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Root Assassin Shovel: A Super Tool for Challenging Gardening Tasks


In the world of gardening, finding the right tools can make all the difference. The Root Assassin shovel, with its saw-toothed blade, is a tool that immediately captures attention. As someone who has spent years gardening in tough soil conditions, I must admit I was skeptical. Could this shovel really handle the demanding tasks of dealing with rocks, roots, and difficult soil? In this article, I will share my experience with the Root Assassin shovel and evaluate its specifications, features, and performance.

Specifications and Features

The Root Assassin shovel boasts impressive specifications and features that contribute to its effectiveness. With 16 double-edged sharp serrated teeth on each side of the blade, a commercial-grade carbon steel 14-gauge shaft and blade, and a powder-coated finish, this shovel is built to last. Additionally, its forward turned-step provides secure foot placement, ensuring stability while digging. The Root Assassin shovel is available in two styles: the Original, measuring 48″ with a D-grip handle, and the Long-Handled, measuring 58″ with a straight handle. Despite its sturdy construction, the shovel weighs a mere 4 pounds.

Pruning Branches

Beyond its primary function, the Root Assassin shovel proves its versatility in pruning branches. While using a shovel for cutting wood may seem unconventional, I found that it got the job done. Although not as efficient as a specialized saw, the shovel allows for immediate trimming while gardening, saving the hassle of fetching another tool.

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Penetrating Turf

Digging into turf can present a formidable challenge, but the Root Assassin shovel effortlessly slices through roots like a hot knife through soft butter. Its pointed tip, designed for penetrating tough soil, enables the creation of perfectly sized holes for planting bulbs or digging larger holes for trees and shrubs. However, it’s important to note that the shovel’s pointed tip and curved blade make it unsuitable for precise edging.

Digging and Cutting Through Roots

When faced with significant roots, the Root Assassin shovel lives up to its name. I encountered sturdy roots while removing a dead shrub, and with some sawing and digging, the shovel effortlessly severed each root. Its efficiency turned a potentially arduous task into a breeze.

Original vs Long-Handled Versions

The Root Assassin shovel offers two versions to cater to different preferences and needs. The original shovel stands 4 feet tall, while the long-handled version measures 58 inches. The narrow, commercial-grade 14-gauge steel pointed blade constitutes a significant portion of the tool’s length. While I had difficulty reaching the foot rest with the original shovel due to my height of 5’3″, my taller husband had no issues. The handgrip of the original version accommodates hands of all sizes, thanks to its wide, reinforced rubber construction. In contrast, the long-handled version features a foam sheath covering approximately half of the shaft, providing both comfort and a non-slip surface.

Warranty and Trustworthiness

Root Assassin LLC stands firmly behind their products, as evidenced by their lifetime warranty. If you encounter any issues with your purchase, the company will replace damaged items free of charge. To learn more or make a purchase, visit their website at It’s important to note that there are unauthorized imitation products on the market, so ensure you are buying the genuine Root Assassin shovel to benefit from the warranty and support.

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As someone who has encountered numerous hybrid tools that fail to excel in either function, I am pleased to report that the Root Assassin shovel is an exception. If you find yourself digging in an area teeming with roots, this tool is a game-changer. While it may not be the go-to tool for branch cutting, it certainly gets the job done effectively when the need arises. Its design, performance, and durability make it highly recommended for gardeners facing tough gardening challenges.

Where to Buy

To purchase the Root Assassin shovel, you can directly visit the manufacturer’s website or find it on Amazon. Be cautious when considering alternative options, as unauthorized knockoffs lack the same quality and warranty. Opt for the original Root Assassin shovel to ensure a reliable and effective gardening companion.

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