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Paragon the Overprime Tier List (September 2023) – Discover the Best Heroes

Are you curious about the top-tier heroes in Paragon the Overprime? Look no further! Below, you’ll find our Paragon the Overprime tier list, where we’ve ranked all the characters in the game for the current meta.

But before we dive into the details, let’s clear up one thing: Paragon the Overprime is not the same as the original title released by Epic Games.

Allow me to explain: A couple of years ago, Epic Games released a MOBA game called Paragon, but unfortunately, it didn’t perform well. So, Epic decided to release most of the game assets as open source, enabling other companies and developers to create a new game from it. Enter Netmarble.

Netmarble took the files and developed a TPS MOBA game similar to the original Paragon, now known as Paragon the Overprime. While it’s not an exact replica of the first version and some original characters are missing, it’s still a commendable effort to recreate this title. Moreover, it’s completely legal, as Epic Games has approved it and even made it available in their store.

Now that we’ve covered the historical background, let’s get back to our main point: the best heroes in Paragon the Overprime.

We’ve categorized each character from the strongest (S-tier) to the weakest (D-tier). Let’s jump in!

Paragon the Overprime Heroes – Tier S

Best Paragon the Overprime Heroes

These heroes are the powerhouses of Paragon. They have high skill ceilings and can effectively defeat other top-tier heroes. However, mastering them requires some dedication.

  • Howitzer
  • Revenant
  • Murdock
  • The Fey
  • Rampage
  • Grux
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Paragon the Overprime Heroes – Tier A

These heroes may have some weaknesses, but at their best, they’re still powerful and useful in almost any competitive play.

  • Dekker
  • Sevarog
  • Aurora
  • Steel
  • Sparrow
  • Twinblast
  • Zena
  • Wraith
  • Dagget
  • Muriel
  • Kwang
  • Feng Mao

Paragon the Overprime Heroes – Tier B

These heroes are strong, but they may not be the easiest to use effectively. Nevertheless, when utilized correctly, they can defeat opponents from any lane.

  • Khaimera
  • Countess
  • Phase
  • Narbash
  • Kallari
  • Serath

Paragon the Overprime Heroes – Tier C

The heroes in this category aren’t exceptional, and you may struggle in battles against more powerful characters (ranked above). However, if you enjoy playing with them and have fun, that’s what matters most. Just make sure not to drag your team down.

  • Belica
  • Gideon

Our Paragon the Overprime tier list evaluates each character based on their performance in competitive play. While we can’t claim this list to be 100% accurate for all players, it serves as a valuable starting point for beginners.

It’s important to note that this tier list is not a reflection of player skill, but rather an evaluation of how well certain characters are expected to perform at competitive levels.

If you found this Paragon the Overprime tier list helpful, don’t forget to bookmark it! Also, be sure to explore our tier lists for other games, check out our gaming guides, and stay updated with META gaming news by following us on Facebook, Google News, and Twitter.

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