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The Unstoppable Double Devil Dino Deck – Dominate Pool 3 in MARVEL SNAP

Are you ready to unleash the power of Devil Dino in MARVEL SNAP? Ongoing decks, especially those featuring Devil Dino, are currently the talk of the town. And guess what? We have a Pool 3 version that will blow your mind. This deck is not only super strong and versatile but also capable of handling various playstyles with ease. It even has counters to direct counters! So, let’s dive into the details and take your MARVEL SNAP experience to the next level.

Deck Overview

pool 3 devil dinosaur deck overview

Why is this deck so effective, you ask? Well, it’s simple. This Devil Dino deck offers multiple win conditions and boasts incredible raw power that can overwhelm any opponent. The ability to make strong pushes on the final turn gives you the upper hand against a wide range of decks. Moreover, unlike lower versions of the Devil Dino deck, this one provides options to counter Devil Dino itself, ensuring your victory.

Win Condition

The key to victory lies in drawing as many cards as possible to occupy multiple locations. This builds up your power for a strong final push with Devil Dino. You have two main options for this push:

  1. Taskmaster: Use Taskmaster to copy Devil Dino’s power and create an unstoppable force. Enchantress won’t stand a chance against this formidable combination.

  2. Arnim Zola: With Arnim Zola, you can remove Devil Dino from one location and transfer its immense power to others. This tactic works particularly well when countering opponents who rely on characters like Shang-Chi and Enchantress. Keep an eye out for empty locations to maximize your flexibility!

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Problems and Substitutions

Let’s address the elephant in the room – problems! Fortunately, this deck has very few weaknesses. Your arsenal of last-turn options minimizes the risk of direct counters to Devil Dino. Additionally, the sheer power of this deck allows you to effortlessly overpower move decks. As for substitutions, there’s not much room for change here. Each card plays a crucial role in making this deck work and ensuring you draw into your win condition lines. However, if you want to explore other possibilities, there is a Pool 2 version available as well.

How To Play

To make the most of this deck, follow these strategies for each phase of the game.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

In the early phase, focus on accumulating as many cards as possible. The true power of this deck lies in having a robust hand for your final turns with Devil Dino. Play cheap cards that offer additional cards, and if you can play them into Angela, even better! This will give you an extra power boost.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-5)

By now, you should identify two key factors – your opponent’s deck type (move, destruct, discard, etc.) and the locations they intend to target. Since you possess superior power, ensure you play your cards strategically and leave at least one location empty for Devil Dinosaur to occupy.

pool 3 devil dinosaur gameplay

End Phase (Turn 6)

As you approach the end phase, you have two powerful options at your disposal: Taskmaster and Arnim Zola.

  • Taskmaster: Play Devil Dino and then copy its power into a new location to secure victory. This move catches opponents off guard and grants you an undeniable advantage.

  • Arnim Zola: Place Devil Dinosaur in a location with no other characters and use Arnim Zola’s ability to duplicate its power across other locations. This strategy works exceptionally well against opponents who deploy characters like Shang-Chi in empty locations. Remember to maintain open card slots in each location for maximum flexibility!

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Prepare to witness the raw power of the Double Devil Dino Deck in action. In the final turns, you’ll have not just one, but two Devil Dinosaurs with staggering power ranging from 15 to 19. This allows you to brute-force your way to victory in any location. Moreover, this deck proves to be a formidable force against popular direct counters like Shang-Chi and Enchantress. Embrace the unstoppable and dominate Pool 3 with this exceptional MARVEL SNAP strategy.

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