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Dolphin Nautilus CC vs. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Many customers often find themselves comparing different models of Dolphin pool cleaners before making a purchase. With a wide range of options available from Maytronics, it’s important to balance the cost of the unit with the specific capabilities needed for your swimming pool. To help with this decision-making process, our team at Pool Partz has written comparison articles highlighting the standard features and differences between various Dolphin models. By providing this information, we aim to empower consumers to make educated purchases.

When considering a Dolphin pool cleaner, regardless of the model you choose, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product from a trusted manufacturer. Maytronics has been a global leader in the swimming pool industry for nearly four decades, developing innovative technologies and solutions for pool maintenance. The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner line is one such solution, offering efficient and hassle-free pool cleaning. One of the key advantages of Dolphin pool cleaners is that they have their own filters and use efficient motor technology, which means low-cost maintenance as they effectively remove debris from your pool.

Now, let’s delve into why we are specifically comparing the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus models. Based on our historical sales data, these two models have emerged as the most popular choices among consumers. It’s no surprise that more and more people are opting to purchase swimming pool equipment online after conducting thorough research. While pool cleaners sold in physical stores are equally capable, the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus are exclusively available on the web and typically come at a lower price compared to their in-store counterparts.

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At Pool Partz, when providing comparison information about Dolphin pool cleaners to our potential customers, we always start by highlighting the standard features that come with all Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, regardless of the pool size. These include a power supply, a cable that connects to the robot, and the robot itself. With their independent filtering system and efficient motors, Dolphin pool cleaners are cost-effective to run.

Let’s now take a closer look at the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus models, highlighting their unique features and capabilities.

Dolphin standard features

All Dolphin robotic pool cleaners share certain standard capabilities, regardless of the specific model or pool size. For example, each Dolphin cleaner comes with its own filtering system, ensuring efficient cleaning. Additionally, these units utilize advanced motor technology, minimizing operating costs.

Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC vs. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus feature comparison

When it comes to robotic pool cleaners, Dolphin by Maytronics stands out as the best option on the market today. Among our top-selling Dolphin pool cleaners, the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus consistently rank as the second and first best-selling models, respectively. One of the primary reasons for their popularity is the balance between price and performance. For many customers, the goal is to effortlessly clean their swimming pool without unnecessary features. While higher-end models may offer WiFi capabilities, for instance, most people find such features unnecessary as they require continuous water immersion and come at a higher price point. Hence, the Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus continue to be the top choices for consumers year after year.

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There are several features that set the Nautilus CC Plus apart from the Nautilus CC. These distinctions will help you decide which model best fits your personal requirements and budget for a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

The primary difference between the Nautilus CC and the Nautilus CC Plus is their recommended pool size. The Nautilus CC is designed for pools up to 33 feet in length, while the Nautilus CC Plus is suitable for larger pools with a length of up to 50 feet. Consequently, the Nautilus CC comes with a 50-foot cable, whereas the CC Plus includes a longer 60-foot cable. Both models effectively clean the pool floor and walls, with a standard cleaning cycle time of 2 hours.

Another notable difference lies in the brush design. The Nautilus CC features a single brush that utilizes active brushing, spinning at twice the speed to pick up debris. On the other hand, the Nautilus CC Plus employs dual scrubbing brushes to effectively collect and remove debris. Both designs offer powerful cleaning capabilities.

Furthermore, the Nautilus CC Plus boasts a patented swivel cable. As the pool cleaner traverses the pool, the swivel cable prevents any kinks or tangles from hindering its movement. Meanwhile, the Nautilus CC, designed for smaller pools, employs intelligent software to optimize its cleaning route and minimize cable entanglements. Ultimately, both approaches are equally effective in ensuring smooth operation.

In conclusion, the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus models are exceptional choices for robotic pool cleaners. By comparing the features of these two models, you can select the one that best meets your specific requirements and budget. At Pool Partz, we are committed to providing you with all the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision. Trust us to guide you in finding the perfect Dolphin pool cleaner for your swimming pool.

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