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Destiny 2 Osteo Striga – Unleash Its Power with the Perfect God Roll

Destiny 2 players, brace yourselves! The Osteo Striga, an Exotic weapon with unparalleled abilities, is here to revolutionize your gameplay. In this guide, we will delve into how to obtain the Osteo Striga and uncover the best god roll combinations that will turn you into a formidable force in both PvE and PvP encounters.

How to Obtain the Osteo Striga in Destiny 2

Originally exclusive to those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, the Osteo Striga became available to all guardians who complete the Witch Queen campaign. To get your hands on this astonishing weapon, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the main story and make your way to The Enclave.
  2. Visit the Relic and select the Shape option.
  3. Navigate to the Kinetic Weapon tab in the Submachine Gun category.
  4. Choose the Osteo Striga pattern to proceed to the weapon shaping screen.
  5. Apply the Screaming Swarm Intrinsic in the first column.
  6. Select the available options for Barrel, Stock, and Traits in each column.
  7. Shape the Osteo Striga and claim your well-deserved prize.

As you wield the Osteo Striga and gain experience with it, you will unlock additional options for its parts and perks. To fully unleash its potential, you must reach level 10, which will require Ascendant Alloy and Resonant Elements, obtainable from Deepsight Resonance weapons.

Remember, the Season of the Deep is upon us, so keep an eye out for the Into the Depths quest, Lost Sector activities, and the King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

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Unveiling the Perfect God Roll

One of the key advantages of shaped weapons like the Osteo Striga is the ability to customize their components and perks, ensuring the ideal roll tailored to your playstyle. Let’s explore the god roll recommendations that will enhance your accuracy and handling, maximizing the potential of this extraordinary weapon.

The exotic perk of the Osteo Striga consists of two parts: Screaming Swarm and Toxic Overload. The intelligent, toxic rounds fired by the Osteo Striga track enemies, even when they seek cover. Additionally, kills or precision hits trigger a burst of poison that spreads to nearby enemies, offering unparalleled crowd control capabilities.

To assemble the best Osteo Striga god roll in Destiny 2, consider the following configuration:

  • Smallbore: Increase the effective range and reduce recoil, optimizing the weapon’s performance at medium range.
  • Accurized Rounds: Boost the range even further, a crucial advantage in both PvE and PvP engagements.
  • Hand-Laid Stock: Reduce the vertical recoil pattern, allowing you to maintain control and take advantage of the range enhancements provided by the other components.

Equipping the Catalyst for Osteo Striga, obtained by reaching level 10 through earned XP, will elevate its power to unprecedented levels. This catalyst enhances range and reload speed, while also replenishing ammo with poison final blows. With the catalyst in place, your Osteo Striga god roll will truly be complete, decimating waves of enemies as your magazine constantly replenishes itself.

So, go forth, guardian, and immerse yourself in the formidable power of the Osteo Striga. Unleash your skills and conquer the battlefield with the perfect god roll tailored to your playstyle. Destiny 2 will never be the same again!

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