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Path to Nowhere Team Composition – A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome, chief, to the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. It’s time to protect your tower! To ensure your success, it’s crucial to have a strong team. Before you embark on your journey, make sure to consult our Path to Nowhere tier list. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the game’s most powerful characters, enabling you to rise to the top in this SRPG real-time tower defense game with our expert guidance.

In case luck isn’t on your side and you don’t obtain the desired characters, don’t worry. We’ve included a handy Path to Nowhere reroll guide below. However, if fortune favors you, consider trying your luck with our top choices from tier lists for other popular games like AFK Arena, Another Eden, Genshin Impact, or Epic Seven.

Assessing Team Composition

To help you build a formidable team, we’ve evaluated the overall strength and utility of each character. Remember, though, that every character has the potential to shine with the right player and lineup. Our tier lists should be viewed as general guidelines rather than strict rules.

Character Ratings and Roles

Here are the key details about each character, including their rating, role, and unique abilities:


  • Rating: SS Fury
  • Role: Best character in the game, excels in high AOE damage.
  • Obtainable for free after completing the 7-day New Chief Assessment quest.
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  • Rating: S Fury
  • Role: Strong AOE control and damage
  • Long cooldown if not fully maxed, limiting skill usage.


  • Rating: S Fury
  • Role: F2P friendly character, deals decent damage.
  • Core Break ability.
  • Note: Male character.


  • Rating: S Fury
  • Role: F2P friendly character, deals decent AOE damage.
  • Slightly squishy at early game.


  • Rating: S Fury
  • Role: Pacassi A Fury Horo A Fury Hella B Fury
  • Role: F2P friendly character, excels at AOE ultimate damage.
  • Note: Core breaker.


  • Rating: S Reticle
  • Role: F2P friendly character, possesses core break ability.
  • Great in early game, but damage decreases in mid to late game.

Other Noteworthy Characters

These characters have their own strengths and can be valuable additions to your team:

  • Pepper: Rating C Fury.
  • Langley: Rating SS Reticle.
  • Pricilla: Rating S Reticle.
  • Flora: Rating S Reticle.
  • Roulecca: Rating S Reticle.
  • Summer: Rating A Reticle.
  • Wolverine: Rating A Reticle.
  • Bai Yi: Rating S Umbra (up to 6).
  • Labyrinth: Rating S Umbra.
  • Crache: Rating A Umbra.
  • Tetra: Rating A Umbra.
  • Iron: Rating B Umbra.
  • Sumire: Rating B Umbra.
  • Gekjabijin: Rating C Umbra.
  • Eirene: Rating SS Arcane (Best magic damage dealer).
  • Hecate: Rating S Arcane.
  • Kelvin: Rating S Arcane.
  • Oliver: Rating S Arcane.
  • Astrologer: Rating A Arcane.
  • Luvia Ray: Rating A Arcane.
  • Victoria: Rating A Arcane.
  • Joan: Rating A Arcane.
  • Ignis: Rating A Arcane.
  • Demon: Rating S Endura (Best Tank, shields the team).
  • Demoli: Rating S Endura (F2P friendly tank, self-heal).
  • Kawakawa: Rating S Endura.
  • Countess Chelsea: Rating S Endura.
  • K.K.: Rating A Endura.
  • Peggy: Rating B Endura.
  • Cinnabar: Rating B Endura.
  • Hamel: Rating SS Catalyst (Best Healer).
  • Ariel: Rating S Catalyst (Burst healing).
  • Macchiato: Rating A Catalyst.
  • Anne: Rating A Catalyst.
  • Chameleon: Rating B Catalyst.
  • Mr. Fox: Rating B Catalyst.
  • Lisa: Rating C Catalyst.
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Now that you know the strengths and roles of these characters, you can strategically build your team.

Rerolling in Path to Nowhere

Performing a Path to Nowhere reroll can be challenging due to the lack of a guest account login option. To overcome this hurdle and increase your chances of obtaining the desired characters, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Path to Nowhere.
  2. Complete the tutorial.
  3. Pull on the banner – the beginner’s banner guarantees an S-rank unit at a discount during your first ten-pull.
  4. If you don’t get the S-rank character you desire and you’re patient, log out and log in again using a different email, Twitter, or Facebook account.
  5. Repeat this process until you acquire the characters you need.

Remember, perseverance is key, and with determination, you’ll assemble the perfect team.


That concludes our Path to Nowhere tier list and reroll guide. For more exciting gacha games, check out our list of the top gacha games. If you’re looking to make room for these fantastic games, we also have instructions on how to delete apps on an iPhone.

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Perform your Path to Nowhere reroll using our expert advice, and embark on an epic journey to victory!

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