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Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made

Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made

Naming a product “Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made” is bound to raise eyebrows and pique interest. But does it actually live up to such a bold claim?

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functionally Superior

In addition to being an outstanding marketer, Kevin Brittingham of Q ( has a knack for creating exceptional products. Their latest offering, the trigger with the audacious name, promises to be nothing short of remarkable.

Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made

The technical details about the trigger are somewhat scarce, even on the Q website. However, it is described as a drop-in cassette trigger with a two-stage pull and an incredibly short reset. Unlike other AR trigger systems, this trigger allows you to put your AR on Safe even if the hammer isn’t cocked. Visually, the trigger bow appears mostly straight with a slight forward angle at the bottom, while the face of the trigger is gently rounded.

But it’s not just beauty that sets this trigger apart. The silver, mirror-like polish on every surface of the trigger assembly not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a smoother and lighter trigger pull. Moreover, the positioning of the hammer hook at the very tip of the hammer reduces tension and requires less force to release.

Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made

Innovative Design for Enhanced Stability

One common issue with cassette drop-in triggers for AR rifles is the tendency of the hammer and trigger pins to “walk” or migrate during recoil and cycling. To address this, Q took a unique approach. On the left side of the cassette body, a simple spring provides upward tension on the pins, preventing unwanted movement. The unit comes with two slave pins and two receiver pins designed to fit with the spring’s detent. Alternatively, you can use standard trigger and hammer pins, ensuring that the groove is on the left side to engage the spring.

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Additional stability is provided by a blue rubber bumper at the bottom of the cassette, which adds to the tensioning. While this bumper may be a bit easy to dislodge, the trigger installation process remains straightforward and hassle-free. Simply drop in the trigger, replace the selector, and use a hammer to secure the trigger and hammer pins. This trigger’s ease of installation is unmatched, even compared to other AR triggers.

Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made

Performance and Experience

When installed, this trigger offers a crisp and consistent 3.0-lb. pull with a light take-up. While the take-up may be longer than expected, the break is satisfyingly crisp. The reset, while short, is not particularly stiff, which may not suit those who prefer riding the reset. However, in terms of overall performance, this trigger is a significant improvement over a stock GI-style trigger pull.

It’s worth noting that individual preferences and definitions of “best” may vary. However, there’s no denying that this trigger provides an excellent match-grade trigger pull, with a distinctive trigger bow, that is 50% lighter than a standard AR trigger group. And yes, you can proudly say that you own Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made, backed by its exceptional performance. The suggested retail price for this trigger is $350.

Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made


In conclusion, Q’s Literally The Best Trigger Ever Made combines exceptional aesthetics with outstanding functionality. While the trigger may not be universally “the best” in every aspect, it certainly excels in providing a remarkable shooting experience. If you have any thoughts or comments on this article, we’d love to hear them. Feel free to email us at [email protected].

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