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Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG – A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

In the realm of ancient tales, there is a common theme of a band of Heroes embarking on a heroic journey. In “Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG,” you find yourself in a similar situation. A princess has been kidnapped, and a villainous overlord threatens the fate of the kingdom. As one of the mighty warriors, it is your duty to rescue the princess and restore the kingdom’s former glory.

Developed by PlayHard.Lab, the creators of popular titles like Hero Factory – Idle Tycoon and Factory Inc., “Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG” combines open-world RPG elements with kingdom building mechanics. It offers a mini-adventure game experience featuring unique Heroes, hordes of monsters, and a kingdom waiting to be rebuilt.

Exploring the RPG Mechanics and Kingdom Building

In “Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG,” you assemble a group of powerful Heroes to accompany you on your adventure. With a simple control scheme, you can direct your party using a thumbstick at the bottom of the screen. The combat is automatic, and your party will engage monsters or gather resources from trees, rocks, and shrubs as they encounter them.

Enemy attacks can be anticipated through telegraphs, which appear as red areas during battles. Stepping away from these telegraphs can save your party from losing a member. If a Hero falls in battle, they will respawn after a few seconds, or you can use the Portal system to return to town.

Town management is a vital aspect of the game. You need to construct and restore buildings using resources like Wood and Ore. Each building contributes to your Heroes’ power and overall performance. While your Heroes gather resources, your village won’t face attacks from other players, allowing you to focus on your kingdom’s development.

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As you progress in the game, new features and challenges will be unlocked. “Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG” offers a blend of resource collection, team composition, and strategic upgrades to achieve success. Understanding the game’s mechanics and nuances is key to overcoming obstacles and advancing in the adventure.

General Tips for Success in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

To aid you in your journey to rescue the princess and restore the kingdom, we have compiled some general tips:

  1. Follow the Quests and Complete Tasks: Quests provide a sense of purpose and reward. They guide you through the game and offer various resources and benefits upon completion. Daily and weekly quests can also be found, offering additional rewards and treasures.

  2. Explore the World: Embrace the adventure and explore the vast world in “Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG.” Follow the roads, dispel foggy areas, and discover hidden treasures. Wander around to find resources and encounter dungeons that yield valuable loot.

  3. Manage Your Resources: Familiarize yourself with the different resources in the game, such as Gold, Food, Wood, Ore, Crimson Ore, and Grassland Marble. Spend your resources wisely on building and upgrading structures, leveling up Heroes, and obtaining desired perks.

  4. Strategic Camp Placement: Choose your camping location wisely, ensuring it is rich in resources and monster populations. Camps allow your Heroes to gather resources and take down nearby enemies automatically. Upgrade your camps to enhance your resource gathering efficiency and hero respawn rate.

  5. Conquer Dungeons: Dungeons are challenging areas that offer significant rewards and loot. Successfully completing dungeons requires careful planning and effective teamwork. Aim to maintain a high streak counter to maximize your rewards.

  6. Optimize Hero Statue Equipment: The Hero Statue plays a crucial role in boosting your Heroes’ stats. Equip the statue with the best gear you have to increase their Combat Power. Experiment with different combinations to maximize the benefits.

  7. Build a Strong and Balanced Team: Team composition is key to success. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each Hero and form a well-rounded party. Upgrade higher-tier Heroes and prioritize their development. Remember to include a dedicated healer to keep your party strong and resilient.

  8. Visit the Pub Frequently: The Pub offers opportunities to recruit new Heroes or obtain Hero Fragments. Spend your Gold wisely on recruits and increase your chances of acquiring desired Heroes. Be cautious of the gacha mechanics and manage your resources accordingly.

  9. Utilize the Training Grounds: Train your Heroes at the Training Grounds to enhance their stats and combat capabilities. Use Ores to upgrade and improve your party’s overall power. Invest in special upgrades using Crimson Ore to unlock additional party members and gain significant bonuses.

  10. Watch Ads for Bonuses: Watching ads can provide various in-game bonuses and rewards. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your progress, upgrade your camps, revive fallen parties, refresh the Hero roster at the Pub, and activate Auto Battle for a limited period.

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Remember, “Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG” offers a vast and immersive experience filled with surprises. Explore, strategize, and make the most of your resources and Heroes to overcome challenges. As you embark on this epic adventure, fight with all your might and restore peace to the kingdom!

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