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Rage of Demon King Tier List [September 2023]

Rage of Demon King Tier List

In this guide, we will explore the Rage of Demon King Tier List, ranking the best characters in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this tier list will help you make informed decisions about your team composition.

Understanding the Tiers

The following tiers categorize the characters in the Rage of Demon King:

  • Tier 0: OP
  • Tier 1: Best
  • Tier 2: Very Good
  • Tier 3: Good
  • Tier 4: Decent
  • Tier 5: Average
  • Tier 6: Below-Average
  • Tier 7: Weak
  • Tier 8: Very Weak
  • Tier 9: Worst

Please note that these tiers are subjective and based on our own experiences with the game. As the meta evolves and new updates are released, the tier list may change. Therefore, it’s important to use this as a starting point and adapt to your own playstyle.

Global Rage of Demon King Tier List

Here are the characters ranked in the global version of Rage of Demon King:

  • Giyu Academy – Tier 1
  • Shinobu Academy – Tier 1
  • Gyutaro – Tier 1
  • Rui Lower Rank Five – Tier 1
  • Giyu Academy – Tier 1
  • Kyojuro Fire Pillar DPS – Tier 2
  • Kyojuro DEF – Tier 2
  • Daki – Tier 2
  • Nezuko Oni Version – Tier 2
  • Enmu Lower Rank One – Tier 2
  • Tamayo – Tier 2
  • SSR Mitsuri – Tier 3
  • Muichiro – Tier 3
  • Tengen DPS – Tier 3
  • Inosuke – Tier 4
  • Tanjiro (Water) – Tier 4
  • Sakonji – Tier 4
  • Sabito – Tier 4 ~ 5
  • Zenitsu Sleep – Tier 4 ~ 5
  • Tanjiro Fire – Tier 6
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Important Considerations

In Rage of Demon King, characters are graded based on their rarity and power level. The grades are as follows:

  • SSR: The rarest and most powerful characters with a max level cap of 270.
  • SR: Decent characters that can perform well in the early to mid-game but aren’t worth heavy investment.
  • R: Average characters with a max level cap of 100. Avoid heavy investment in R-grade heroes.
  • N: The lowest and weakest characters with a max level cap of 60. Avoid investing in N-grade heroes.

It’s crucial to prioritize top-tier SSR-grade heroes and avoid heavy investment in R and N-grade heroes.


We want to emphasize that the Rage of Demon King tier list is subjective and may change over time with updates. It’s based on our own opinions and experiences with the game. Different playstyles and strategies can yield varying levels of success with different characters.

We encourage you to take our tier list with a grain of salt and use it as a starting point for your own exploration of the game’s content. The tier list is subject to change as the developers introduce new characters, items, or mechanics that could significantly impact the game’s balance.

In conclusion, we hope our Rage of Demon King tier list serves as a helpful resource for you. Remember, it’s ultimately up to you to decide which characters, items, or strategies work best for your playstyle. Good luck in your gaming endeavors!

Note: This post was last updated on September 5, 2023

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