023, and Heimdall
A powerful lineup that isn’t too complicated. Screengrab via

Multiple Man shines in a standard Move deck. By scattering copies of Multiple Man across different locations, you can boost your overall Power. Additionally, certain cards in the deck benefit from being moved to another location.

Dagger and Vulture are crucial for accumulating Power in this deck. Kraven gains two additional Power whenever a card moves to the location where he is placed. Spider-Man 2099 is a valuable addition, as moving him to another location triggers the destruction of an opponent’s card, adding offense to your side.

Include Move enablers like Iron Fist, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, Doctor Strange, and Heimdall. Each of these cards has its own optimal play timing, so use them strategically to move your units and create significant Power numbers on your locations, especially with Dagger and Vulture. Hulk Buster works exceptionally well with Multiple Man, as it can merge with a random card on the location where it is played, granting the target an additional four Power. Finally, complete the deck with Silk, a two-cost, five-Power card that can move to another location whenever a card is played on the original location where she is placed.

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Win Condition Cards for This Deck

There is no definite win condition card for this Move strategy deck. However, aside from Multiple Man, the cards that contribute to the deck’s winning image are:

  • Dagger
  • Vulture
  • Kraven
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Heimdall
  • Silk

Dagger and Vulture serve as the main Power sources for this deck, so it is crucial to move them to different locations whenever possible. Kraven can stack Power by moving your units, while Spider-Man 2099 adds unpredictability by destroying a random card on your opponent’s side of the location when moved. Heimdall is an excellent turn six play, and Silk makes your locations harder to predict by moving to a random location every time you or your opponent plays a card on her original location.

Phoenix Force Move

Marvel Snap deck consisting of Human Torch, Iron Fist, Carnage, Dagger, Ghost-Spider, Multiple Man, Cloak, Venom, Shuri, Taskmaster, Phoenix Force, and Heimdall.
Phoenix Force with Multiple Man is on fire. Screengrab via

Another Move deck where Multiple Man’s ability shines is in a Phoenix Force package. As mentioned earlier, Phoenix Force can make Multiple Man a formidable force, providing an additional six Power and the ability to move to another location by itself.

Reviving Multiple Man with Phoenix Force is already a powerful move. However, using Shuri before playing Phoenix Force can double the nine-Power created by both cards, resulting in an 18-Power Multiple Man. This strategy allows you to have at least 18 Power on two locations by turn six.

If you can’t destroy Multiple Man with Carnage or Venom, another excellent target for Phoenix Force’s effect is Human Torch. This one-cost, two-Power card doubles its current Power whenever moved to another location. With Phoenix Force reviving it, you can have a minimum of a 16-Power Human Torch. With Shuri’s help, you can then give it 32 Power, both of which can trigger on its first move.

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Taskmaster can also be added to this deck since it can copy the Power of the last card you played. Additionally, include Move staples like Iron Fist, Dagger, Ghost-Spider, Cloak, and Heimdall.

Win Condition Cards for This Deck

The win condition cards for this deck are:

  • Phoenix Force
  • Shuri
  • Taskmaster
  • Human Torch

Phoenix Force provides unpredictability and firepower to Move decks. When used alongside Multiple Man, it offers more options for spreading Power across all your locations. Shuri and Taskmaster help secure enough Power to consistently win locations. Human Torch serves as an alternative target for Phoenix Force.

Remember, constructing the best deck for your playstyle and strategy is crucial in Marvel Snap. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to find the one that suits you best. Happy gaming!

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