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How to Master the One of Many Challenge in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2022 has arrived with a plethora of exciting features and activities. Building upon the success of last year’s event, the Haunted Sectors playlist makes a triumphant return, now accompanied by a brand-new Lost Sector in the EDZ. However, among the challenges offered in this year’s festival, the One of Many triumph stands out as particularly challenging. Whether due to the speed at which bosses are defeated, unfortunate circumstances, or even a few pesky bugs, completing this triumph can prove to be quite the endeavor.

Understanding the One of Many Triumph

To conquer the One of Many challenge, players must defeat all the Headless Ones in each of the Haunted Sectors, spread across Europa, the Moon, Nessus, and the EDZ. This means undertaking at least four perfect runs, each demanding precise execution. However, completing this challenge is not without its frustrations. If you choose to matchmake, you might find yourself in a group where other guardians eliminate the boss before all the Headless Ones have had a chance to spawn. As a result, you may find yourself navigating the treacherous Haunted Sector playlist once again. Moreover, since you have no control over which Lost Sector you enter, you are at the mercy of RNG for each subsequent run.

Spawning all Headless Ones in Destiny 2

To achieve the One of Many triumph, players must hunt down and defeat 15 Headless Ones. This entails finding and eliminating the initial 10 Headless Ones to trigger the boss phase, followed by discovering and defeating an additional five during the boss battle.

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After dispatching the first ten Headless Ones, the boss phase commences (with a short delay if you were particularly swift) and introduces summoning circles as part of its mechanics. These summoning circles, once defeated, drop Pumpkin Charges that players can hurl at the boss to break its shields. However, the key to obtaining the One of Many challenge lies in patience rather than haste.

Once you have vanquished the two summoning circles summoned by the boss, focus on lowering its health to the final third. The boss will then spawn the remaining three summoning circles, so ensure that you and your team are spread out adequately to summon and defeat all the Headless Ones. It is crucial to land hits on each one, as failing to do so may prevent the challenge from completing (according to some players, although we managed to complete it without tagging all Headless Ones). Once the enemies have been eradicated, finish off the boss, and wait for the timer to see if progress has been made toward completing the One of Many challenge.

The Challenge of Teamwork in Haunted Sectors

The most difficult aspect of tackling the One of Many challenge lies in working collaboratively as a team. Since the Haunted Sector playlist uses matchmaking, there are no guarantees that you will find teammates who refrain from burning down the boss prematurely. Such an occurrence would abruptly end the activity, preventing you from making progress on this daunting challenge.

Is Destiny 2’s One of Many Triumph Bugged?

Social media platforms have buzzed with reports of bugs related to the One of Many triumph. While it is possible that some players have experienced user error, it is also plausible that glitches have hindered their completion. Numerous reports on the Bungie forums and the Destiny 2 subreddit, r/DestinyTheGame, highlight instances where the triumph failed to register even after defeating all 15 Headless Ones. Additionally, some guardians have encountered missed Headless One spawns, resulting in a count of nine rather than the expected ten. The official Bungie support account has acknowledged these issues and confirmed that the team is actively investigating these bugs.

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Nevertheless, it is essential to ensure that you summon and defeat all 15 Headless Ones before focusing your attention on the boss. Tagging them with any form of damage will facilitate the completion of the One of Many challenge. If, despite your best efforts, you are unable to complete the challenge, it is likely that you have encountered one of the aforementioned bugs.

As you embark on your journey to conquer the One of Many triumph, remember to exercise patience, communicate effectively with your team, and remain vigilant for any potential bugs. By actively incorporating these strategies, you will increase your chances of standing victorious among the Haunted Sectors. Happy hunting, Guardian!

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