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I Recommend Trying These ‘Destiny 2’ Builds After the Deep Buffs

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep has finally arrived, bringing along new loot and exciting activities. However, when it comes to the changes in the sandbox, it’s time to go digging in your vault. As of now, there might be only one exceptional piece of new exotic armor (Warlock’s longhelmet), and the new dungeon exotic is quite intriguing. But the real star of the show lies in the old exotics that received buffs, making them worth your attention. Let’s explore some of my favorite builds for each class. Don’t worry, I’ll provide more options in the future.

Warlock – Chromatic Malfeasance

Chromatic Fire – This exotic armor has received a buff, enhancing the subclass effect of the element explosion. The best choices for this build are either Arc for blinding AOE or Void for weakening AOE. Additionally, both subclasses have exceptional elemental mods for this season, making them even more impressive.

Malfeasance – This old weapon finally received a long-awaited catalyst this season. Malfeasance has already been buffed twice in the past, first along with other exotic primaries to deal 40% more damage to redbars (making headshot kills faster), and then with its exploding round bursts stunning unstoppable champions. Now, the new catalyst adds Vorpal, which works on both Champions and bosses, and also provides some extra range. Combined with an AOE, blinding/weakening firefly effect, this build is simply amazing.

Other Options – For Hunter, I highly recommend the Lucky Pants Malfeasance build due to the Vorpal addition, which ensures massive damage. Additionally, pairing Chromatic Fire with Outbreak Prime has been gaining popularity, and I can confirm that it is indeed an excellent combination (Outbreak Prime also features the Outlaw perk).

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Titan – Second Chance Shield Spam

Second Chance – I must admit that I didn’t pay much attention to this exotic in the past. Initially, it was underpowered, failing to break a barrier shield on higher difficulties with just one throw, rendering it useless. However, it received a buff that now allows it to one-shot all those shields. But that’s not all, as this season it received yet another buff. Now, the shield weakens targets, and stunning a champion refunds a shield. On top of that, the void shield throw itself got buffed, dealing more damage and bouncing more effectively. To fully synergize with this build, I suggest using…

Monte Carlo – With the red bar buff and the new ornament introduced this season, Monte Carlo becomes a viable, stylish, and incredibly fun weapon for this build. You’ll find yourself throwing an infinite number of shields, ensuring maximum damage with each kill.

Seasonal Mods – There’s a fantastic void mod this season. Whenever you pick up a Void Breach, it grants you an overshield. Considering that shield throws weaken enemies, which in turn create a Void Breach upon killing, this synergy is simply outstanding.

Hunter – Super Strawman Strand

Cyrtarachne’s Façade – This exotic armor was already good last season, and it remains exceptional this season as well. However, with the addition of a seasonal mod that grants you Unraveling Rounds whenever you have Woven Mail, and when combined with this helmet and double grapple, you’ll practically have Unraveling Rounds active all the time, making it even more useful than before.

Quicksilver Storm – After numerous buffs, fixes, and a conversion to Strand, this exotic has become insane. Furthermore, it will now have almost permanent Unraveling Rounds, which are further enhanced by a mod that increases their damage this season. Unraveling Rounds are already anti-barrier by default, but just in case, there’s also an anti-barrier Auto Rifle mod available this season. If Quicksilver isn’t your cup of tea, you can always rely on last season’s sidearm or this season’s new dungeon trace rifle.

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New Aspect – Hunters have been blessed with a new aspect this season, obtained through the new Veil quest. This aspect allows them to leave behind a clone that draws enemy fire before bursting into threadlings. You can even spec for higher threadling damage if you wish. Personally, I’ve given up my suspend aspect, but you can also give up double grapple if you prefer. However, for this build, I would recommend keeping double grapple.

While I can’t guarantee that these are the best dungeon DPS or GM builds, I can assure you that they are incredibly fun for almost all other content. These builds have received significant buffs from the sandbox changes and this season’s mods. I’m also eager to hear your own build recommendations, so please let me know which ones I should try.

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