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Destined for Improvement: Exotics in ‘Destiny 2’ That Desperately Need a Reboot

Destiny 2

Bungie has had its fair share of hits and misses when it comes to introducing new exotic offerings in Destiny 2. While some of them have been a godsend for players, others have been rather lackluster, almost bordering on pointless. As we continue to receive waves of new exotic armors each season, it’s crucial for Bungie to address these duds and make necessary improvements. Here are a few exotics that come to mind:

Nothing Manacles (Warlock arms, Season of the Lost)

Destiny 2

These Warlock arms were reintroduced but unfortunately remained plagued with bugs right from the start. Even if they were somehow fixed, they still pale in comparison to the Contraverse Hold, which should have been a viable void build option.

Rain of Fire (Warlock boots, Season of the Risen)

Destiny 2

When I first heard about an exotic that would enhance Fusion Rifles, I was genuinely excited. However, the entire concept of this exotic revolves around airborne effectiveness, which is generally disliked by players. It’s unlikely that anyone would sacrifice their precious exotic slot just to boost airborne effectiveness for fusion and linear fusion rifles. Bungie should seriously consider reworking this exotic to have no connection with airborne effectiveness at all.

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No Backup Plans (Titan arms, Season of the Lost)

Destiny 2

These Titan arms used to be quite cool until the arrival of void 3.0 and the abundance of overshields. Now they hardly feel worthwhile, and adding an airborne effectiveness buff in an attempt to make them more useful only falls flat.

Point-Contact Cannon Brace (Titan arms, Season of Plunder)

Destiny 2

This exotic is the primary motivation behind compiling this list. When it was initially released, it unintentionally became overpowered and had to be quickly disabled. However, it has now been nerfed to the point where its extra lightning charges are more suitable for tickling dregs in the EDZ starting zone. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the Thunderclap melee to begin with, but this exotic desperately needs a significant overhaul.

Blight Ranger (Hunter helm, Witch Queen)

Destiny 2

Oh, the Blight Ranger. Reflecting projectiles for increased damage may sound exciting on paper, but with the introduction of arc 3.0, this exotic has become even less useful (and it wasn’t useful to begin with) since most players are using the other super. Raiju’s Harness finds itself in a similar predicament, but since it’s not a new exotic, having arrived with Season of the Worthy, I won’t address it separately here. Nevertheless, both exotics suffer from the same issues.

Renewal Grasps (Hunter arms, Witch Queen)

Destiny 2

These Hunter arms were hit with an unbelievably long cooldown that devastated their functionality in PvE. They used to be quite enjoyable, but the nerf drastically affected their overall usefulness. Bungie should seriously consider reverting this change.

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Radiant Dance Machines (Hunter legs, Season of the Lost)

Destiny 2

Another exotic that was initially bugged and overpowered, then disabled, and eventually reintroduced without any further adjustments. It takes more than multiple dodges within a short time frame to make it a valuable choice. And please, let’s not even entertain the idea of buffing airborne effectiveness.

This is just my selection of armor pieces, as I believe the exotic weapons are generally in a better state. Feel free to share your thoughts on this matter.

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