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The Oldest League of Legends Pros: Who Has Defied Time in the Competitive Scene?

The League of Legends competitive scene is a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, with players from various backgrounds and ages striving to make a mark in the professional scene. While younger talents often dominate the scene, there are some veterans who have managed to stay relevant despite the demand for fresh blood. Let’s take a closer look at the oldest League of Legends pros who continue to defy time and make their presence felt in the competitive scene.

Experience – A Testament to Resilience

The average esports player’s career is relatively short, especially in comparison to traditional sports. The peak of an esports career often occurs early on in life. However, there are some remarkable individuals who have managed to remain relevant despite the dominance of younger players. These veterans have defied expectations and continue to compete at a high level, showcasing the value of experience in the League of Legends competitive scene.

In this article, we will focus on the oldest League of Legends pros who are still actively playing on the main roster of their respective teams. We exclude inactive players or those who are no longer affiliated with Riot Games’ competitive regions. Additionally, we will only consider players who are actively involved in gameplay rather than coaching roles.

11. Darshan – A Trailblazer

Darshan, also known as ZionSpartan, is one of the original LCS players. He began his career as a Top Laner and has continued in that role to this day. From his early days with Team Coast to his time with Dignitas, Darshan has played for different teams in the LCS. Although he has been relegated to the LCS Academy League since 2019, his determination to reclaim a starting position in the LCS is evident. At 26 years old, Darshan faces challenges due to his age but remains resilient and dedicated to his craft.

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LCS Darshan
Caption: LCS Darshan

10. CoreJJ – A Korean Diamond

CoreJJ, a support player for Team Liquid, is a well-known figure in the League of Legends community. As a former world champion with Samsung Galaxy in 2016, CoreJJ has established himself as a top player. What makes CoreJJ’s presence on this list remarkable is the fact that Koreans typically have short esports careers due to mandatory military training. However, CoreJJ continues to excel despite the ticking clock. At 26 years old, he aims to make the most of his remaining time before military service becomes mandatory.

Caption: LCS CoreJJ

9. Vander – The Veteran Leader

Vander is one of the oldest veterans in the LEC, having been part of the European scene since the early days of the EU LCS. As a seasoned support player, Vander’s experience and leadership are highly valued by his teammates. Currently playing for Misfits Gaming, Vander remains competitive and continues to make his presence felt in the LEC. At 26 years old, he shows no signs of slowing down and possesses the potential for an even longer career in professional League of Legends.

LEC Vander
Caption: LEC Vander

8. PromisQ – A Fighter’s Resolve

PromisQ may not have the longest career or the same level of fame as some of his peers, but his persistence is worth noting. Known as a substitute support player for G2 Esports, PromisQ was part of their victorious roster at MSI 2019. Despite being sidelined for a significant portion of his career, PromisQ continues to play professionally and showcases his dedication to the game. At 27 years old, he finally found a place in Astralis where he can fully demonstrate his skills and potential.

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LEC PromisQ
Caption: LEC PromisQ

7. Ceros – The Rising Star of Japan

Ceros, a superstar mid laner in Japan, aspires to become a Faker-like figure in his home country. While Japan may not be one of the largest regions for League of Legends, it offers a unique and enjoyable playing experience. Ceros, like other Japanese League of Legends pros, is part of a generation that did not grow up playing the game competitively from a young age. However, these players bring their dedication and experience to make their mark in the League of Legends scene.

JP Ceros
Caption: JP Ceros

6. Dimonko – The Russian Supportive Force

Dimonko, a Russian League of Legends player, has spent his career in the LCL with Dragon Army. While not as prominent as some of the other players on this list, Dimonko fulfills the criteria of being one of the oldest League of Legends pros actively playing in a major tournament affiliated with Riot Games. He brings his experience and knowledge to the game and continues to compete against some of the top teams in the CIS region.

CIS Dimonko
Caption: CIS Dimonko

5. Meteos – The NA Veteran

Meteos, one of the oldest League of Legends pros in North America, is a well-known figure in the community. Having achieved great success during his time with the original Cloud9 roster, Meteos continues to compete on the main stage. Although he has transitioned to the Academy league, Meteos’s skill and experience are still highly regarded. At 27 years old, Meteos’s career has had its ups and downs, but his impact on the North American scene will not be forgotten.

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LCS Meteos
Caption: LCS Meteos

4. Hachamecha – Japan’s Jungle Hope

Hachamecha, another Japanese League of Legends pro, currently plays as the starting jungler for Rascal Jester. With the Japanese League of Legends scene relatively new compared to other regions, players like Hachamecha bring a fresh perspective and contribute to the region’s growth. At 27 years old, Hachamecha showcases his dedication to the game and continues to compete against the best teams in Japan.

JP Hachamecha
Caption: JP Hachamecha

3. Aphromoo – The NA Boomer

Aphromoo, an NA boomer, has been part of the LCS since its establishment. He stands as the only remaining player from his generation to hold a starting position on a main roster in the LCS. Aphromoo’s leadership qualities and experience make him an invaluable asset to his team. At 28 years old, he continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the North American League of Legends scene.

LCS Aphromoo
Caption: LCS Aphromoo

2. apaMEN – The Veteran Russian

apaMEN, the oldest player in the Japanese League of Legends scene, boasts an impressive career that dates back to 2013. With his flowing locks symbolizing the dedication he has poured into the game, apaMEN exemplifies the value of experience and dedication. At 29 years old, apaMEN’s long-standing presence in the League of Legends competitive scene serves as an inspiration to aspiring players.

Caption: JP apaMEN

1. BrTT – The Brazilian Icon

BrTT, a beloved figure in Brazil, is hailed as one of the most prominent players in the minor regions. Renowned for his Draven gameplay, BrTT’s skill and personality have endeared him to fans. At 30 years old, BrTT holds the title of the oldest League of Legends pro in the world. With his continued presence in paiN Gaming, he remains a force to be reckoned with and showcases the longevity of a dedicated player.

Caption: BR BrTT

In conclusion, these oldest League of Legends pros demonstrate the value of experience and dedication in the competitive scene. Despite the prevailing focus on younger talents, these veterans continue to shine and inspire, showcasing that age is no barrier to success. As they defy time and expectations, they serve as a reminder that the game is not solely for the young but for those who are passionate and determined to pursue their dreams in the ever-evolving world of esports.

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