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How to Master Samira in TFT Set 8

Samira, the fierce champion, returns to Convergence in Teamfight Tactics Set Eight: Monsters Attack! With her impressive abilities and unique traits, she is ready to dominate the battlefield as a powerful cost four backline carry.

Unleash the Flair

Samira’s signature ability, Flair, is truly remarkable. It unleashes a devastating juggler-like attack, knocking up the target for 1.5 seconds. Following the knock-up, she fires bullets that deal a percentage of her attack damage. These bullets then ricochet to nearby enemies, albeit with 20 percent reduced damage.

Mastering the Mana

To make the most of Samira’s power, it’s important to understand her mana management. With a maximum mana of 70, Samira can use her ability multiple times in each round. This not only grants her crowd control over her targets but also inflicts significant damage based on her attack damage. To enhance her potential even further, equipping items that directly increase her attack damage is highly recommended.

Synergizing Traits for Samira

Samira’s traits play a crucial role in maximizing her impact on the battlefield. In TFT Set Eight, she possesses three unique traits: Sureshot, Underground, and Ace.

The Sureshot trait provides bonus attack damage for the rest of the combat every five seconds. The more breakpoints achieved, the higher the percentage of attack damage granted to Sureshots.

The Underground trait is an economy trait exclusive to TFT Set Eight. Each battle against a player contributes to progress towards a vault filled with valuable loot. Progression towards the vault is determined by wins and losses, with defeats progressing more than victories. Opting to decline the initial reward grants the opportunity for a more valuable reward after progressing 10 more times.

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The Ace trait enables units to execute enemies below a certain percentage of health. Similar to the Ninjas trait from previous sets, this trait only triggers when exactly one or four unique Ace units are present on the team. Samira’s Ace trait makes her an excellent choice to fill spaces in any composition, as long as there are no other Ace units. It’s worth noting that having two Samiras with the Augment Double Trouble can produce interesting results.

Equipping Samira for Success

To unlock Samira’s true potential, it is essential to equip her with the right items. Given her ability’s scaling with attack damage, items that directly increase this stat are highly recommended. It is advisable to have a balanced combination of defensive items and those that amplify total damage. Some top choices for Samira include Hand of Justice, Deathblade, Giant Slayer, Infinity Edge, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Last Whisper.

Crafting the Perfect Composition

Samira is a versatile unit that can seamlessly fit into various composition types, thanks to her Ace trait. Whether she is the sole Ace on the battlefield or part of a team with all four Aces, she can execute enemies with lethal precision.

As a four-cost champion, Samira becomes available for selection at level seven. Until then, Sivir can effectively hold Samira’s items while other units form the front line. It is crucial to collect extra copies of Sivir to facilitate the smooth transfer of items from one unit to another.

For the mid-game, consider adding Senna and Alistar to your team. Alistar can serve as the primary frontline unit, ensuring the safety of your backline carries. As you progress, strive to gather all Sureshot units while maintaining a sturdy frontline with units like Aegis.

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Aphelios is an excellent secondary carry option, even if you are unable to upgrade him to two stars. His abilities synergize well with Samira’s, adding another layer of devastation to your team.

Mastering Samira in TFT Set Eight requires strategic decision-making, impeccable itemization, and a well-rounded composition. With her immense power and versatile nature, she can turn the tide of battle and secure victory for your team.

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