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Destiny 2: Obtaining the Perfect Prodigal Return Weapon and Its Best Perks


The Prodigal Return weapon in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance is not only easily obtainable but also highly customizable. This comprehensive guide will walk you through acquiring the Prodigal Return and highlight the top perks for this weapon.

How to Acquire Prodigal Return in Destiny 2

To get your hands on the Prodigal Return in Destiny 2, you must first own the Season of Defiance expansion and complete the “Awaken, Queensguard” mission. This mission will unlock the Defiant Battlegrounds, a seasonal playlist where you can find the Prodigal Return weapon. Defiant Battlegrounds offer a chance to obtain not only the Prodigal Return but also other Defiant weapons and Armor Pieces. Additionally, by using a Defiant Key, you can obtain a Resonant version of the Defiant weapons. Access the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist at the HELM.

For a quicker acquisition of Deepsight Resonant Weapons, choose the following upgrades at the War Table found in the HELM: Defiant Weapon Focusing, Deepsight Decoding, and Queensguard’s Arsenal.

PvE – Prodigal Return: The Best Perks

The following perks are recommended for the Prodigal Return weapon in PvE scenarios:

  • Launcher Barrel: While the choice of barrel doesn’t significantly impact performance, Smart Drift Control offers passive benefits to various stats. Linear Compensator or Quick Launch are viable alternatives.
  • Magazine: To effectively debuff enemies in higher-level content, opt for Disorienting Grenades. This perk disorients combatants caught in the grenade’s explosion, making it easier for you to engage them.
  • Column 3 Perk: Although Auto-Loading Holster is not available for this weapon, Envious Assassin offers a decent alternative by overloading the magazine when not in use.
  • Column 4 Perk: Choose Disruption Break to maximize the weapon’s effectiveness against shielded enemies. Breaking an enemy’s shield will both disrupt and disorient them, especially if combined with Disorienting Grenades. Alternatively, Voltshot enhances direct damage output.
  • Origin: No choice here, as there is only one trait, which provides a fun little passive benefit.
  • Masterwork: Prioritize Handling as it allows for faster weapon swapping. Reload Speed masterwork may also be useful for this Launcher due to the absence of Auto-Loading Holster.
  • Mod: Quick Access Sling enables swift weapon swapping, empowering you to quickly disorient enemies and switch back to your primary or heavy weapon to finish them off.
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Conclusion for PvE

The Prodigal Return shows promise with its Disorienting Grenades and Disruption Break perks, although the lack of Auto-Loading Holster does slightly diminish its potential. Only time will tell if this weapon can truly shine. However, the ability to craft a special Grenade Launcher with Disorienting Grenades is a valuable asset.

PvP – Prodigal Return: The Best Perks

For PvP encounters, consider the following perks for the Prodigal Return weapon:

  • Launcher Barrel: In PvP, the choice of barrel has minimal impact. Quick Launch is generally the preferred option, but any choice will suffice.
  • Magazine: While Spike Grenades can provide a one-shot kill against guardians with direct hits, Proximity Grenades offer an interesting perk combo that can add a fun dynamic to gameplay.
  • Column 3 Perk: In a somewhat lackluster column, Threat Detector emerges as the most viable option.
  • Column 4 Perk: Harmony is where the fun begins. When active, even Proximity Grenades have the potential to eliminate Tier 10 Guardians with a single shot. This perk opens up possibilities for a thrilling playstyle centered around killing and swapping weapons.
  • Origin: No choice here, as there is only one trait, which provides a fun little passive benefit.
  • Masterwork: Given the fast-paced nature of PvP, prioritize Handling for quicker weapon swapping.
  • Mod: To complement the weapon’s strengths, Quick Access Sling is the recommended mod for faster swap speeds.

Conclusion for PvP

Despite initial reservations, the Prodigal Return weapon possesses untapped potential for PvP encounters. The combination of Proximity Grenades and Harmony looks exceptionally promising on paper. Only through testing will we know if this potential can be fully realized.

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We appreciate you choosing to read our guide on the Prodigal Return weapon and how to obtain the perfect roll. Keep in mind that this weapon can be utilized with any class, subclass, and game mode in Destiny 2, including PvE and PvP activities. If you want to explore more content related to Destiny 2 or ESO, consider joining our live streams on Twitch or YouTube. Additionally, we consistently provide updates on Destiny 2 news, builds, and guides for Seasonal and Weapon God Rolls.

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