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A Comprehensive Guide to Harvesting in New World


Harvesting is an essential Trade Skill in New World that allows players to gather valuable plant resources from Harvesting nodes. These resources are used in various crafting Trade Skills such as Armoring, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing. They are also utilized in the refining Trade Skills of Weaving and Stonecutting. In this New World Harvesting Guide, we will explore the intricacies of this Trade Skill and provide you with valuable tips and information.

Harvesting in New World

To begin your harvesting journey, you will need a flint harvesting sickle. Crafting this sickle requires an Engineering level of 0, along with 1 Flint and 1 Green Wood. Initially, you can collect Flint and Green Wood without a gathering tool by simply interacting with the respective bushes or flint. Once you have obtained the necessary materials, you must craft the Flint Harvesting Sickle at a Tier 1 Camp Fire or Workshop. Once crafted, equip the sickle to start gathering.

Flint Harvesting Sickle

As your character levels up, you will be able to use superior tiers of Harvesting Sickles. It is advisable to use the highest tier available, accompanied by the best gear score possible, to maximize your gathering speed.

Harvesting Thresholds

As you progress in your harvesting skill, you will unlock the ability to harvest and track additional resources. The following chart outlines the level thresholds for each resource:

ResourceGatherable at LevelTracked at Level
Resource 1Level 1Level 2
Resource 2Level 3Level 4
Resource 3Level 5Level 6

Additionally, while harvesting any node, you have a chance to obtain a Hidden Stash. Opening a Stash will reward you with Earth, Air, Water, and Life motes, gold, and even special items like Diamond Gypsum.

Tip: Harvesting luck and location play crucial roles in obtaining rare items during harvesting. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find them right away when starting out.

Leveling up Harvesting

This section provides valuable information on leveling up your Harvesting Trade Skill. You can utilize our interactive map to plan harvesting routes for specific materials.

Leveling up Harvesting is a straightforward process. The general rule is to harvest any available resources for the experience gained. Some plants yield better experience than others, so you can focus your harvesting efforts accordingly. However, keep in mind that other players may also be seeking out these harvesting nodes, so availability may vary.

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Rare Gathering Items

While gathering, you may come across rare items that can be researched at a refining station. These items provide a substantial amount of gathering tradeskill XP. In the case of harvesting, the rare items include:

  • Common: Strange Pollen (Found when harvesting Hemp Plants)
  • Uncommon: Abnormal Pollen (Found when harvesting Silkweed Plants)
  • Rare: Unusual Pollen (Found when harvesting Wirefiber Plants)

The above Pollens can be researched at a Loom, granting a significant boost in Harvesting Trade Skill XP.

Level 1 to 200

To reach level 200 in Harvesting, you will need a total of 465,521 experience. The most efficient way to level up is by gathering herbs, blueberries, berries, and Wirefiber (requires 150 harvesting skill). These resources provide the highest experience yield per second compared to others.

Tip: Herbs are abundant around forts, making them an excellent choice for leveling. Blueberries are plentiful near the Shattered Obelisk, Silkweed is abundant in Mourningdale, and Wirefiber can be found in abundance in Edengrove. Use the interactive map to plan your harvesting route.

There is a valuable experience perk to look out for on your sickle called Horticulture Discipline. This perk increases your Harvesting experience based on the gear score value of the sickle. It is exclusive to sickles and is a must-have for efficient leveling. Additionally, increasing your intelligence to 250 points is recommended as it provides significant bonuses to harvesting speed, yield, and weight reduction for harvested items.

Note: Territory XP Gain bonus, luck, and finding uncommon, rare, or legendary items while gathering do not affect your experience rates.

Harvesting Node XP Chart

Refer to the following chart to understand the XP gained, time required, and the ratio of experience to time for each harvesting node:

Node TypeSizeTimeXPRates
Resource 1Small5 seconds50 XP10 XP/s
Resource 2Medium10 seconds100 XP10 XP/s
Resource 3Large15 seconds150 XP10 XP/s

Enhancing your Harvesting

To enhance your harvesting capabilities, you can take advantage of buffs and perks. The following chart lists the perks associated with the sickle:

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ToolPerk LabelPerk Name
SicklePerk Label 1Perk Name 1
SicklePerk Label 2Perk Name 2

Buffs can stack if they come from different sources. For example, you can stack yield increase buffs from a Proficiency potion and territory control. However, if the buffs come from the same source, they will only refresh the buff timer.

There is also a special Harvester armor set ideal for harvesting. It usually comes with Intelligence and Reinforced Harvesting Luck attributes. You can acquire these items as rare drops from level 19+ monsters or supply chests.

