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Path of Exile Class Ranking (2023)

Path of Exile, an MMORPG renowned for its fairness, ensures that all players can reach the same level of strength and skill. However, the vast array of skills, crafting systems, and the intricate passive skill tree can be overwhelming for newcomers. This article aims to guide new players by examining and classifying the various character options available in the game.

Disclaimer: The following rankings are subjective and reflect the author’s personal opinions.

Class Tier List for Path of Exile in 2023


Scion in PoE
Image: Scion in PoE

The S-tier comprises the most powerful and versatile classes, including Scion, Witch, and Shadow.

The Scion is a unique class that combines abilities from all areas of the passive tree. The Witch, on the other hand, excels in intelligence, energy shields, formidable spells, and the ability to summon minions. The following are the main characters in this tier along with their sub-classes:

  • Scion – Ascendant
  • Shadow – Assassin
  • Witch – Necromancer
  • Witch – Elementalist


Ranger in PoE
Image: Ranger in PoE

The A-tier features classes with impressive abilities, such as the Duelist, which represents the dexterity and strength class in PoE. With easy access to life, armor, and evasion, these classes are formidable in battle.

The ascendancies in this tier include Gladiator, Slayer, and Champion, ranked from best to worst. All these characters possess significant critical strike damage and a substantial life pool, ensuring their survivability.

The following are the characters in this tier:

  • Duelist – Gladiator
  • Templar – Inquisitor
  • Witch – Occultist
  • Shadow – Trickster
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Templar in PoE
Image: Templar in PoE

The B-tier consists of classes with decent abilities and skills, although they may not match the strength of those in the A-tier. The Templar, with its Hierophant Ascendancy, belongs to this category. It is a hybrid class with access to both Marauder and Witch portions of the passive tree, making it suitable for totem builds and aura-type builds.

The following classes fall within this tier:

  • Templar – Hierophant
  • Duelist – Slayer
  • Ranger – Pathfinder
  • Ranger – Raider


Shadow in PoE
Image: Shadow in PoE

The C-tier includes below-average classes that may not perform as well as those in higher tiers. The Shadow, a class characterized by dexterity and intelligence, belongs to this category. It possesses substantial evasion and energy shield nodes but has limited sustainability due to a scarcity of life nodes.

The classes in this tier are as follows:

  • Shadow – Saboteur
  • Ranger – Deadeye
  • Marauder – Berserker
  • Duelist – Champion


Marauder in PoE
Image: Marauder in PoE

The D-tier encompasses the weakest classes in the game, primarily consisting of Templars and Marauders. Marauders rely solely on brute strength and excel in using heavy weapons and armor, boasting immense power, life, and armor.

The characters in this tier are:

  • Templar – Guardian
  • Marauder – Juggernaut
  • Marauder – Chieftain

These rankings provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each class in Path of Exile. Ultimately, the choice of character depends on your preferred playstyle and preferences.

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