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The Perfect Pizzicato-22: Unveiling the God Roll and Best Perks in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 lovers, rejoice! The ever-evolving world of Crucible arenas has birthed a new contender to captivate your gameplay experience. Say hello to the Pizzicato-22, a 900 RPM submachine gun in the kinetic slot from the renowned Suros foundry. While it may not surpass the Multimach CCX’s unrivaled range with the Iron Reach perk, the Pizzicato-22 offers high range while maintaining excellent stability. Let’s explore the god roll and best perks for both PvP and PvE scenarios.

PvP God Roll: Precision and Power

When it comes to PvP, maximizing range is crucial. Although competing with High-Impact pulse rifles at long distances may prove challenging, a few additional meters can make all the difference. For the Pizzicato-22, we recommend the Corkscrew Rifling barrel for a balanced boost, coupled with High-Caliber Rounds to disrupt opponents’ aim. Add the Perpetual Motion perk for increased stability, handling, and reload speed while staying mobile. Top it off with Rangefinder to enhance the weapon’s zoom level and aim assist falloff. With this setup, the Pizzicato-22 becomes a formidable force in short to medium-range combat.

PvE God Roll: Versatility and Destruction

In PvE encounters, the possibilities are endless. Your god roll should depend on the playstyle you wish to enhance. For a thrilling ride, equip the Corkscrew Rifling barrel, Armor-Piercing Rounds for increased penetration, and the Ambitious Assassin perk. This combination rewards you with a magazine overflowing with bonus damage after swiftly securing a set of rapid kills. Alternatively, embrace the destructive power of Multikill Clip, amplifying damage with each consecutive kill. These choices accommodate different preferences, ensuring a satisfying experience regardless of the content you tackle.

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Perk Pool: Diving into the Options

The Pizzicato-22 boasts an impressive array of perks, both flashy and subtle. Let’s explore the first and second perk columns, revealing their unique advantages and considerations.

First Perk Column: Finding the Perfect Fit

  • Perpetual Motion: This perk suits the mobile nature of submachine guns, providing stability bonuses that complement the Pizzicato-22’s intrinsic qualities.
  • Ambitious Assassin: An ideal pairing with Multikill Clip, this perk rewards a reload after swiftly dispatching foes, yielding a magazine primed for devastating damage.
  • Mulligan and Hip-Fire Grip: While these perks hold appeal for some players, their inclusion may come at the cost of more optimal choices. Consider your playstyle before embracing these options.
  • Eye of the Storm and Fragile Focus: Niche activation requirements hinder the effectiveness of these perks compared to the low-cost, high-reward options of Perpetual Motion and Ambitious Assassin.
  • Ensemble: Typically excelling on boss-damage weapons, Ensemble’s utility on a submachine gun is questionable. Opt for the easier path of Perpetual Motion to enhance handling and reload speed.

Second Perk Column: Unleashing Devastation

  • Rangefinder: Underrated and understated, Rangefinder improves the feel of the Pizzicato-22 during PvP encounters. Its enhanced zoom level and aim assist falloff make it a worthy choice.
  • Multikill Clip and Swashbuckler: These perks offer damage enhancements, with Multikill Clip proving more versatile due to its absence of synergistic limitations.
  • Pugilist and Demolitionist: Perfect for players who value utility, these perks grant further energy generation for abilities, complementing the strength of the 3.0 rework of Light subclasses.
  • Osmosis: A unique and powerful perk, Osmosis allows the Pizzicato-22 to match elemental types, synergizing with aspects, fragments, and mods for increased effectiveness.
  • Threat Detector: While not a subpar perk, Threat Detector faces stiff competition in this perk column. Other choices, like Perpetual Motion or Hip-Fire Grip, offer more significant benefits.
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With plentiful perk choices, Destiny 2 players are certainly spoiled for options. Whether you seek PvP dominance or PvE versatility, the Pizzicato-22’s god roll and perk pool ensure an enjoyable experience. While acquiring the perfect roll may prove challenging, the rewards are well worth the effort. So, embark on your journey, Guardians, and may the Pizzicato-22 guide you to victory!


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