Other Harvesting Perks

Below are additional perks you can find on different equipment slots:


  • Reinforced Harvesting Luck (Mod: Verbena Leaf)


  • Adored Harvesting Luck (Mod: Verbena Flower)


  • Weaver’s Burden: Reduces the weight of fiber, cloth, and sickles (Mod: Verbena Stem)
  • Extra Pockets: Increases carrying capacity (Mod: Sliver of Adderstone)
  • Alchemist’s Burden: Reduces the weight of reagents, potions, and sickles (Mod: Steel Arcanist’s Charm)

Harvesting Buffs

To further enhance your harvesting potential, you can utilize various potions and foods:


  • Weak Proficiency Booster: Increases gathering yield by 5% for 10 minutes
  • Common Proficiency Booster: Increases gathering yield by 7% for 15 minutes
  • Strong Proficiency Booster: Increases gathering yield by 10% for 20 minutes
  • Powerful Proficiency Booster: Increases gathering yield by 15% for 30 minutes


  • Cooked Corn: Increases Harvesting Luck by 1000 points for 20 minutes
  • Cornbread: Increases Harvesting Luck by 1400 points for 25 minutes
  • Herb-Crusted Corn on the Cob: Increases Harvesting Luck by 1700 points for 30 minutes
  • Breakfast Bread: Increases Harvesting Luck by 1900 points for 35 minutes
  • Spicy Steak Pie: Increases Harvesting Luck by 2000 points for 40 minutes


  • Minor Harvesting Gathering Trophy: Increases Harvesting Luck by 500 points
  • Basic Harvesting Gathering Trophy: Increases Harvesting Luck by 1000 points
  • Major Harvesting Gathering Trophy: Increases Harvesting Luck by 1500 points

Intelligence Bonus:

  • 50 Points: +10% harvesting Speed
  • 100 Points: +5% chance for 1 Azoth after Harvesting a node
  • 150 Points: -10% weight reduction for Harvested items
  • 200 Points: +10% harvesting Speed
  • 250 Points: +10% yield when Harvesting
  • 300 Points: -10% reduction in Azoth travel cost

Harvesting Level:

  • Harvesting Luck: Harvesting Level * 10 = Harvesting Luck Points
  • Gathering Speed: +5% until level 20, then +0.3% thereafter
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Territory Buffs:

  • Cutlass Key Fort: +10% to global gathering luck
  • Monarch’s Bluff Fort: +5% Increase to all experience gains
  • Territory Control: +10% Yield while gathering
  • Farmer’s Harvest: +20% Yield while Harvesting for 3 days. (Settlement Quality of Life Buff)
  • Territory Bonus: [5-37]% Gathering Speed – Varies based on how many points. Bonus decays at 86.5% per point


  • While Flagged: +30% Gathering Luck

Music Buffs:
Refer to our Music guide for a full breakdown of the music trade skill.

BiS Harvesting Set Up

For the ultimate harvesting setup, consider the following equipment and items:

  • Harvester Hat – GS 625 | 26 Int & 5.15% Luck
  • Harvester Shirt – GS 625 | 26 Int & 5.15% Luck
  • Harvester Gloves – GS 625 | 26 Int & 5.15% Luck
  • Harvester Pants – GS 625 | 26 Int & 5.15% Luck
  • Harvester Shoes – GS 625 | 26 Int & 5.15% Luck
  • Platinum Amulet – GS 625 | 26 Int & 9.77% Luck
  • Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle – GS 600 | 850% Gathering Speed, 9.3% Luck, 19% Yield, and Horticulture Discipline for increased XP gain
  • 3x Infused Leather Bag – 600 GS | Combined Total of 30% weight reduction on fiber, cloth, reagents, and potions, 60% reduction rate on sickles, and 1365 encumbrance
  • Level 200 – +2000 luck points and 154% Gathering Speed bonus

Harvesting Luck

Luck is crucial in harvesting as it increases the chances of obtaining rare harvesting items and improves the overall loot gathered. There are certain thresholds to reach in order to unlock rare items. While leveling up Harvesting naturally unlocks these thresholds, utilizing the resources mentioned above can expedite the process.


  • +1,000 Points / 10.00%: Ability to harvest Tier 2 & 3 rare fiber materials
  • +1,100 Points / 11.0%: Ability to harvest Flowers from Magical Plants
  • +1,450 Points / 14.5%: Ability to harvest Tier 4 rare fiber materials
  • +1,800 Points / 18.0%: Ability to harvest Tier 5 rare fiber materials

It is important to note that even though reaching these thresholds allows you to encounter rare items, the chances of obtaining them are still relatively low.

Harvesting Experience Table

Here is a breakdown of the Harvesting Experience table, including character XP, luck, and gathering speed bonuses. Check our Aptitude guide for information on aptitude experience values.

LevelExpExp (total)Character ExpLuckGathering Speed Bonus


That concludes our comprehensive New World Harvesting Guide. For the exact locations of all Harvesting Nodes in New World, make sure to check out our Interactive New World Map. Happy harvesting!

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