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RAID: Shadow Legends – A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining Resources (Chickens, Energy, Skill Tomes, and More)

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In RAID: Shadow Legends, players must gather various resources to progress in the game. While you will collect some resources while playing, there are ways to obtain specific resources quickly. Skill tomes, shards, silver, XP, energy, mastery scrolls, and potions are all valuable resources that can be earned as rewards throughout the game. In this guide, we will explore the different methods to acquire these resources and provide tips on maximizing their benefits.

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How to Get Skill Tomes

Skill tomes are essential for upgrading the skills of your champions. Legendary skill tomes are the best and can be used on legendary or lower rarity champions. Epic skill tomes can upgrade epic champions or lower rarity, and so on. While skill tomes can be obtained through various methods, they are relatively scarce, especially the epic and legendary ones. So, it is crucial to use them wisely, focusing on higher rarity or more valuable champions. You can find more information about champion tiers in our RAID: Shadow Legends tier list. Skill tomes can be earned by completing missions, claiming progression and daily login rewards, opening chests from clan bosses, participating in clan activities, and the arena. Additionally, events occasionally offer skill tomes as rewards, although their availability may vary. Faction wars also provide skill tomes as rewards based on the number of stars collected. The higher the stars, the better the tier of the tome.

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How to Get Chickens

Chickens are powerful items that allow you to increase the rank of your champions. They are highly valuable and scarce since they can be used as fodder for ranking up champions. Chickens are available in different star rankings, with each star ranking corresponding to a specific champion rank. There are several ways to obtain chickens in RAID: Shadow Legends, including faction wars, events, advanced quests, missions, offers, and the bazaar. Faction wars, introduced recently in the game, provide a more reliable method of obtaining chickens. Each faction wars stage rewards players with stars, and collecting a certain number of stars grants various rewards, including chickens. The star rewards range from 3-star to 5-star chickens, depending on the progress made. For a detailed explanation on how to obtain chickens, refer to our guide on How to Get Chickens in RAID: Shadow Legends.

How to Get Energy

Energy is vital for challenging stages, bosses, dungeons, and other content in RAID: Shadow Legends. While energy may not be a concern in the early stages of the game, as you progress and engage in activities like farming mastery, the need for energy increases. Every level-up increases your maximum energy count, but the higher your level, the more energy is required for battles. There are several ways to get energy, including missions, monthly quests, chests from raid bosses, raid activities, the arena, daily login rewards, events, and faction wars. Claiming daily login rewards is recommended, particularly for energy-related rewards. However, in exchange events, it is advisable to prioritize spending event items on shards, tomes, or chickens. Another method of obtaining energy is collecting stars in faction wars, unlocking star rewards, or simply waiting for your energy to regenerate naturally.

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How to Get Mastery Scrolls

Unlocking masteries for your champions is essential for maximizing their potential. To unlock new masteries, you need mastery scrolls. The primary source of mastery scrolls is dungeons, specifically Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Each stage you complete in Minotaur’s Labyrinth rewards you with mastery scrolls. The first five stages offer basic mastery scrolls, while later stages provide advanced and divine scrolls. Dungeon runs are an efficient way to gather mastery scrolls, although they consume energy. Completing missions may also yield a few mastery scrolls, but dungeons offer a higher drop rate. Therefore, for a more efficient acquisition of mastery scrolls, focus on dungeon runs.

How to Get XP

Gaining XP is crucial for quickly reaching account level 60 in RAID: Shadow Legends. The primary sources of XP are completing stages in the campaign and dungeons. Quests also grant XP rewards, so be sure to check the available quests. To maximize XP gains, take advantage of XP boosters, which can be obtained from daily login rewards, events, etc. XP boosters usually have a duration of 24 hours, so playing during this period will yield a significant amount of XP.

How to Get Silver

Silver is essential for various activities in RAID: Shadow Legends, such as summoning, marketplace purchases, and gear upgrades. While playing the game will yield a decent amount of silver, there are methods that provide a higher silver rate. Completing challenges, both in the campaign and faction wars, rewards silver. Each stage you complete in these modes grants 1 to 3 stars, contributing to your overall star counter.

How to Get Potions

Potions are necessary to ascend champions to higher star levels, enhancing their stats and unlocking new skills. The type of potions required depends on a champion’s current star level and affinity. The primary method of obtaining potions is farming dungeons, as many dungeons have potions in their drop pool. Each dungeon lists the available items in the drop pool before entering a stage. Additionally, missions, quests, clan bosses, clan activities, the arena, and faction wars star rewards also have a chance of containing potions.

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How to Get Summoning Shards

Summoning shards are essential for acquiring new champions through the Portal. They are the primary method of obtaining champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. Our guide on how to get shards in RAID: Shadow Legends covers various ways to obtain summoning shards.

How to Get Gems

Gems are the premium currency in RAID: Shadow Legends, allowing you to purchase a wide range of items from the shop. While gems can be purchased with real money, they can also be earned by playing the game. Leveling up grants a small number of gems, and progression rewards and daily login rewards also provide gems. Some quests, missions, and star rewards from the campaign and faction wars offer gem rewards. Chests also have a chance to contain gems.

How to Get XP Brews

XP brews offer an alternative method to sacrifice champions when leveling up champions in the Tavern. XP brews provide significantly more XP than low-level or low-rarity champions. You can obtain XP brews from dungeons, events, tournaments, free packs, and missions. Dungeons, such as The Spider’s Den, have a higher chance of dropping XP brews as rewards. Once you have exhausted your XP brews, farming stages in the campaign will yield the most XP for champions.

How to Get Glyphs

Glyphs are powerful items that can be placed on artifacts to provide additional stat boosts and buffs. Glyphs come in different ranks and types. To obtain glyphs, complete faction crypt stages in faction wars. Each crypt displays the glyphs available, their rank, and the probability of obtaining them. Events may also offer glyphs as rewards.

That covers the different methods to obtain resources in RAID: Shadow Legends. If you have any additional methods or insights on how to acquire specific resources, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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