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Best Approach for Completing Simulated Universe 5 in Honkai: Star Rail

The Simulated Universe feature in Honkai: Star Rail offers exciting and challenging content for players. It’s definitely worth attempting to conquer each world as you progress, considering the plentiful rewards, including Stellar Jade and weekly bonuses. This guide will focus on the most effective strategy for overcoming Simulated Universe World 5 in Honkai: Star Rail, particularly when utilizing the Path of Abundance. Although this world poses a significant challenge, I’ll provide you with the necessary assistance to succeed.

How to Defeat Simulated Universe World 5 in Honkai: Star Rail with Path of Abundance

World 5 of the Simulated Universe differs from other worlds because it introduces the Path of Abundance. This path revolves around healing, increasing HP and stats when healed, and most importantly, dispelling debuffs with the appropriate Blessing. It is specifically designed to guide you through World 5. Unfortunately, you cannot initially choose this path for your first attempt at World 5. You will only unlock it after beginning your run. Therefore, you must either fail your run or complete it with a different path.

guide for best strategy to beat Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 and defeat boss Kafka using Path of Abundance

I recommend entering the world, unlocking the Path of Abundance, and then deliberately losing the run to start anew. This time, you’ll be able to opt for the Path of Abundance right from the beginning. As for your team, you’ll need a primary damage dealer like Jing Yuan, Seele, Dan Heng, Hook, Yanqing, or Clara. The next slot should be filled by a buffer or de-buffer character such as Bronya, Tingyun, Welt, Asta, or Pela. A shielder is essential for the subsequent slot, with Gepard being the optimal choice. Alternatively, Fire Trailblazer works well too. Lastly, the flex slot can be filled with another buffer, de-buffer, or shielder since Path of Abundance provides ample healing. However, if you’re not comfortable with that, having a healer in the last slot will suffice.

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guide for best strategy to beat Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Path of Abundance

To successfully tackle Simulated Universe World 5 in Honkai: Star Rail, start by selecting a 1-star Blessing and choose any Abundance Blessing offered to you. If you don’t receive one, attempt to reroll for it if you have that option unlocked on the skill tree. Engage in every battle you encounter to accumulate as many Blessings as possible, consistently opting for Abundance Blessings and trying to reroll for them. Once you obtain three Blessings of Abundance, you’ll unlock the Path of Resonance: Abundance. You can use this ability to heal your team as needed, but it’s best to save it until you can fully benefit from the healing effect.

Take advantage of every combat domain you come across, as engaging in numerous fights enables you to accumulate a considerable number of Blessings more rapidly. The more Abundance Blessings you gather before facing Elite fights and the final boss, the easier your journey will become. Once you accumulate six Abundance Blessings, you’ll gain access to your first Abundance Resonance Formation. For the initial formation, choose Resonance Formation Anatta. However, note that this choice is optimal only if you can acquire a second Resonance Formation. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, opt for Formation: Anicca instead to remove debuffs during the final boss fight. After using your Resonance, it will manifest on the timeline like a summoned unit, providing periodic automatic healing to your team. Furthermore, you’ll still be able to utilize the actual Resonance ability as needed, resulting in double healing!

If you encounter a Sealing Wax of Abundance when offered a Curio, be sure to seize the opportunity. This curio grants additional Abundance Blessings and increases your chances of receiving more choices after battles. By this point, you should feel confident in your battles. Utilize your Abundance Resonance as soon as it’s available to incorporate it into the timeline, ensuring continuous healing for your team. This is especially crucial for overcoming the Blaze Out of Space Elite boss, who inflicts significant fire damage over time and can easily take down a less resilient character if you’re not cautious.

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guide for best strategy to beat Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Path of Abundance Curio Sealing Wax of Abundance

How to Defeat the Boss Kafka in Simulated Universe World 5

If you’ve unlocked the ability to choose a second Resonance Formation in the Simulated Universe once you accumulate 10 Blessings of the same path, you should select Resonance Formation: Anicca for the Abundance path. This allows your Path of Resonance to remove all debuffs from your characters, providing immense help during the fight against Kafka, the final boss who specializes in forcing your own team members to attack each other using her insidious debuffs.

guide for best strategy to beat Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Path of Abundance Resonance Formation: Anicca

Once you’ve acquired your second Resonance Formation, make your choice between receiving two Blessing upgrades or a Curio when given the option by Herta. By the time you confront the boss, you should possess substantial resilience due to your abundance of Abundance Blessings and healing capabilities. During the fight against Kafka, pay close attention to her application of debuffs on your team. Those affected will temporarily turn against their teammates unless the debuff is cured. You can prevent this by promptly employing your Abundance Resonance to dispel the debuff before it takes hold. As long as you consistently remove the debuffs, the rest of the battle will be manageable and straightforward. Before you know it, you’ll emerge victorious and claim your well-deserved spoils!

That covers everything you need to know about the best strategy for conquering Simulated Universe World 5 in Honkai: Star Rail. Hopefully, this guide will help you overcome any previous difficulties you may have faced in defeating Kafka!

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