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How to Obtain The Path of Burning Steps in Destiny 2

Titans in Destiny 2 are an unstoppable force, and with the latest Exotic, The Path of Burning Steps, you can maintain that dominance even in the face of Stasis. This powerful Titan Exotic not only mitigates the effects of freezes and slows but also increases overall weapon damage after scoring Solar final blows. Acquiring this Exotic may not be an arduous task, but it does rely on a combination of luck and a short time constraint.

Unlocking The Path of Burning Steps

To obtain The Path of Burning Steps, you must tackle Legend and Master Lost Sectors, which are activities that rotate daily across different locations in the game, including The EDZ, Europa, the Cosmodrome, and the Moon. These Lost Sectors can prove to be quite challenging and demanding.

Every day upon reset, a new Legend and Master Lost Sector become available on the map. Successfully completing either of these Lost Sectors solo increases your chances of receiving Exotics for a specific armor slot. To acquire The Path of Burning Steps, you must patiently wait until a Legend or Master Lost Sector is awarding Leg Armor. However, this is just the first step in the process.

Each Lost Sector features its own unique champions and modifiers, such as Match Game and a limited number of Revives. Therefore, it is essential to adapt your loadout accordingly. Once you defeat the final boss and open the chest, you have a chance of being rewarded with The Path of Burning Steps. However, it is not uncommon to receive Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, or even walk away empty-handed. In such cases, you simply need to repeat the Lost Sector until you obtain the desired Exotic.

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It is worth noting that The Path of Burning Steps will be the initial Exotic Leg Armor that a Titan receives upon a fitting drop. To avoid any complications, ensure that your inventory has sufficient space. If an Engram from a Lost Sector moves to the Postmaster, it will yield rewards for the day’s Master Lost Sector, regardless of its original source.

Utilizing The Path of Burning Steps

In Destiny 2’s Crucible, The Path of Burning Steps shines as an exceptional piece of gear. It not only mitigates the effects of Stasis but also provides a bonus to weapon damage, rendering Titans an almost unstoppable force on the battlefield.

At the core of this Exotic lies a powerful buff called Firewalker. It activates upon Solar kills, significantly boosting weapon damage and accumulating up to four stacks. This capability proves particularly effective in PvP, considering that two of the most prevalent weapons in the current meta, namely Igneous Hammer and Felwinter’s Lie, deal Solar damage. Firewalker remains active for a duration of 10 seconds, allowing players to reactivate it before the timer expires.

Furthermore, The Path of Burning Steps diminishes the impact of Stasis effects, such as slow or freeze, and even negates the damage incurred when breaking free from them. Being hit by Stasis instantly activates Firewalker, providing the user with a weapon bonus.

This damage boost greatly enhances the lethality of various weapons in the Crucible, especially hard-hitting ones like Dead Man’s Tale, Frozen Orbit, Igneous Hammer, and Eriana’s Vow.

While the scarcity of Stasis enemies in PvE may limit the usefulness of this Exotic, players can easily stack Firewalker with any Solar kills, including those obtained with weapons. This results in a substantial damage increase, particularly when all stacks are maximized. Hence, while The Path of Burning Steps remains a viable choice for PvE encounters, it undeniably shines as an Exotic that should not be overlooked in the Crucible.

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